WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 02/08/2013

Arianespace successfully orbits Amazonas-3 and Azerspace/Africasat-1a satellites. [Space Travel – 02/08/2013]

Video released showing entire process of South Korean rocket successfully entering orbit and releasing satellite. [Mail Online – 02/08/2013]

Gilat enters into joint venture with regional African Internet Service Provider Microlink to enhance affordable high-speed fiber and satellite connectivity services throughout Zambia. [Satellite Today – 02/07/2013]

Arabsat acquires majority stake in Hellas-Sat in Euro 208 million deal with Hellenic Telecommunication Organization. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/807/2013]

XTAR to expand international reach into Africa and Asia. [Satellite Today – 02/07/2013]

Astrium Services signs multi-year renewal agreement with Intelsat for C-band capacity to be used in the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/07/2013]

NASA and ATK complete second in series of development tests for NASA’s Space Launch System booster program at Utah test facility. [Space Travel – 02/07/2013]

The Satellite Design Lab at the University of Texas wins first place in the national University Nanosatellite Program competition. [Satellite Today – 02/07/2013]

Joint UK mission between University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Centre and Surrey Satellite Technology Limited ready to send world’s first smartphone satellite into orbit. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/07/2013]

China begins project to modernize its agricultural system utilizing satellite technology. [Satellite Today – 02/07/2013]

Arianespace and its Russian Starsem affiliate successfully launch six new satellites for Globastar from Baikonur. [Satellite Today – 02/06/2013]

SES’ German HD+ platform exceeds one million paying households. [SatNews – 02/06/2013]

Liberty Global becomes one of world’s largest broadband communications companies, and moves to a new home in the United Kingdom, following its acquisition of Virgin Media. [Satellite Today – 02/06/2013]

NSR reports the latest market shift for Satellite Broadband is toward Russia. [SatNews – 02/06/2013]

TSF team sets up humanitarian calling operations and Internet via satellite for local populations in Timbuktu. [SatNews – 02/06/2013]

GVF certified satellite products to be highlighted at CabSat. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/06/2013]

Clyde Space announces that first satellite designed and built in Scotland will be launched aboard a Russian rocket from Baikonur next June. [Satellite Today – 02/06/2013]

Boeing files lawsuit for more than $355 million against former Sea Launch partners. [Satellite Today – 02/06/2013]

NASA’s first of three next-generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellites, TDRS-K, is launched from Cape Canaveral. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/05/2013]

President Ahmadinejad wants to be first Iranian astronaut. [Reuters – 02/05/2013]

Gilat is selected by ALEF Soluciones Integrales of Mexico to deploy over 7,000 SkyEdge VSATs in support of the Mexican government’s new “SCT 10K” service. [Globe Newswire – 02/05/20

China is expected to be the global investment leader for the energy and utility sectors as well as emerging verticals and mining in the SCADA/M2M market. [NSR – 02/05/2013]

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