SES is announcing today its financial results for Q3 of 2007, reporting strong recurring revenue And EBITDA growth. Highlights include:

  •  Recurring  revenue of EUR 405 m was up 9.9% on the prior year period
  • Reported revenue was EUR 406.9 m (Q3 2006: EUR 481.8 m)
  • The prior year period included one-time items totalling EUR 83 m (as reported)
  • Recurring1 EBITDA of EUR 290 m was 17.1% ahead of the prior year period
  • Reported EBITDA was EUR 283.2 m (Q3 2006: EUR 323.9 m)
  • The prior year period included one-time items totaling EUR 59 m (as reported)
  • Operating profit was  EUR 175.9 m (Q3 2006: EUR 199.6 m)
  • Net profit was EUR 138.8 m (Q3 2006: EUR 132.0 m)
  • 12 month weighted EPS 0.92 (2006 reported EPS EUR 0.82), favourably impacted by the ongoing share buyback programme

The full report can be read here in PDF.

Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES, comments in the report:

"Despite the introduction of additional satellite capacity via the move of ASTRA 2C to 28.2 degrees East, the group fleet utilisation rate has remained high, at 75%.  The growth of our operational business, coupled with some financial developments and our ongoing share buyback activities, translates into a strong earnings per share growth through the year.

"This positive trend will continue. We have revised upwards our 2007 guidance for both revenues and EBITDA. In our 2008 guidance, we show revenue growth exceeding 6%. Over the period 2008 – 2010 the revenue CAGR  will equal or exceed the growth rate foreseen in the guidance for 2008, with an infrastructure EBITDA margin of over 81%."

Intelsat has yet to report on their Q3 results, though in Q2 they reported EBITDA at just over $410 million.