LEGO Creation: Star Wars Droid Control Ship


 It took Paul Yperman two years and 30,000 pieces of LEGO to built it. Why?

Some years ago I walked into a second hand book shop and I bought a Star Wars Cross sections book. In the center stood the Droid Control Ship. It blew my mind and I knew I had to build it.

Looking for more pictures of the back -engines – of the ship, I soon found out that someone had done it earlier than I. Thomas Benedict -master builder -made a work of art of his Droid Control Ship. He was my inspiration an motivation. I wish to thank the greatest builder for his "help". Thanks a lot Thomas and keep building your super creations.

I used almost 30000 parts. Lots in the center globe that I build with the aid of a building program that I found on the web. 3500 tiles to cover the outside structure. Lots of Technic parts to make the inside frame, so I could move, lift and take it apart without breaking it. The technic parts are joined left/ right and top / bottom, resulting in a firm and solid almost selfcarrying structure.

Very cool.


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