WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 02/15/2013

Meteorite crash in Russia focuses news article on proposal by Deep Space Industries to establish several sentry lines encircling Earth with small spacecraft able to dart after intruders to get close-up photos and data. [SatNews – 02/15/2013]

Russia may suspend its lease of some facilities at the Baikonur space complex, allowing for joint operation of the space base by Russia and Kazakhstan. [R&D Magazine – 02/15/2013]

Gilat will provide satellite-base communications as the primary mode of connectivity for up to 30,000 ATM sites across India for Nelco and Bharti Airtel. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/15/2013]

NASA satellite image reveals evidence of the recent volcanic eruption on Indonesian island of Paluweh. [SatNews – 02/15/2013]

JPL research team finds way to control erosion of electric rocket engine walls by shaping engine’s magnetic field to shield the walls from ion bombardment. [Space Travel – 02/15/2013]

Society of Exploration Geophysicists article describes how two energy companies used satellite imagery to locate and attempt to unravel mystery surrounding British Royal Air Force fighter plane crash in Egyptian Desert in World War II. [SatNews – 02/15/2013]

NASA shows that Orion spacecraft can safely land even if one of its three parachutes fails to deploy. [Space Travel – 02/15/2013]

Possible changes incorporated in latest Chinese launch vehicle, Shenzhou 10, remain veiled. [Space Daily – 02/15/2013]

Beam Communications enters into agreement with Beijing Marine Communications and Navigation Company for $1 million worth of Beam Inmarsat satellite terminals. [SatNews – 02/15/2013]

As the Sequestration concept gains momentum as a U.S. government satellite acquisition approach, the GAO urges action on the weather satellite gap, adding it to the so-called high-risk list. [Federal Times – 02/14/2013]

France selects Astrium to build the country’s first digital, military ultra-fast broadband satellite network. [UPI – 02/14/2013]

Astrium will contribute to development and demonstration of service to measure citywide emissions of greenhouse gases in Paris. [Satellite Today – 02/14/2013]

Spanish researchers claim to have developed new system capable of increasing conventional GPS devices’ accuracy by as much as 90%. [Satellite Today – 02/14/2013]

Fujitsu Frontech North America will showcase at Video Service Forum’s Los Angeles conference a new firmware release for its video encoders/decoders that dramatically improves end-to-end latency while delivering exceptional video quality at reduced bit rates. [SatNews – 02/14/2013]

COM DEV equipment is utilized aboard NASA’s recently launched TDRS-K satellite. [Broadcaster Magazine – 02/14/2013]

Hughes will demonstrate high-speed wireless 4G/LTE capabilities over satellite at California’s Naval Postgraduate School’s Joint Interagency Field Exploration event. [Satellite Today – 02/14/2013]

Spacenet gets 5-year base contract from one of world’s leading delivery services companies to upgrade and provide network connectivity to more than 5,700 locations. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/14/2013]

PolarSat gets multi-phase order from GECI for equipment supply and technical services for a VSATPuls3 satellite communications network to upgrade air traffic control communications network within Mozambique. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/14/2013]

MTN expands its MTN Worldwide TV service to include three new live channels, as well as programming in French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/14/2013]

Hughes M2M satellite terminal integrates 9502 modem with compact antenna to create single-piece, integrated, rugged terminal to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, providing IP connectivity over BGAN network. [SatNews – 02/14/2013]

South Korea moves to accelerate development of longer-range ballistic missiles in response to third nuclear test by North Korea. [Space Daily – 02/13/2013]

Boeing signs contract with U.S. Air Force worth more than $50 million for completion and deployment of the 12 GPS satellites it is building for the government. [Satellite Today – 02/13/2013]

ITT Excelis sensor to be used on U.S. Air Force weather satellites under new contract will provide the Air Force and war fighter with better weather information, especially regarding clouds. [SatNews – 02/13/2013]

Norsat introduces GLOBETrekker 2.0 upgraded fly-away satellite terminal. [Stockhouse – 02/13/2013]

Polish satellite TV operators Cyfra+ plan to introduce new satellite platform to include Internet service and compete with Cyfrowy Polsat, which offers LTE Internet service at 150 Mbps. [Satellite Today – 02/13/2013]

Study using data from NASA satellites finds that parts of Middle East region lost 117 million acre feet of freshwater reserves over past 7 years. [SatNews – 02/13/2013]

Near-Earth asteroid not expected to pose any threat to orbiting satellites. [Satellite Today – 02/13/2013]

Hughes to demonstrate how “store of the future” will be driven by its high-powered networks and managed services solutions at EuroCIS 2013. [Yahoo Finance – 02/13/2013]

Deep Space Industries to use cubesats to investigate nature of near-Earth asteroids with goal of eventually mining the asteroids to create propellant to extend the working life of communications satellites among other applications. [SatNews – 02/13/2013]

Landsat satellite successfully launched from Vandenberg AFB. [Satellite Today – 02/12/2013]

NASA demonstrates robotic fluid transfer in space during Robotic Refueling Mission aboard the International Space Station. [SatNews – 02/12/2013]

The 1800th flight of a Soyuz launch vehicle successfully placed Progress cargo spacecraft on target orbit for another mission to the International Space Station. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/12/2013]

Comtech Xicom gets $.4 million order for traveling wave tube amplifiers from U.S. government agency for military communications. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/12/2013]

SES and Viking Satcom partner for development and deployment of commercial satellite antenna systems to enable expansion of SES’s center arc cable neighborhood. [Satellite Today – 02/12/2013]

Newtec signs Basic Ordering Agreement with the NATO Communications and Information Agency. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/12/2013]

MDA signs contract with OGSystems to develop prototype surveillance solutions for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that will utilize a quickly deployable mobile satellite terminal to receive and process imagery from multiple commercial satellites. [Satellite Today – 02/12/2013]

Kratos gets multi-million SES contract for interference monitoring and geolocation system enhancements. [Equities.com – 02/11/2013]

Harris CapRock and AIS Engineering team to provide end-to-end satellite, teleport and terrestrial services to U.S. intelligence customer. [Orlando Business Journal – 02/12/2013]

Astrium Services signs multi-year renewal agreement for C-band capacity to serve maritime customers in the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/11/2013]

Hosted U.S.A.F. infrared surveillance payload on commercial satellite will be discussed with industry. [Military Aerospace – 02/10/2013]

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