Galileo ist eine dumme Idee



Ya, that’s German for "Galileo is a stupid idea." Who said it? The CEO of the prime contractor to build the system, OHB Technology. How’s he doing today? Fired. That’s right, Berry Smutny was quoted by Wikileaks via the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten

"I think Galileo is a stupid idea that primarily serves French interests."

"…doomed to failure…"

"…waste of EU taxpayers’ money…"

That was in October, 2009. They were awarded the contract about a year ago (January, 2010).

They’re doing a fine job in Europe. Galileo was to cost $4.5 billion, but now approaches $26 billion. Outstanding.

Glad SES is "contributing" to this fine system.

Perhaps the honesty by-product of the whole Wikileaks thing is good for business.