Name That Asteroid

赵九章 – "Zhao Jiuzhang"


That who we’re naming an asteroid after, according to eViewWeek:


An asteroid has been named after late Chinese geo-scientist Zhao Jiuzhang with the approval of the International Minor Planet Center (IMPC) and the International Minor Planet Nomenclature Committee (IMPNC).


Asteroid No. 7811 was discovered on Feb. 23, 1982, by astronomers at the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, according to a gazette of the IMPC and IMPNC.


Zhao Jiuzhang, who was born in central China’s Henan Province in 1907 and died in 1968, made significant contributions to the development of atmospheric science, geophysics and space science, especially the development of China’s first satellite. He is also one of the founders of modern meteorology in China.


According to international convention, those who discover minorplanets and have confirmation from the IMPC and the IMPNC have the right to name them.


So far, more than 30 minor planets have been named after ancient and contemporary Chinese scientists by Chinese or overseas astronomical observatories.


I thought I read somewhere he was killed by the Red Guards during the "Cultural Revolution" in 1968. Does having an asteroid named after you make up for it? Maybe.


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