WBMSAT News Bits January 14, 2011

LightSquared wireless network plan could interfere with systems such as Defense Department communications according to a U.S. agency that manages federal use of airwaves.
[Reuters =- 01/14/2011]



A radical new US military drone aircraft, able to fly for days in the stratosphere while providing satellite-like communications, completes test flight on hydrogen fuel.
[The Register – 01/14/2011]

Launch of ViaSat’s first high-capacity broadband communications Ka-band satellite to be delayed several months after receiving damage while being moved inside a factory in California,
[Spaceflight Now – 01/14/2011]

As recovered "Zombie satellite" Galaxy 15 undergoes tests and company officials consider placing it back into service, investigators now blame a build-up of static electricity for the failure.
[Spaceflight Now – 01/14/2011]

GMV Space Systems is selected as part of General Dynamics team to modernize NASA’s TDRS satellite constellation’s ground system.
[SatNews – 01/14/2011]

T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) Selects Eutelsat’s 16 Degrees East Neighbourhood to Roll-out MAXtv Pay-TV Platform to Viewers Across Croatia.
[PR Newswire – 01/14/2011]

Sun Direct leases two additional Measat-3 Ku-band transponders.
[Satellite today – 01/14/2011]

Lines of communication between the U.S. Government and the commercial satellite communications industry deteriorate, contrary to spirit of the National Space Policy.
[SIGNAL – 01/13/2011]

Eutelsat’s KASAT satellite successfully on station at 9 degrees East and undergoing in-orbit tests.
[PR Newswire – 01/13/2011]

Iran plans to put into orbit a new domestically manufactured satellite named Fajr (Dawn) in the current Iranian calendar year, which will end on March 20 this year.
[Tehran Times – 01/13/2011]

Russia to launch oceanography satellite in March to keep track of vast amount of data to improve weather, climate, and ocean forecasts.
[SatNews – 01/13/2011]

SES WORLD SKIES U.S. Government Solutions wins two new contract vehicles through the FCSA that broaden government access to the company’s global satellite bandwidth and services.
[Business Wire = 01/13/2011]

Intelsat S.A. borrows $3.75 billion from a consortium of banks and securities in an effort to reorganize its assets and simplify operations.
[Satellite Today – 01/13/2011]

U.S. Space LLC and ATK announce creation of ViviSat, a new satellite life extension venture whose services can add several years to revenue-producing life of a satellite.
[SatNews = 01/13/2011]

Astrium Reports Modest Growth in 2010; Plans Military Focus in 2011
[Satellite Today – 01/13/2011]

Shocking disaster images dominating news bulletins and major global sporting events combine to create an unprecedented demand for live transmissions from Australia to the World in early 2011.
[SatNews = 01/13/2011]

Space Tourism Company to Sell Three Russian Soyuz Seats to International Space Station.
[Satellite Today – 01/13/2011]

Mayflower Communications is awarded patent for "Antijam Filter system and Method for high Fidelity High Data Rate Wireless Communication" that can filter out interfering signals.
[Satellite Spotlight – 01/12/2011]\

Hughes HX broadband satellite system enables remote monitoring of forest fires in Russia.
[PR Newswire = 01/12/2011]

Thrane & Thrane’s Aviator 200 Wi-Fi Service Certified for Cessna Aircraft.
[Satellite Today – 01/11/2011]

British earth station at Goonhilly, once the world’s largest, whose satellite communications operation shut down in 2006, to be refurbished and used for space radio telescopes.
[Space Business and Industry – 01/11/2011]

Morgan Stanley analysts expect the satellite industry’s strong 2010 overall performance to continue in 2011.
[Satellite Today – 01/11/2011]

Spirit Wireless of Portland, OR, provides critical satellite communications devices for hunters.
[AmmoLand – 01/11/2011]

Frequency Electronics, Inc. is awarded a follow-on contract of approximately $12 million for a U.S. Government high capacity, secure communications satellite program.
[Globe Newswire – 01/11/2011]

Avanti established as credible operator in broadband satellite communications as growth is forecast to be substantial, and it moves forward with HYLAS-2 and HYLAS-03.
[Sharecast = 01/11/2010]

Orbital-Built Glory Earth Science Satellite Arrives at Vandenberg Air Force Base Launch Site.
[Business Wire – 01/11/2011]

Key elements of Ariane 5 launcher arrive in Korou as preparations go forward for its second launch of 2011, to carry the Yahsat 1A and Intelsat New Dawn satellites into orbit.
[SatNews – 01/10/2011]

iDirect Government Technologies forges partnership with Integral Systems in order to help the U.S. Coast Guard modernize its large cutter fleet.
[TMCnet – 01/10/2011]

Central & Eastern European Video Markets Continue Strong Gains.
[NSR Report – January 2011]

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