WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 12/27/2013

Russian Proton-M rocket puts Russian government communications satellite Express-AM5 into orbit.
[Space Fellowship – 12/27/2013]

U.S. Air Force selects Raytheon’s high-bandwidth AEHF satellite terminal for secure, protected communications to aircrews during nuclear and non-nuclear missions.
[Yahoo Finance – 12/27/2013]

Global VSAT Forum (GVF) emphasizes importance of blanket licensing for countries to ensure the coexistence of satellite in the marketplace, and help developing countries attract foreign investment.
[Via Satellite – 12/26/203]

NASA’s 30-day Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD), with record-breaking data download and upload speeds, showed the system could operate as well as any NASA radio system.
[R&D Magazine – 12/26/2013]

Three Russian military satellites launched December 25 reach their target orbit.
[Space News – 12/26/2013]

Russia and Kazakhstan agree on three-year Baikonur roadmap.
[Space Daily – 12/26/2013]

ISRO targets January 5th launch window for GSAT 14 satellite.
[Via Satellite – 12/26/2013]

Storm system caught by NASA satellite – Christian Science Monitor

Set to launch in February, the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite will gather data that can help with efforts to monitor the effects of global warming on precipitation.
[The Christian Science Monitor – 12/26/2013]

Azerbaijan’s first telecom satellite reaches $10 million in revenue for 2013, with more than 50% of payload sold.
[Via Satellite – 12/26/2013]

Sea Launch rocket with JSAT-9 – Space News

U.S. federal court grants in part and denies in part a motion by Boeing to dismiss counterclaims filed by Russian space giant Energia in Boeing’s lawsuit against the Russian company.
[Space News – 12/26/2013]

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) purchases assets of the Satellite Communications Conference and Expo (SATCON) as well as Content and Communications World (CCW) from JD Events.
[SatNews – 12/26/2013]

The Atlas 5. Photo: ULA – Via Satellite

NASA selects United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Atlas 5 to launch planned 2016 Mars mission.
[Via Satellite – 12/24/2013]

Congress says Russia must use U.S. citizens to manage construction, operation, and maintenance of any satellite monitoring ground stations it builds in the U.S.
[NextGov – 12/23/2013]

Two-way ground station in Uganda – MIT Technology Review

Emerging data-coding technology could more than double bandwidth on satellite Internet connections, boosting service to developing countries, planes, and cruise ships and fixing jerky live video news feeds.
[MIT Technology Review – 12/23/2013]

Green satellite propulsion nears industry breakthrough with development of competitive propellant called Hydroxyl Ammonium Nitrate (HAN) fuel/oxidizer blend, or AF-M315E.
[Via Satellite – 12/23/2013]

Falcon 9 v1.1 launch – Space News

U.S. Air Force considering whether Falcon 9 v1.1 maiden launch will count toward certification qualifying the company to launch national security assets.
[Space News – 12/23/2013]

Panasonic and China Telecom partner to offer in-flight internet.
[telecompaper – 12/23/2013]

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