WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 01/18/2013

U.S. Air Force engages U.S. arm of British small-satellite specialist Surrey Satellite Technology to examine new approaches to satellite navigation using small platforms to augment the GPS constellation.
[Space News – 01/18/20013]

More than 3 dozen developing nations have purchased satellites or begun early design in recent years, risking destabilization of global market for satellite capacity; more than half have secured Chinese financing in return for using China’s Long March rocket for launch.
[Space News – 01/18/2013]

Six student alliances from Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal compete in developing software codes to control movements of two mini-robots aboard the International Space Station from ESA’s Netherlands research and technology center.
[Space Daily – 01/18/2013]

NASA beams image of the Mona Lisa to Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, nearly 240,000 miles away, in test of communicating with a satellite using a laser.
[CBS News – 01/18/20103]

RapidEye satellites likely to operate into 2019 or later, extending their life beyond design by some 3 years.
[Space News – 01/18/2013]

American Samoa Telecommunications Authority signs agreement with O3b for up to 1.2Gbps of broadband connectivity on the O3b constellation expected to be in place in the third quater this year.
[SatNews – 01/18/2013]

SpaceX plans a pad abort test for its Dragon capsule at Cape Canaveral in December 2013 to demonstrate how passengers could fly away from malfunctioning Falcon rocket.
[Space News – 01/18/2013]

Pactel International signs multi-year multi-transponder deal with SES for capacity on NSS-9 to ramp up voice and data service offerings in the Pacific.
[SatNews – 01/18/2013]

NASA says SpaceX’s Merlin engines are “good to go” for March 1 launch to International Space Station.
[Space News – 01/18/2013]

GEO-2 satellite delivered by U.S.A.F. and Lockheed Martin to Cape Canaveral for March launch.
[SatNews – 01/18/2013]

Pre-launch checkout of Azerspace/Africasat-1a, one of two payloads to be launched on Arianespace’s first 2013 flight, is now underway.
[SatNews – 01/17/2013]

NASA ordered batteries for International Space Station from same Japanese supplier whose batteries are implicated in Boeing 787 Dreamliner troubles.
[NextGov – 01/17/2013]

Thales Alenia expects renewed competition from U.S. satellite manufacturers.
[Space News – 01/17/2013]

NASA and European Space Agency agree to use European service module on the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle’s second mission – NASA offers details about fix necessary for Orion crew module whose bulkhead cracked during a test.
[Space News – 01/17/2013]

With four government and two commercial payloads competing for space on four Soyuz rockets scheduled for 203 launches, Arianespace hopes satellite deliver delays will allow it to satisfy all the high-value customers.
[Space News – 01/17/2013]

Lockheed Martin completes work on second MUOS satellite for U.S. Navy.
[Space Daily – 01/17/2013]

South Korea to make third attempt to reach orbit with a launch scheduled between Jan. 30 and Feb 8.
[Space News – 01/17/2013]

Spacecom is chosen to provide broadcast capacity for the 29th Africa Cup of Nations being held in South Africa January 19 through February 10.
Satellite Evolution Group – 01/17/2013]

Belgium Satellite Services signs new long-term contact for 46 MHz of C-band capacity on EUTELSAT 10A satellite.
[msn Money – 01/17/2013]

Telkenor Satellite Broadcasting, a DTV provider in the Nordic region, chooses Thomson Video Networks’ ViBE VS7000 multi-screen video platform to deliver streaming services for its key broadcast clients.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 01/17/2013]

TeleCommunications Systems gets order from Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation for deployable VSAT satellite systems.
[msn Money – 01/17/2013]

Russian rocket carrying three military satellites blasts off from http://i.space.com/images/i/000/025/147/original/mona-lisa-nasa-laser.jpg?1358463767 cosmodrome in Northern Russia.
[SatNews – 01/16/2013]

Astronauts at International Space Station may get inflatable rooms.
[R&D Magazine – 01/16/2013]

EUTELSAT 70B goes into commercial service at 70.5 degrees east to serve users in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
[SatNews – 01/16/2013]

Six Globalstar satellites ready for next Soyuz launch from Baikonur.
[SatNews – 01/16/2013]

China plans to launch 20 spacecraft in 2013.
[SatNews – 01/16/2013]

Research and Markets 2012 report analyzes global trends and prospects within the major maritime satellite communications markets.
[Satellite Spotlight – 01/16/2013]

United Airlines spends $550 million to become first international carrier in the U.S. to introduce onboard satellite-based Wi-Fi Internet connectivity, using Panasonic Avionics Ku-band service on select international flights.
[Satellite Today – 01/16/2013]

SpeedCast of Hong Kong completes buyout of Elektrikom Satellite Services, a leading maritime satellite communications service provider in the Netherlands.
[Satellite Spotlight – 01/16/2013]

Eutelsat’s next generation of advanced functions satellites designed to mitigate effects of interference by increasing control over uplink frequencies, optimising electrical power use to increase active channels, expanding satellite relocation capabilities, and allowing uplink signal frequency change without affecting downlink frequency.
[SatNews – 01/15/2013]

United States is concerned about China’s space capabilities.
[Economic Times – 01/14/2013]

Value-Added Services market associated with the Global Navigation Satellite System is expected to more than double its current intake of some 22 billion Euros by 2021.
[Satellite Today – 01/14/2013]

First Ka-band satellite built to serve Latin America, Amazonas 3 multi-mission satellite built for Hispasat, arrives in Kourou.
[Satellite Today – 01/14/2013]

NSR report, “UltraHD Via Satellite,” analyzes key elements for satellite-based UltraHD demand in terms of market viability, cost considerations, ecosystem development, and end user adoption issues.
[NSR – January 2013]

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