WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/05/2010

Orbital Sciences reaches agreement to acquire spacecraft development and manufacturing business of General Dynamic’s subsidiary GD Advanced Information Systems.
[SatNews – 03/05/2010]

Air Force accepts WGS-3 from Boeing.
[UPI – 03/05/2010]

RRsat Global Communications Network signs agreement with ISG Media of India to provide fiber connectivity, playout and distribution for satellite broadcast in Europe and North America.
[SatNews – 03/05/2010]

SatMAX and TLC  Engineering offer SatMAX repeaters to aid Chile.
[CNN Money – 03/05/2010]

GlobecCast’s new Content Acquisition and Distribution division signs agreement with Chinese content provider ZN Animation to deliver content to Video on Demand viewers throughout Europe.
[SatNews – 03/05/2010]


GOES-P satellite, NASA and NOAA’s environmental satellite completing the N -O series,  is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral.
[NASA web site – 03/04/2010]

OmniGlobe Networks EMEA signs Letter of Intent to acquire entire issued share capital and assets of privately-held Sat-Comm Ltd.
[SatNews – 03/04/2010]

Telesat expresses support for Canadian government’s commitment to remove foreign ownership restrictions on Canadian satellite operators.
[SatNews – 03/04/2010]

Iridium provides satellite voice and data communications for 2010 Iditarod sled dog race.
[Market Watch – 03/04/2010]

European Satellite Operators Association representative takes part in  Commercial Satellite Critical Infrastructure Protection workshop with experts working on critical national security and emergency programmes from the European Commission, the US Department of State, and Department of Defense and others.
[SatNews – 03/04/2010]

TiVo wins court ruling against Dish Network and EchoStar for patent infringement with Digital Video Recorder software.
[Business Week – 03/04/2010]

Global VSAT Forum called upon to expand reach of the GVF VSAT Installation & Maintenance Training Programme.
[SatNews – 03/04/2010]

Texas senator proposes bill to extend space shuttle program.
[Space.com – 03/04/2010]

U.S. Air Force investigates electrical mini-thrusters for possible use in satellite propulsion.
[PHYSORG – 03/03/2010]

Secretary of State Clinton delivers satellite phones in Chile following earthquake and tsumani.
[Kaiser Family Foundation – 03/03/2010]

Gilat is chosen by Satcom Systems to deliver SkyEdge II network for broadband internet connectivity in Africa.
[Market Watch – 03/03/2010]

iDirect announces launch of Talia Home by Talia Limited, providing consumer-focused internet and telephone communications service in MENA, using iDirect Evolution technology.
[SatNews – 03/03/2010]

Tachyon Networks announces availability of new end-to-en d fixed and mobile broadband satellit solutions for Southwest Asia using ultra-small aperture terminals.
[SatNews – 03/03/2010].

Earth’s day is shortened by earthquake in Chile.
[Time – 03/02/2010]

UN and Iridium rush satellite phones to Chili to help restore vital communications links.
[PC World – 03/02/2010]

MTN supplies satellite communications system for Oasis Of The Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship.
[Space Daily – 03/02/2010]

Upstar Comunicacoes selects Eutelsat to broadcast ZAP, the new satellite TV bouquet of Angola.
[PR Newswire – 03/02/2010]

New satellite mobile broadband service OverHorizon, based in Arlington, VA, selects Arianespace to launch its first satellite.
[Space News Examiner – 03/01/2010]

Millions of tons of water ice found at North Pole of Moon.
[Space.com – 03/01/2010]

Russia launches 3 navigation satellites.
[Space Daily – 03/01/2010]

NASA announces plans to launch small cube-shaped satellites for educational and not-for-profit organizations.
[Space Daily – 03/01/2010]

SES WORLD SKIES announces plans to join leading broadcaster, programmers, TV makers, and technology providers in series of extensive tests aimed at accelerating delivery of 3DTV.
[SatNews – 03/01/2010]

Soldiers provide communications support in Haiti, working with a variety of networks and satellite links.
[DVIDS – 03/01/2010]

SatMAX receives 2nd U.S. Navy order for its satellite communications repeater system.
[CNN Money – 03/01/2010]

EchoStar to purchase SatMex.
[Multichannel News – 02/28/2010]

TRA grants Al Yah Satellite Communications Company a Satellite Services License.
[WAM – 02/28/2010]

Antarctic satellite broadband project wins funding under Australian Space Research Program.
[Computer World – 03/01/2010]

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