Satellite2006: Touching Down

I spent most of Monday afternoon hanging out at the Sattelite2006 conference. Actually, I spent most of it wandering around the exhibit hall while setup was in full swing. Even that was an education for me, a guy whose knowledge of satellites doesn’t extend much beyond the satellite TV dish outside my house. As I wandered around, dodging forklifts and ducking around big wooden crates, I saw a few things that caught my eye. 

The banner statement at the Internet Solutions booth — Communications Convergence from Africa for Africa — caught my eye. In fact, it stopped me in my tracks because it reminded me of my previous post about wireless networking in the developing world. OK, it’s vaguely related, but close enough to make me take a closer look. Based on their news page, it looks like they’ve been busy in Ghana most recently, and mostly with corporate work. There wasn’t anyone at the IS booth when I stopped by, but I look forward to coming back tomorrow and learning more about their work to “enable people and businesses to share information and interact with one another – anywhere, at any time, over any protocol.”