WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/29/2010

Arianspace prepares to orbit the first six Globalstar second generation satellites on a single rocket from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in October.
[SatNews – 08/27/2010\


L-3 GCS wins contract worth $170M from the U.S. Special Operations Command for Panther VSAT manpack systems.
[Trading Markets – 08/27/2010]

Optus Satellite celebrates 25th anniversary of its launch of the first Australian owned and operated satellite.
[SatNews – 08/27/2010]


Caterpillar renews satellite communications services agreement with ORBCOMM for its Telematics product.
[TMCnet – 08/27/2010]

Shaw communications to deliver enrched satellite TV experience to its subscribers in September with the launch of the new Advanced HDPVR.
[TMCnet – 08/27/2010]

TS2, a provider of domestic and global satellite access services, signs a contract with the Polish MNinistry of foreign affairs to supply 150 satellite phones.
[TMCnet – 08/27/2010]

MTN Satellite Communications signs PT Aditech Matra as an aughorize reseller of VSAT products and services in Jakarta, Indonesia.
[SatNews – 08/26/2010]

RapidEye images over 95% of the U.S., 97% of Mexico, and 60% of Canada in a three-month period.
[SatNews – 08/26/2010]

Newtec and partner First Gulf win Saudi Arabian government projet to implement a satellite-based nationwide media transformation program.
[Satellite Today – 08/26/2010]

NASA super ship tracking setup aboard the ISS is teamed with Norwegian ship tracking satellite using same receiver in experiment tracking ships from space.
[SatNews – 08/26/3010]

STM reveals SatLink 2000 VSAT indoor unit supporting IP throughput up to 30 Mbps, operating on DVB-S2 with information rates over 160 Mbps, DVB-RCS compliant, with Adaptive Coding and Modulation fully supported.
[SatNews – 08/26/2010]

U.N. peacekeepers in Congo out of touch with villages during period when over 154 women there were raped; mechanisms to be put in place to prevent a repeat may include use of satellite phones and radios.
[Bloomberg – 08/26/2010]

Cobham Satcom sees increased USAT deployment for oil spill cleanup.
[Satellite Today – 08/26/2010]

General Dynamics’ Warrior antenna terminals certified to operate on the WGS satellites.
[PR Newswire – 08/26/2010]

Majority of Satellie TODAY readers unhappy with Obama space policy.
[Satellite Today – 08/26/2010]

Iran minister states that Rasad 1 satellite will be launched before the end of the Iranian calendar year, which begins March 1.
[Tehran Times – 08/26/2010]

ITU launches appeal and holds telecommunications systems and other contributions on standby for deployment in Pakistan, planning to offload contributions to the Pakiostan government "when we reach a certain point."
[The Globe and Mail – 08/25/2010]

Intelsat signs Boeing for a second UHF hosted payload on another of four communications satellites ordered from Boeing last year.
[SatNews – 08/24/2010]

U.S. satellite pay TV companies add subscribers while Cable sees its worst churn rate in history.
[Satellite Today – 08/24/2010]


China launches another new satellite, the TH-1 Tian Hui-1, using CZ-2D Chang Zheng-2d (Long March 2D) launch vehicle from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.
[SatNews – 08/24/2010]

BEEMAR supply vessel fleet gets offshore communications capability with Hughes satellite broadband maritime solution.
[PR Newswire – 08/24/2010]

Boeing will dip further into its commercial satellite toolkit to expand Block II enhancements for the WGS-7 satellite it is buildihng.
[Aviation Week – 08/24/2010]

DARPA to develop small-satellite network.
[Satellite Today – 08/23/2010]

MTN Satellite Comunications selected to provide communication services to MT Hellespont Progress product tanker under 36-month agreement with owner Hellespont ship Management GnmbH & Co. KG.
[SatNews – 08/23/2010]

Maneuvering the AEHF-1 satellite into its assigned orbit encounters a hitch as a problem developed with firing the thrusters.
[SatNews – 08/23/2010]

Spacenet is awarded a federal grant from the Rural Utility Service under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to provide broadband service to rural unserved markets in Alaska and Hawaii.
[SatNews – 08/23/2010]

RigNet signs agreement with Stratos Global to become authorized distributor of Inmarsat and Iridium mobile satellite services offered by Stratos.
[SatNews – 08/23/2010]

New $25M Navy satellite center in Wahiawa for the Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command passes final building inspections.
[TMCnet – 08/22/2010]

KVH improves capacity for its Mini-VSAT product in the North America, Gulf of Mexico, and Central America regions by adding a full transponder and introduing a powerful new spread spectrum waveform.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/23/2010]

Dish appeals FCC backed law forcing carriage of local Public Broadcasting HD lineups.
[Business Journals – 08/20/2010]

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