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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/29/2013

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

XCOR Aerospace announces firing of full piston pump-powered rocket engine, a first in aviation and space history – the engines will be reusable several times a day. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/28/2013]

ILS and Intelsat sign contract for two firm ILS Proton launch missions. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

Space Systems/Loral will study options for low-cost U.S. military weather satellite replacement system. [Space News – 03/28/2013]

China to launch the first satellite for its high-resolution Earth observation system in April. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

Harris Corporation and NOAA develop and deploy new tool that will help track and report anomalies in critical weather satellite information. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/28/2013]

Reinventing Space – dramatically reducing space mission cost with advanced spacecraft technology. [Space News – 03/28/2013]

Cobham to introduce MediaMesh, a new IP-based platform for lightweight, rapid set-up field newsrooms, at NAB 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/28/2013]

Gilat Satellite Networks gets three year contract from Peruvian Ministry of Education to provide SkyEdge II-c hub and Aries VSAT equipment, installation, maintenance and technical support for 2,600 schools nationwide. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

C-COM to show new, rugged, lightweight iNetVu line of Ka- and Ku-band auto-pointing antenna systems at NAB 2013. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

XipLink’s wireless link optimization solutions are successfully tested and implemented at Maritime Communications Partner, assisting MCP in servicing a higher number of internet subscribers on maritime vessels while reducing operating expenses. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

Satcom Direct releases new mobile application, GetORT+, allowing users of their Satcom Direct Unity product kit to interface with their satcom equipment using Apple devices. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

On Call chooses Romantis Universal Hardware Platform for second generation of QuickSPOT on demand satellite network, saying it should just take moments to book satellite space online and then access it. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

First Search and Rescue payload on U.S. satellite, NOAA-E, was launched 30 years ago; more than 33,000 lives have been saved to date. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

Canada receives part of the ground segment of its military’s first dedicated operation military satellite from Denmark’s Terma A/S. [SatNews – 03/28/2013]

Mitsubishi Electric delivers world’s first helicopter satellite communication system, expected to gather information on disaster areas to support rapid deployment of first response measures. [Yahoo Finance – 03/27/2013]

Satmex 8, launched March 26, successfully performs post-launch maneuvers. [Yahoo Finance – 03/27/2013]

Proton successfully launches Satmex 8 in return to flight. [Space News – 03/27/2013]

Italy and France put aside conflicts to partner in manufacture of new Sicral 2 communications satellite. [Defense News – 03/27/2013]

Cassidian and Astrium Services provide access to satellite communications to French fire and rescue services. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/27/2013]

Dutch broadcaster NOS selects GlobeCast and Eutelsat resources for SNG operations. [Yahoo Finance – 03/27/2013

Soviet MIR EVA spacesuit auctioned for 112,000 euros. [Space Daily – 03/27/2013]

Spacenet announces addition of a range of new communications services and products to the GSA schedule. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/26/2013]

Hughes announces first Inmarsat BGAN M2M terminal to receive hazardous locations accreditation. [Yahoo Finance – 03/27/2013]

VSAT provider Maju Nusa of Malaysia to use Hughes Network Systems Network Operations Center and 130 HXb roadband satellite terminals to deliver cellular backhaul services. [SatNews – 03/27/2013]

Exinda announces that Satcom Direct has selected its Exinda Mobile platform to be integrated into the Satcom Direct Router, to act as a Wi-Fi access point on an airplane. [Yahoo News – 03/26/2013]

ViaSat CEO speaks optimistically about ViaSat-2 satellite at 2013, saying it is expected to be a dramatic improvement over ViaSat-1; a realistic time frame for the satellite may be 2016. [Satellite Today – 03/25/2013]

NSR report ‘Aeronautical Satcom Markets’ due out in April answers critical questions affecting the in-flight connectivity business. [NSR – Apritl 2013]

NSR report ‘Energy Markets Via Satellite’ builds on legacy of NSR’s detailed analysis of the Oil & Gas markets, adding detailed view into the O&G, mining, and utility verticals. [NSR – March 2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/22/2013

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Financing no longer expected to be an issue for U.S. satellite exporters as Export-Import Bank plans to maintain aggressive satellite financing position. [Space News – 03/22/2013]

Arianespace announces contract to launch three satellites for Intelsat S.A. [Space Daily – 03/22/2013]

Orbit Communications systems launches new VSAT product line for the maritime market called OceanTRx. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/22/2013]

Intelsat S.A. gets multi-year extension agreement with ART/International Network Distribution of Lebanon for capacity on Intelsat 21 and Intelsat 805, [SatNews – 03/22/2013]

Estonia’s student cubesat satellite is ready for the next Vega launch. [Space Travel – 03/22/2013]

PolarSat receives order for VSATPlus3 from Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company of China to be used for real time SCADA, voice, and corporate services. [SatNews – 03/22/20103]

U.S. Air Force launches second satellite for SBIRS, GEO-2, from Vandenberg AFB. [Satellite Today – 03/21/2013]

High-Throughput dominates Satellite 2013 discussion as NovelSat CEO predicts demand for international satellite bandwidth services will have increased 2,000% in a 10-year timespan between 2002 and 2020. [Satellite Today – 03/21/2013]

Yahsat system is certified for use with the U.S. Air Force’s Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) – WGS terminals will be interoperable with Yahsat’s Ka-band military satellite frequencies. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Echostar subsidiary Hughes Network Systems announces that it has selected Space Systems/Loral to build the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite, JUPITER2/EchoStar XIX, with over 150 Gbps throughput. [SatNews – 03/21/2013]

ViaSat executive says the company’s refusal to decide on a builder for its ViaSat-2 Ka-band satellite has nothing to do with its lawsuit against Space Systems Loral. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Sea Launch and EchoStar reach preliminary agreement for launch services in 2015. [Space Travel – 03/21/2013]

Astrium Services expects to partner with MDA on Earth Observation satellite network. [Space News – 03/21/2013]

Apollo-era rocket engine parts are recovered from beyond 3 miles deep in the Atlantic by an expedition funded by Rick Bezos of Amazon. [R&D Magazine – 03/21/2013]

SES reach in 2012, driven by strong gains in India and Germany, extends to 276 million TV homes worldwide. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

ESA’s Planck satellite telescope data used to map the Universe’s most ancient light. [BBC – 03/21/2013]

Space Exploration Technologies’ Merlin 1D engine achieves flight qualification and is now fully qualified to fly on the Falcon 9 rocket. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/20103]

Mitsubishi Electric completes expansion of satellite production facility at its Kamakura Works in Kamakura, Japan. [Daily Herald – 03/21/2013]

Armarda Group subsidiary China Mobile Satellite Communications Group (CMSCG) and Thuraya Telecommunications announce distributorship arrangement with China Telecom Satellite (CTS) for the Thuraya SatSleeve, a module that transforms an iPhone into a dual mode satellite phone. [The Business Times – 03/21/2013]

C-COM Satellite Systems introduces new generation of Ka-band flyaway antennas at Satellite 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

SingTel’s ConnectPortal allows shore side professionals to have total control over their shipboard crews’ internet usage by implementing a flexi-time allowance. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Spacecom adds eighth DTH platform on AMOS-5 over Nigeria. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Signalhorn has completed the rollout of over 400 point of sale (PoS) sites which service a global fuel retailer’s South African network. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/21/2013]

Free ESA iPhone app allows quadcopter owners to attempt simulated dockings with International Space Station while flying their drones for real. [Space Daily – 03/21/2013]

Voyager 1 leaves our solar systems after traveling 11 billion miles. [R&D Magazine – 03/20/2013]

Radio Frequency Interference-End Users Initiative and Global VSAT Forum collaborate, with support and commitment from World Broadcasting Unions – International Satellite Operations Group, to launch training of satellite newsgathering operators to reduce interference. [SatNews – 03/20/2013]

NSR report grades the financial performance of the big four satellite operators. [SatNews – 03/20/20013]

Newtec wins WTA Teleport Technology of the Year award, presented at WTA luncheon at Satellite 2013. [Newtec Press Release – 03/19/2013]

Launch Services Panel at Satellite 2013 recognizes common challenges while examining cooperative approch to increase business and profitability for the sector. [Satellite Today – 03/20/2013]

Kratos introduces new SATCOM Cybersecurity Assessment service addressing increasing threats and unique requirements of the satellite industry. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/19/2013]

Chinese collaboration with neighbouring countries’ space-related programmes sparks off a fresh scare in India’s national security establishment. [The Economic Times – 03/19/2013]

Nupoint Systems selects Globalstar Data Services for M2M satellite connectivity. [Daily Herald – 03/18/2013]

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March Lameness

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

I reckon ULA had something to show in their booth at Satellite 2013.

That show hasn’t had anything exciting for years. In fact, their site still has videos from 2012. Ironically, their slogan is “Bridging the Gap between Today and Tomorrow.”

Close your eyes, imagine you’re living in 2003 again. Now, open them and look at the conference program. Feels like 10 years ago, huh?

Your gap is off.


Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

It was bound to happen, sooner or later. One of the thousands of pieces of debris from the Chinese missile test from 2007 in LEO dabbed the Russian Ball Lens In The Space (BLITS) and threw it off

The apparent destruction of a small Russian satellite six weeks ago highlights the growing threat space junk poses to activities in low-Earth orbit, experts say.

The satellite and space junk crash involved Russia’s Ball Lens In The Space nanosatellite, or BLITS, which likely collided on Jan. 22 with a piece of orbital debris spawned by a 2007 Chinese anti-satellite test, reported on March 8. The event adds another name to the list of spacecraft that have had run-ins with space junk.

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/15/2013

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Italy blocks completion of controversial U.S. military satellite station in Sicily pending results of a health and environmental study. [Space News – 03/15/2013]

NASA’s first laser-based space communications system, for the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft, has been integrated into the spacecraft and is ready for launch. [R&D Magazine – 03/15/2013]

Swiss company announces plans to develop reusable air-launched suborbital vehicle to launch small satellites into orbit for around $10 million per launch. [Space News – 03/15/2013]

Newest U.S. missile warning satellite encapsulated into payload fairing for March 19 launch from Cape Canaveral. [Space Daily – 03/15/2013]

Preparations for the second Vega launch from French Guiana are underway, with VNREDSat-1A and Proba-V undergoing initial checkout. [SatNews – 03/15/2013]

Idaho Department of Water Resources eagerly awaiting data from recently launched Landsat 8 for use in developing hydrologic models and reaching legal decisions on water rights. [SatNews – 03/15/2013]

ESA and Roscosmos sign ExoMars deal after NASA bows out mainly due to funding restrictions. [NASA Spaceflight – 03/14/2013]

ResearchMoz report on Global Military Satellites Market provides detailed analysis of the current industry size and growth expectations from 2012 – 2022, including key growth stimulators. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/14/2013]

Reinventing Space – dramatically reducing space mission cost for traditional large spacecraft missions. [Space News – 03/14/2013]

ViviSat opens ATK Robotic Rendezvous and Proximity (RPO) testing facility to its clients for tours of the facility during Satellite 2013. [SatNews – 03/14/2013]

Prodea Systems, Inc. Residential Operating System, a comprehensive distributed cloud-based platform, has been integrated into satellite hybrid set-top boxes destined for My-HD subscribers across Middle East and North Africa. [ – 03/14/2013]

Gilat to introduce new revenue-enhancing satellite broadband solutions at Satellite 2013. [4-traders – 03/14/2013]


Telenor Satellite Broadcasting signs agreement with Neterra, a new direct-to-home shared platform that offers pay-tv services in Bulgaria. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/14/2013]

Editors of Satellite Today and Via Satellite publish “2012 Satellite Industry Financial Breakdown.” summarizing satellite industry’s top companies’ financial performance in 2012 and forecasting expectations for 2013. [Satellite Today – 03/14/2013]

Foxcomm will mark 20 years of serving the Satcom industry at Satellite 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/14/2013]

Glowlink introduces GS380, a breakthrough product dramatically improving performance and effectiveness of satellite interference geolocation systems. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/13/2013]

Harris CapRock expands collaboration with O3b to deliver advance communications solution for Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd cruise ships Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. [SatNews – 03/13/2013]

Thuraya, in partnership with Rory Peck Trust, sponsors freelance journalist with the IP+ satellite terminal. [Yahoo! Finance – 03/13/2013]

Newtec’s latest broadband equipment helps expand SES Ka-band Broadband Services offering. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/13/2013]

Service provider IsNet successfully deploys satellite-based backup network for a major Oil and Gas company in Turkey employing PolarSat system. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/13/2013]

The fifth WGS satellite for the Air Force, WGS-5, arrives at Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, from where it will be transported to Cape Canaveral for launch. [Los Angeles Air Force Base News – 03/12/2013]

ITC Global agrees to acquire NewSat, expanding its position in worldwide energy markets. [Yahoo! Finance – 03/12/2013]

Eutelsat and OneAccess develop first performance-enhanced platform for businesses designed to deliver services on Eutelsat’s KA-SAT Hight Throughput Satellite in a secure VPN environment. [msn MONEY – 03/12/2013]

Talia and Newtec provide new satellite communications backbone infrastructure for AGSM.MOBI in Somalia. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/12/2013]

Sumitomo of Japan will use ORBCOMM’s global satellite communications network to track and monitor the location, status and performance of their equipment anywhere in the world. [Yahoo! Finance – 03/12/2013]

DigitalGlobe contracts MDA to build a satellite ground station which it will use ton enable access to imagery and data from the WorldView satellites for an unnamed international customer. [Satellite Today – 03/12/2013]

Active Russian satellite collides with what is thought to be remnants of a destroyed Chinese satellite. [Satellite Today – 03/11/2013]

Satellites built by Orbital Sciences Corporation exceed 1,000 years of cumulative in-orbit operational experience. [Stockhouse – 03/11/2013]

GE Aviation to provide inertial reference units for Boeing’s wideband phased array satellite communications systems for airborne mobile communications. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/11/2013]

C-band use again to take stage at World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-07), with satellite operators challenging use of C-band by mobile operators. [International Telecommuinication Union – ITU News Magazine]

Satellite communications enable government agencies, emergency response, and military organizations to maintain continuity of operations during and after an event when network outages can be life threatening. [MILSAT Magazine – March 2013 edition}

NSR Energy Markets via Satellite report adds coverage into the mining and utilities verticals, in the midst of a bandwidth revolution that may affect satellite companies over the next decade. [NSR – March 2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 03/08/2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Satellite Interference Reduction Group announces approval of the DVB Carrier ID specification which will now be submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute for formal standardization. [SatNews – 03/08/2013]

SES signs contract with BT to provide satellite communications services for the Galileo Data Dissemination Network (GDDN) to support the Galileo Operator Spaceopal. [ – 03/08/2013]

TCS gets $16 million in incremental funding to provide Deployed Engineering Services to the U.S. Marine Corp for its Wireless Point to Point Link systems. [msn MONEY – 03/08/2013]

Glowlink to unveil a technology that can remove interferences from broadband communications signals, including those occurring in satellite communications, at Satellite 2013. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

China’s fourth launch center, located on tropical island of Hainan, to be ready for space launches in two years. [Space Daily – 03/07/2013]

Harris is awarded contract to study and make recommendations to help modernize the U.S. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

U.S. Air Force unit’s mission is to defend and protect operability of the Air Force’s communications satellites, combating intentional and accidently jamming. [U.S.A.F. – 03/07/2013]

New NSR report examines the launch services industry in midst of environment that has raised questions about launch services reliability. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

Russian GLONASS orbital navigation group is again at full strength. [GPS Daily – 03/07/2013]

China targeting global coverage for its BeiDou navigation system by 2020. [GPS Daily – 03/07/2013]

ViaSat HTS ViaSat-1, the Ka-band satellite used for Exede Internet, earns Guinness World Records title as highest-capacity satellite in the world – 100 times typical Ku-band satellite and 10 times any Ka-band satellite. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

U.S. House of Representatives approves legislation funding next generation of NOAA weather satellites. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

MacDonald Dettwiler stock has room to rise as it taps U.S. government satellite market through its Space Systems/Loral acquisition. [Bloomberg Businessweek – 03/07/2013]

Spacenet’s new ECSConnectTM solution offers affordable emergency broadband communications and eliminates upfront capital expenditure. [Satellite Spotlight – 03/07/2013]

Inmarsat and Kymeta sign agreement to develop revolutionary satellite antenna to enable business jets of any size to access high-speed broadband connectivity globally. {Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

Indian Space Research Organisation plans construction of high-resolution remote sensing Earth satellite, Cartosat-3, capable of 0.25 metre resolution. [Space News – 03/06/22013}

Inmarsat certifies Boeing to provide 3G, Voice over IP, streaming video, direct dialing, secure communications, and other capabilities through Inmarsat-4 L-band service. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

Thuraya signs Service Partner agreement with Pivotel Group Pty Limited of Australia, enabling licensed mobile carrier Pivotel to provide Thuraya’s products and services across Australia and Southern Asia. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/07/2013]

News Corporation announces that its News Limited subsidiary will divest its 44% stake in SKY Network Television Limited of New Zealand. [SatNews – 03/07/2013]

EM Solutions delivers two Australian-made Ka-Band ‘Satellite on the Move’ systems to partner Jepico Corporation in Japan. [WBMSAT Press Releases – 03/06/2013]

ITC Global signs a long term agreement to provide Kinross Gold Corporation with a comprehensive satellite communications network and bandwidth service for its mining sites in Russia. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

ViaSat demonstrates high-performance Ka-band satellite communication system providing sustained data rates of 4Mbps from helicopter to ground station and 8 Mbps from ground station to helicopter. [SatNews – 03/06/2013]

Eutelsat and Alterie Telecom complete renewal of three long-term satellite capacity contracts on EUTELSAT 5. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

Romantis releases new software for UHP VSAT platform. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/06/2013]

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited signs agreement with Glavkosmos/NPO Lavotchkin for the launch of the UK technology demonstration mission TechDemoSat-1 in Q3 of 2013. [Satellite Evolution Group – 03/05/2013]

SpaceX flight controllers succeed in recovery of Dragon, getting it to the International Space Station a day late. [R&D Magazine – 03/04/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits March 1, 2013

Monday, March 4th, 2013

SpaceX Dragon is on the way to the International Space Station again; the third launch within a year, carrying fresh fruit, clothing, computer parts and other gear, and seeds, mouse stem cells, and protein crystals for research. [R&D Magazine – 03/01/2013]

SpaceX Dragon suffers anomaly after reaching orbit; Twitter accounts inferred thruster problems prevented solar array deployment – company says arrays have now been deployed, and it is working on thruster problem. [Space Travel – 03/01/2013]

Globalstar announces successful fourth launch of six second-generation satellites. [Space Daily – 03/01/2013]

Intelsat expects to replace Intelsat 27 with insurance money and have some left over to pay down debt. [Space News – 03/01/2013]

Quantum Physics may be used for secure satellite links as teams around the world pursue the idea of a quantum satellite. [SatNews – 03/01/2013]

Iridium asks for investor patience, projecting 10% growth from 2013 through 2015. [Space News – 03/01/2013]

Glowlink to unveil break-through products and technology designed to prevent, detect, locate, and remove satellite interferences, at Satellite 2013. [SatNews – 03/01/2013]

China plans manned space craft launch that will dock with the country’s orbiting space laboratory. [Space Daily – 02/28/2013]

Eutelsat and Deutsche Telekom reach final settlement to dispute regarding duration of Eutelsat’s right to use German filing at 28.5° [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/28/2013]

Vietnam expects to launch its third satellite, VNREDSat-1A, during the second quarter of 2013. [SatNews – 02/28/2013]

European Commission proposes new programme to help EU Member States combine their space surveillance capacities and offer services to locate and monitor dangerous space debris, alerting satellite operators of collision risks. [European Commission Enterprise and Industry News – 02/28/2013]

Thales Alenia Space signs agreement with ISS- Reshetnev Company creating a joint venture initially focused on production of equipment meeting the most demanding international standards for use on Russian telecommunication satellites. [SatNews – 02/28/2013]

Outerlink announces launch of first satellite IP push-to-talk solution for helicopter communications via multi-tiered platform Communique HUB. [Yahoo News – 02/28/2013]

GVF conference at Satellite 2013 premised on fact that the seas are an essential resource for industry, commerce, and leisure, rendering our ability to communicate effectively whilst on the ocean of paramount importance. [SatNews – 02/28/2013]

Advantech Wireless receives orders worth more than $2million for its high power, high linearity GaN based SSPA line, covering both C-band and Ku-band. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/28/2013]

Clear Channel Satellite announces deployment of the XtremeSat Media satellite broadcast distribution platform for contemporary Christian music radio station KSBJ. [Satellite Evolution Group – 02/28/2013]

Newtec is selected by California-based X2nSat to provide equipment for a new B2B broadband and SCADA service aiming to offer reliable and fast connectivity for enterprise and government markets. [Satellite Today – 02/27/2013]

TS2 expands Internet Access in Afghanistan utilizing Avanti’s HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite. [Yahoo Finance – 02/27/2013]

Gilat Satcom announces new deal with pan-African Internet service provider and mobile WiMAX carrier to deliver broadband services throughout Mozambique. [Satellite Today – 02/26/2013]

Flightcell will present “the world’s smallest, lightest, and smartest satellite communication and tracking system, DZMx,” at the March 2013 HELI-EXPO. [ – 02/26/2013]

Maritime Broadband selects Revmar Dynamics as the full-service exclusive distributor of the company’s C-Bird VSAT in Greece and Cyprus. [Satellite Today – 02/26/2013]

Australian company EM Solutions launches North American and MENA presences marketing its broadband Ka-satcom RF equipment. [Press Release @ WBMSAT – 02/26/2013]

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launches the SARAL Indo-French satellite from its spaceport at Sriharikota. [Satellite Today – 02/25/2013]

Northrop Grumman Delivers first communications payload for U.S. Air Force’s Enhanced Polar System. [Satellite Spotlight – 02/25/2013]

NewSat announces it has secured all required funding for the Jabiru-1 satellite to be launched in 205. [Satellite Today – 02/25/2013]

U.S. Army upgrades terminal training suite for its advanced Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical – Terminal (SMART-T). [AR News – 02/25/2013]

Gilat’s new SkyEdge 2-c Internet connectivity solution now includes Ka-band support. [Satellite Today – 02/25/2013]

MTN announces exclusive partnership with BATS to market Broadband Antenna Tracking and Stabilization system to the cruise, ferry and large yacht markets. [SAT PR – 02/25/2013]

New NSR report answers critical questions affecting the in-flight connectivity business. [NSR – April 2013 report]

“Limited Satellite Capacity in Asia-Pacific: Risk to our Warfighters” is the title of a free webinar scheduled for April 3rd, 2013, sponsored by Via Satellite and SES Government Solutions. [Satellite Today web site]

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