WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 07/08/2013

O3b’s new satellite constellation to provide high speed connectivity to South Sudan.
[Yahoo Finance – 07/08/2013]

Indian space agency wants second rocket assembly facility
[Space Travel – 07/08/2013]

Russia will launch space freighter on schedule in spite of recent accident with Proton-M carrier rocket.
[Space News – 07/08/2013]

Medvedev demands list of those responsible for rocket crash; Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin instructed to set up government commission to probe crash; environmental impact to be assessed also.
[Space Daily – 07/08/2013]

Lockheed Martin delivers the third of four highly Elliptical Earth Orbit (HEO) satellites for the U.S. Air Forces Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS).
[SatNews – 07/08/2013]

Northrop Grumman test proves new active electronically scanned array (AESA) antenna it developed for the B-2 can establish and maintain communications services with an on-orbit Air Force Advanced EHF (AEHF) communications satellite.
[Yahoo Finance – 07/08/2013]

NSA whistleblower Snowden claims Australian Defence Satellite Communications Facility and other Australian facilities were involved in alleged U.S. ‘snoop-op.’
[SmasHits – 07/08/2013]

ITC Global acquires NewSat Communications.
[Satellite Spotlight – 07/08/2013]

Azercosmos announces 50 radio and TV channels already broadcast via first Azerbaijani satellite. [ABC.AZ – 07/08/2013]

RRSat Inks Deal With Fox International Channels to Enable Broadcasts Expansion to Africa.
[4-traders – 07/08/2013]

PolarSat receives more than $1 million in orders from General Administration of Civil Aviation of China for equipment and technical services to expand existing network to mmore than 400 sites.
[SatNews – 07/08/2013]

Satellite problems cause Russian TV blackouts for around 117 million people.
[Digital TV.net – 07/08/2013]

EUMETSAT increases bandwidth of communications link between Svalbard, Norway and its Darmstadt, Germany headquarters to speed up transfer of data downlinked at Svalbard from Metop and NOAA-19 satellites.
[SatNews – 07/08/2013]

Two Univ. of Michigan engineering professors are turning to the Kickstarter online community to help fund an interplanetary satellite mission.
[R&D Magazine – 07/08/2013]

Indian Space Agency successfully inserts its first navigation satellite, IRNSS-1A, into orbit at 27 degrees.
[Daily News – 07/07/2013]

B-52s to receive communications upgrade that will allow data transfer via satellite links.
[AERO News Network – 07/07/2013]

Satellite communications are the glue that holds long range military operations together.
[Strategy Page – 07/05/2013]

NewSat, the U.S. Ex-Im Bank and COFACE, along with all other parties involved in the financing documentation of the Jabiru-1 satellite, have executed the documents for the US$611 million of funding for the satellite project.
[4 traders – 07/05/2013]

EuropaSat to market SES Broadband Service across Europe.
[Ad Hoc News – 07/05/2013]

Satellite communications market revenue for smart grids to reach $368 million by 2020.
[EIN Presswire – 07/04/2013]

Advantech Wireless successfully deploys hub to Gazprom Space Systems.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/04/2013]

Orbital blockade is imposed on Iran.
[Strategy Page – 07/03/2013]

NASA Deep Space Atomic Clock will fly as hosted payload on Surrey Satellite Technology U.S.’ Orbital Testbed Mission.
[Satellite Today – 07/03/2013]

Jason-1 ocean altimetry satellite was decommissioned this week following the loss of its last remaining transmitter.
[Yahoo News – 07/03/2013]

Cobham plans to develop new family of satellite communications systems for data-connected air transport aircraft.
[Satellite Spotlight- 07/03/2013]

Iranian Al-Alam TV channel quotes Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technologies as stating that Iran plans to broadcast its satellite TV channels via domestic satellites.
[Satellite Spotlight – 07/02/2013]

Hughes technology seminar in Mexico attended by more than 100 senior-level satellite industry executives discussed future of satellite broadband in the country.
[Satellite Today – 07/03/2013]

Russian Proton-M rocket carrying three of the Russian satellite navigation system’s satellites crashes almost immediately upon launch.
[NextGov – 07/02/2013]

Russian eye-witness videos capture Proton rocket failure.
[Space News – 07/02/2013]

Eutelsat expands partnership with RSCC to serve broadcasting markets across Russia via three key orbital positions.
[The Columbus Dispatch – 07/02/20103]

OHB signs contract for Germany’s next-gen radar satellites.
[Space News – 07/02/2013]

India plans series of satellite launches by March 2014.
[Yahoo News – 07/02/2013]

SES and Supernet renew contract for GSM backhaul in Pakistan.
[Satellite Spotlight – 07/02/2013]

Major South American satellite operator selects Kratos’ SAT to provide satellite interference detection and analysis.
[Yahoo Finance – 07/02/2013]

YahSat announces launch of satellite-based Internet service in the UAE.
[Emirates 24/7 – 07/01/2013]

Gilat Spacenet introduces enhanced WiFi solutions suite.
[boston.com – 07/01/2013]

Iraqi government holds talks with SupremeSAT on a possible joint satellite partnership related to SupremeSAT-2.
[LankaNewspapers – 07/01/2013]

Lockheed Martin-built MUOS satellite encapsulate in launch vehicle payload fairing. [Satellite Spotlight – 07/01/2013]

Rockwell Collins ARC-210 is first airborne radio to demonstrate MUOS satellite signal reception.
[4-traders – 07/01/2013]

U.S. Navy adds $9 million + modification to firm-fixed price contract for AN/WSC-6 E(V)9 satellite communication systems.
[Signal online – 07/01/2013]

‘Global Satellite Market: Trends and Opportunities 2013-2018′ analyzes the potential opportunities and significant trends in the global satellite manufacturing, satellite services and satellite ground equipment markets.
[Research and Markets – July 2013]

New NSR Report Projects Major DTH Shift to the Southern Hemisphere.
[NSR – July 2013]

Video interviews from CommunicAsia 2013 in Singapore.
[Satellite Markets & Research]

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