Satellite Communication Services for Asia-Pacific

Pactel International uses satellite-based technologies to provide telecommunications solutions at highly competitive rates.

Our flexible and cost-effective solutions adapt to the specific needs of each of our customers in Australia, Indonesia and Pacific Islands. Our solutions cater for dedicated, shared and burstable capacity over fiber optic, VSAT, DVB and DVB-S2(CCM,VCM,ACM) IP Platforms, as well as SCPC technology, and provide services on C and Ku band.

Our dynamic-allocation system addresses unique customers’ requirements and enables them to match broadband bandwidth connectivity to the requirements of their utilization profile in each of their sites. Our platforms also support Virtual Network Operator (VNO) mode. Pactel’s expertise results in cost-efficient services with excellent customer experience for our customers. Pactel’s detailed range of solutions includes:

High Quality, affordable Wholesale Internet Backbone Connectivity
Pactel International provides several hundreds of Mbps of IP capacity into the Pacific Islands via satellite and undersea cable. With Pactel Sat multi-home IP peering, high reliability to the backbone is assured. For satellite IP solutions, our services are available on several satellites including, Intelsat 602, NSS-9, Intelsat 701, IS-8, IS-2, Apstar-6 and GE-23.

VSAT Internet

Pactel International is one of the Asia-Pacific’s most flexible and competitive VSAT internet service providers.  With offer both fixed and mobile VSAT services and satellite coverage stretching across the Pacific, we are able to derive the most sophisticated end-to-end turn key solution for your connectivity needs.

Protocol & Bandwidth Management Service
The Bandwidth Management Service allows you to “shape” your IP traffic to suit your needs. You will be kept up to date with overall throughput, the nature of the passing traffic and the amount of bandwidth being used.

Data Caching
Pactel offers a fully integrated solution with the supply, installation and management of the caching system on your premises, which can save you up to 50% in the cost of your IP bandwidth.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)
IPLCs allow for connection to various cable and carrier systems connecting you from the Pacific to the world.

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