DIY Friday: Build Your Own CD Stack Lamp!

Remember all those AOL CDs that used to clutter up your mail box, and served as great drink coaster during your austere grad school days?

We haven’t seen them as often in our mailbox as we used to, but we still have a pretty good collection of old software CDs, misburned DVDs, and some really embarrassing music CDs that are best left unmentioned.

What to do with them all? We observed just the other day that it’s getting darker earlier, and we may soon be needing some additional light in the Really Rocket Science lair.

And thus we arrive at today’s DIY Friday project: build your own CD stack lamp!


 The project is relatively simple:

 The pile of CDs that had been massing in my room was growing to epic proportions. So I decided to make myself a CD lamp. The circular base was actually cut using a template on a table saw, then sanded after clamping it in a drill press. The cold cathode lamp is from NewEgg….

There are several other designs online, but this is one of the better ones that I have found.

Check out the additional photos here.  When completed, the lamp also serves as a rather luminous shrine to duct tape.

(Hat tip to Lifehacker.)