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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/28/2013

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Are all electric satellites a revolution in the manufacture of satellites, or a natural evolution? [Satellite Today – 05/01/2013]

Spanish/Norwegian cooperation programme HISNORSAT is put on hold. [The Norway Post – 04/28/2013]

NSR believes new technological choices will accelerate the split of satellite design into two categories: one driven by payload maximization and the other driven by savings. [SatNews – 04/25/2013]

Walton announces new fabric for its Snow Shield covers that outperforms that of its competitors, while half the price of the Gore-Tex now used. [SatNews – 04/26/2013

Turkey launches new satellite from China’s Zhiuguan base. [Satellite Spotlight – 04/26/2013]

Russian cargo spacecraft which failed to deploy one of its antennas after Wednesday launch docks with International Space Station. [Space News – 04/26/2013]

Eumetsat’s Metop-B replaces Metop-A as its prime operational polar-orbiting satellite following its commissioning period. [SatNews – 04/25/2013]

Iridium’s hosted payload with Harris represents a landmark for the company. [Satellite Today – 04/26/2013]

SES announces increased satellite penetration in Ukraine, to 22 percent of all TV households, or 3.7 million households. [Satellite Today – 04/25/2013]

Eutelsat Broadband helps workers from Ross-Shire Engineering stay in touch whilst constructing water treatment plants in some of the remotest parts of Scotland. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/25/2013]

Orbital Sciences Corporation selected by NASA to design, manufacture, integrate and test a new astrophysics satellite that will perform full-sky search for exoplanets around nearby stars. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/25/2013]

Hughes launches new HughesON managed network and digital media solutions for the enterprise and government markets. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/25/2013]

Earth observation data sales continue to grow globally – a Euroconsult report. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/25/2013]

Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M ‘integrated antenna’ terminal receives Inmarsat type approval. [Yahoo Finance – 04/24/2013]

Kymeta is the first to close a Ka-band link with a passive phased array antenna using metamaterials. [EON – 04/23/2013]

iDirect to host its third annual Global Partner Summit, where industry leaders from around the world will discuss market trends, insights, and best practices, in Istanbul May 6 – 8. [Wall Street Journal 04/23/2013]

Speedcast acquires Australian satellite communications service provider Pactel International. [Satellite Today – 04/23/2013]

KVH’s TracPhone V3-IP and mini-VSAT satellite broadband ideal for remote oil and gas applications including on moving vehicles. [Wall Street Journal – 04/23/2013]

Israel Defense Forces select Gilat SatTrooper 1000 to provide Israeli soldiers with dependable data, video and telephony at broadband speeds. [NBC News – 04/23/2013]

SES, Inverto, Abilis, and MaxLinear develop the first low-noise block down-converter to incorporae eight-channel satellite-to-IP bridging technology. [Business Wire – 04/22/2013]

UniSA develops low-cost satellite system for sending and receiving sensor information collected in Australia’s vast unpopulated areas. [Spatial Source – 04/23/2013]

Telecom reform proposed by new Mexican President features important opportunities for foreign investors and satellite communications service providers. [Satellite Today – 05/01/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/19/2013

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

The 6th European Conference on Space Debris will be held at ESOC, ESA’s European Space Operations Center, Darmstadt, Germany, 22 – 25 April. [Space Daily – 04/19/2013]

Orbital now plans April 20 launch for Antares rocket. [Space News – 04/19/2013]

Galileo In-Orbit Verification In Orbit Test Review Board held at European Space Agency facility in Noordwijk, Netherlands, is declared a full success. [SatNews – 04/19/2013]\

Capacity on Azerbaijan’s first communications satellite, with Ku- and C-band transponders but no Ka-band, may be too expensive for internet providers. [ABC.AZ – 04/19/20103]

NASA seeks proposals for suborbital technology payloads and spacecraft capability enhancements that could be used on future space missions. [Space Travel – 04/18/2013]

Intelsat raises $347.8 million in IPO, less than hoped for, but stocks rise 7% in first day after offering. [Bloomberg – 04/18/2013]

Libya participates in Arabsat’s General Assembly Meeting. [Libya Herald – 04/18/2013]

COM DEV built multiplexers and switches populate Telesat’s Anik G1 satellite successfully launched April 15. [SatNews – 04/18/2013]

Responder to Superstorm Sandy disaster in Breezy Point, NY turns to Global VSAT Forum to put him in touch with satellite communications companies that are helping the community recover. [Urgent Communications – 04/18/2013]

TSF brings satellite broadband communications to Syrian refugee camps. [SatNews – 04/18/2013]

Beam Communications provides satellite communication solution to Australian charity organization Just 4 Kids. [Satellite Today – 04/18/2013]

General Dynamics PRC-155 manpack radio is successfully tested through on-orbit MUOS satellite network. [Wall Street Journal – 04/18/2013]

GMPCS introduces new line of Ka-band uplink field kits for satellite newsgathering applications. [Broadcast Engineering – 04/18/2013]

The Saturno project, centering on distribution of satellite content to all domestic devices (television, laptops, tablets, or smartphones) using current infrastructure, led by HIspasat, successfully concludes its work  with a meeting in Madrid. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/18/2013]

Digiturk and Eutelsat partner on Turkey’s first Ultra HD channel. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/18/2013]

Comtech EF Data gets a $1.1 million equipment order from an Asian telecommunications operator to support high-speed trunking links transporting 880 Mbps of data traffic, software upgradeable to over 3 Gbps. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/18/2013]

SES announces that IN DEMAND has renewed an integral part of its cornerstone capacity agreement with SES for delivery of Pay-Per-View and Video ON Demand sports and entertainment television content .. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/18/2013]

British firm unveils a sat-nav system that warns lorry drivers when they are approaching roads where they are at high risk of hitting a cyclist. [GPS Daily – 04/18/2013]

Proba-3 mission will be first in which two spacecraft will fly through space as a single unit – relative position accuracy to within less than one millimeter. [SatNews – 04/17/2013]

Eutelsat satellite Eutelsat 3D is undergoing final preparations for May 14 launch aboard an ILS Proton Breeze M rocket at Baikonour. [Satellte Today – 04/17/2013]

Astrium study, under contract with French space agency CNES, will analyze existing concepts and technologies and determine which can be used to successfully tackle large items of space debris. [SatNews – 04/17/2013]

MilSatCom Asia-Pacific 2013 – the largest SatCom event within the APAC region, to take place in Singapore May 9th and 10th. [Yahoo News – 04/17/2013]

Canadian company Norsat acquires US-based satellite communications business. [Wall Street Journal – 04/17/2013]

French company Astrium approaches near-global X-band satellite communications for government and military customers with entry into service of its Skynet 5D and the launch of its hosted payload on Telesat’s Anik G1. [UPI – 04/17/2013]

Thuraya expands GSM roaming coverage across 11 additional countries in the Americas. [Wall Street Journal – 04/17/2013]

Eastern Africa regional conference on satellite communication is held in Uganda. [UN-SPIDER – 04/17/2013]

Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker III combines voice, text and flight-tracking technologies into single system designed for helicopters, using the Iridium satellite network. [AIN online – 04/17/2013]

Wireless Innovation provides satellite communications solution for the British Antarctic Survey’s “Project Javelin.” [Satellite Spotlight – 04/17/2013]

Anik G1, successfully launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan; aims to ease overcrowded communications networks in Latin America and add capacity to DTH services in Canada, and government and military users across the Americas. [Universe Today – 04/16/2013]

U.S. State Department eases export rules on aerospace parts. [Space Daily – 04/16/2013]

Air Force Space Command developed database that was turned over to Stratcom maintains a registry of tens of thousands of man-made objects in space and shares the information freely with anyone who seeks it through a command-run website. [SatNews – 04/16/2013]

New Nigerian Permanent Secretary to the Communications Technology Ministry, on tour of NIGCOMSAT facility, expresses regret that the government has not properly harnessed the facilities for nation building. [allAfrica – 04/16/2013]

Spacecom of Israel wins three-year contract with one of Africa’s largest Internet Communications Service Providers for VSAT services on AMOS-5. [SatNews – 04/16/2013]

NSSLGlobal opens new Singapore office. [Satellite Today – 04/16/2013]

Charlie Ergen’s company bids $25.5 billion for Sprint. [Multichannel News – 04/15/2013]

Ecuador is scheduled to launch its first satellite, a nanosatellite named Pegasa, from China April 26. [SatNews – 04/16/2013]

The U.S. Air Force is requesting a space program budget for fiscal year 2014 that is nearly one-third smaller than the 2013 request, at $6.4 billion. [SatNews – 04/15/2013]

Arianespace hopes to equal its 2012 performance in 2013. [Satellite Today – 04/15/2013]

ABI Research reports the Over The Top (OTT) video market is now worth over $8 billion, but does not yet see it as a threat to satellite. [Satellite Today – 04/12/2013]

Northrup Grumman Aerospace Systems Business Development Director discusses need for protected MILSATCOM and an affordable solution. [MILSATMAGAZINE – April issue]

Satellite Short Burst Data is cost-effective Beyond-Line-of-Sight transmission for multiple military units in the field. [MILSATMAGAZINE – April issue]

iDirect VP of Technology feels High Throughput Satellites can help solve biggest challenges of using satellite communications in the military – bandwidth and cost. [MILSATMAGAZINE – April issue]

Delivery of two state-of-the-art Ka-band Satellite On-The-Move terminals to the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology by Australian company EM Solutions represents key milestone for the firm for a partnership project with Tokyo-based Jepico Corporation. [MILSATMAGAZINE – April edition]

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Blowing Aladin

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Instruments on the ground or attached to weather balloons give us wind velocity measurements, helping us predict weather changes and forecasting. And they do a pretty good job with it. Anybody with a radio, TV or Internet device can avail themselves of the weather forecast. Or a newspaper. Remember those?

Although I appreciate being able to know what the weather will be like after tomorrow or next week, I long for the days when we would simply look toward the sky, feel the wind and/or humidity and make an experienced guess on the next day’s weather. Winds from the south and we’ll get rain. Chilly wind from the northwest indicates a change toward colder days ahead.

If the wind makes a difference on the ground, think about what it would mean if we were able to use an instrument in space. Enter the ESA’s Aeolus mission, which includes the Aladin UV laser instrument.

The Aeolus satellite will carry a single, but complex, instrument that will probe the atmosphere to profile the world’s winds. Reliable and timely wind profiles are urgently needed by meteorologists to improve weather forecasts. In the long term, they will also contribute to climate research.

Aeolus carries a pioneering instrument called Aladin that uses laser light scattering and the Doppler effect to gather data on wind.

The laser generates high-energy UV light, which is beamed towards Earth through a telescope. As the light travels down through the atmosphere, it bounces off molecules of gas, particles of dust and droplets of water.

By comparing the shift in frequency of the received light from the transmitted light caused by the Doppler effect, the motion of the molecules in the atmosphere can be measured, revealing wind velocity.

The laser transmitter is being developed by Selex-ES in Italy.

It has been a very long and difficult undertaking – forging new technologies in many areas such as optics, opto-electronics, precision mechanics and thermo-mechanical design.

Recent tests show all this effort has not been in vain.

Throughout three consecutive weeks, the laser transmitter remained perfectly stable at full energy, producing a total of 90 million UV laser shots.

Considering that each shot is 5 MW, peaking at an intensity similar to that of a lightning strike and that this is repeated 50 times a second – the stress on the optical components that shape and guide the laser beam is tremendous.

Predicting weather and climate changes using a space-based UV laser. Cool.

Big Bang Monday: Northeast Astronomy Forum

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This weekend, at Rockland Community College in Suffern, N.Y., the Northeast Astronomy Forum is featuring a special guest! Jimmy Neutron creator John Davis.

I wonder if he drives a Chrysler, too.

Our friends from BigBangPrints will be there as well, among many others. Hope you can make it.

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/12/2013

Friday, April 12th, 2013

Eight satellite builders group themselves into seven separate bids for Brazil’s dual-use X- and Ka-band telecommunications satellite. [Space News – 04/12/2013]

Belarus plans for a communications satellite to be constructed by China Great Wall Industry Corporation. [Belarusian Telegraph Agency – 04/12/2013]

Satellite tracking with single STMicroelectronics Teseo II chip successfully tested using Europe’s independent Galileo satellite navigation system. [SatNews – 04/12/2013]

NSSLGlobal opens new office in Singapore. [SatNews – 04/12/2013]

University of Hawaii faculty and students designed satellite that will be launched in October 2013 in the first space launch from the State of Hawaii, from the U.S. Navy’s missile range on Kauai. [SatNews – 04/11/2013]

NASA’s Aqua satellite captures images of Mediterranean obscured by thick plumes of dust. [SatNews – 04/11/2013]

Honeywell and Boeing sign technical services agreement, seeking to develop next generation of high-speed in-flight connectivity services on passenger devices such as iPads, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. [Satellite Today – 04/11/2013]

NOAA-17 Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite turned off after 11 years of successful operation. [SatNews – 04/11/2013]

SES announces launch of SES Ultra HD Experience initiative inviting content providers and broadcasters to work with SES to support the development of the Ultra HD value chain. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

DeLorme launches next generation inReach satellite communicator with GPS; inReach keeps users connected when out of cell phone range. [Herald online – 04/11/2013]

Cobham EXPLORER 710 BGAN terminal unveiled at NAB2013 features fastest ever BGAN streaming. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

C-COM’s iNetVu antenna is first to be deployed on Yahsat’s YahClick network. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

Globecomm and TodoCast partner to combine TodoCast’s live Internet broadcast capabilities with Globecomm’s global satellite network and broadcast infrastructure to provide direct-to-consumer content distribution. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

Row 44 announces completion of installation of in-flight entertainment solution on 60 Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 737-800s. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

Bahrain’s NOORSAT deploys multiple Telairity quad-channel BE9400 high-compression SD encoders in a complete end-to-end redundant encoding system for new Middle East video installations. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/11/2013]

Commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific says U.S. can intercept North Korean missile. [Space Mews – 04/10/2013]

Canada’s Radarsat 1 satellite feared lost for good as prospects for reviving it are not promising. [Spaceflight Now – 04/10/2013]

Next Vega to be launched from French Guiana is delivered to Arianespace – is slated for May 2 mission to carry aloft Proba-V for the ESA, VNREDSat-1 for Vietnam, and an Estonian student nanosatellite ESTCube-1. [SatNews – 04/10/2013]

Aireon, a commercial venture that will leverage the Iridium Next satellite communications constellation to provide navigation and flight safety communications to airlines, waits for FAA funding commitment. [Space News – 04/10/2013]

United Airlines discusses plans to use both Ka-band and Ku-band technology for in-flight connectivity. Satellite Today – 04/10/2013]

SES and SkyStream renew multi-year NSS-6 capacity deal to expand VSAT networks in the Middle East. [itWeb Business Wire – 04/10/2013]

Antares rocket rolled out at NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility for launch set for April 17. [Space News – 04/09/2013]

New Australian space coordination office to be created under new space policy that will provide strategic direction for Australian users of satellite technology. [Yahoo 7 news – 04/09/2013]

Fourth MUOS satellite, with communication module and multi-beam antenna installed, enters system test. [Sacramento Bee – 04/09/2013]

Panasonic leases full transponder of Ku-band satellite capacity on Eutelsat 172A  from Australian Satellite Communications. [PR Newswire – 04/09/2013]

NSSLGlobal to be reseller for Inmarsat Global Xpress. [4-traders – 04/09/2013]

RRsat to launch new content management and distribution solution for Russia and the CIS that includes RRsat’s Ku-band MCPC platform on the new Yamal-300K satellite. [RRSAT Press Release – 04/09/2013]

NAB – International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM) conference session saw data on recent market growth of 4.7% per annum, though profits down 12.7%; discussed strategies for reinvention of industry. [Satellite Markets – 04/09/2013]

ITT Exelis to fabricate composite-based bus structures for Orbital Sciences Corporation’s GEOStar-3 communications satellite. [EON – 04/09/2013]

New report in catalogue discusses the Global Military Communications and COTS Market for 2012-2013. [Yahoo Finance – 04/08/2013]

Euroconsult predicts strong performance for Ka-band in in-flight connectivity; overall take-up rate of connectivity services is lower than expected. [Satellite Today – 04/08/2013]

Telecommunications ministers from nine major Arab states, including Qatar, look into the prospects of acquiring next generation satellite technology to boost services across the region. [Gulf Times – 04/08/2013]

Iridium endeavors to re-enter India with Indian partners Bhgarat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and MTNL. [afaqs – 04/08/2013]

Boeing developing family of small satellite prototypes called Phantom Phoenix sharing a common architecture that can quickly and affordably be manufactured and configured for specific missions. [SatNews – 04/08/2013]

Abbot-led coalition Australian government would keep the fixed-wireless and satellite components of Australia’s National Broadband Network project. [ZDNet – 04/08/2013]

ATCi displays low cost flyaway antenna package at NAB 2013. [Sacramento Bee – 04/08/2013]

Telesat Anik G1 to launch on Proton rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 15. [Spaceflight 101 – 04/07/2013]

KVH announces availability of integrated service package pairing its mini-VSAT Broadbandsm service with Iridium OpenPort broadband services for seamless, fully global connectivity. [Daily Herald – 04/07/2013]

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The Americas and SES

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Virgil interviews Bunke and Martos at Satellite 2013.


Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Remember real-time DVR for satellite radio? It would grab the past and future (+/-3 minutes) so you could go back a little to hear what you missed. The satellite TV ones are awesome, too. Go back as far as you like, skip the ads, etc. So we’re taking spaced-based tech and adding some magic on the ground to make it better.

I don’t have a GPS device. I use my iPhone and Google Maps. Without an Internet connection, it won’t be help — unless you download where you know you’ll be with a connection. Like remote national park. Download the maps and the GPS will still kick-in and guide you.

What if you lose your GPS connection? Think long tunnel or deep gorge — or the bad guys putting the jam on your signal. Enter DARPA and it’s new prototype timing & inertial measurement unit (TIMU)

DARPA researchers at the University of Michigan have made significant progress with a timing & inertial measurement unit (TIMU) that contains everything needed to aid navigation when GPS is temporarily unavailable. The single chip TIMU prototype contains a six axis IMU (three gyroscopes and three accelerometers) and integrates a highly-accurate master clock into a single miniature system, smaller than the size of a penny. This chip integrates breakthrough devices (clocks, gyroscopes and accelerometers), materials and designs from DARPA’s Micro-Technology for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (Micro-PNT) program.

Three pieces of information are needed to navigate between known points ‘A’ and ‘B’ with precision: orientation, acceleration and time. This new chip integrates state-of-the-art devices that can measure all three simultaneously. This elegant design is accomplished through new fabrication processes in high-quality materials for multi-layered, packaged inertial sensors and a timing unit, all in a tiny 10 cubic millimeter package. Each of the six microfabricated layers of the TIMU is only 50 microns thick, approximately the thickness of a human hair. Each layer has a different function, akin to floors in a building.

The TIMU is tiny and so very cool.

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/05/2013

Friday, April 5th, 2013

NASA selects 295 research and technology proposals from 216 American small business for negotiations that could lead to contract awards worth up to a combined $38.7 million. [Space Travel – 04/05/2013]

GVF-EMP Conference Partnership to hold its 17th conference in its global Oil & Gas Communications Series in Rio de Janeiro, for the third year in succession. [SatNews – 04/05/2013]

KVH more than doubles mini-VSAT satellite broadband network capacity in Brazil and Africa. [Space Daily – 04/05/2013]

Cobham SATCOM to unveil EXPLORER 710 BGAN terminal, capable of streaming rates of over 650 kbps when using new high data rate streaming service to be introduced in September, at NAB 2013. [SatNews – 04/05/2013]

Crystal Solutions to demo its Spectrum Monitoring & Recording solution at NAB 2013, which will enable broadcasters to defend the 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service. [SatNews – 04/05/2013]

Astrium to present several new products and services at the LAAD Defence & Security 2013 exhibition. [SatNews – 04/05/2013]

Globecomm CEO David Hershberg to appear on Fox Business Network Saturday, April 6th, and Bloomberg Telivision International Sunday, April 7th. [ – 04/05/2013]

Euroconsult strategic review expects global in-flight connectivity market to grow at a CGR of ~42% over the next 10 years. [SatNews – 04/04/2013]

Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) is accepting project proposals for 2013 from members and non-members for projects that promote the use of telecommunications to improve quality of life in the Pacific. [SatNews – 04/04/2013]

AsiaSat signs partnership deal with GeoMetWatch, under which the satellite operator will host the first of six Sounding & Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology (STORMTM) instruments on board a new satellite. [Satellite Today – 04/04/2013]

L-3 EDD 50-watt NanoMPM Ka-band power amplifier is the world’s smallest commercially available millimeter wave power amplifier module at just 6.5 in. x 4 in. by 1 in.. [SatNews – 04/04/2013]

NASA celebrates 30th anniversary of the deployment of the first Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, TDRS-A, launched on space shuttle Challenger’s maiden voyage. [redOrbit – 04/04/2013]

ETL to display latest V-series RF Matrix at NAB 2013. [SatNews – 04/04/2013]

Spanish satellite communications operator HISPASAT to provide broadband connections for the Mars Spanish Mission. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/04/2013]

Advantech Wireless releases new Millennium series VSAT hub for High Throughput Satellites. [Satellite Today – 04/04/2013]

Gilat to showcase new lightweight integrated airborne satellite communications solution for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at LAAD 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil April 9 – 12. [Aviation Pros – 04/04/2013]

ORBCOMM completes acquisition of GlobalTrak and MobileNet. [Satellite Evolution Group – 04/04/2013]

Intelsat plans scaled-back IPO in New York, seeking to raise up to $710 million. [Google Hosted News – 04/03/2013]

OnAir targets slew of in-flight connectivity deals in emerging markets. [Satellite Today – 04/03/2013]

China’s second female astronaut, Wang Yaping, to fly in space aboard the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft later this year. [Space Daily – 04/03/2013]

China to launch dual purpose satellite in 2013 to be used in weather forecasting and satellite disaster warning, and the BDS system will begin operations for the first time outside China, in Thailand. [SatNews – 04/03/2013]

Cobham SATCOM and LiveU, a leader in portable live video-over-cellular solutions, announce alliance to offer broadcasters a robust, high performance hybrid solution for live video transmission in diverse locations. [Screen Africa – 04/03/2013]

Satcom Direct holds 9th annual conference to answer satellite questions in the airborne arena; its growth is evidence that steady pace of satcom development has led to greater variety of services and lower prices. [AIN online – 04/03/2013]

China says its Beidou GPS System will soon be available to civilians on public mobile phone services. [GPS Daily – 04/02/2013]

Hughes expands managed network services for African Development Bank. [Sacramento Bee – 04/02/2013]

Viasat CTO describes ViaPlay, with video streaming apps for the Apple iOS, Google Android platforms, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360, as a complement to satellite pay-TV and DTH. [Satellite Today – 04/01/2013]

Norsat receives $13.3 million (CAD) research and development contract from Canada’s Strategic Aerospace and Defense Initiative. [Satellite Today – 04/01/2013]

Acoustic time delay device could reduce size and cost of phased-array antennas. [R&D Magazine – 04/01/2013]

Turkish Armed Forces plans to send five military reconnaissance and Earth observation satellites into space. [Satellite Today – 04/03/2013]

British companies aim for 10% of projected £400bn 2030 global satellite services market. [Financial Times – 03/31/2013

Independent studies commissioned by satellite operators give them plenty of room to boast. [Satellite Today – 03/29/2013]

Experiments in Saharan Desert prepare for manned missions to Mars, supported by satellite link provided by BusinessCom Networks and Constellation Networks Corp. [ – 03/29/2013]

Intelsat and Digital Networks sign deal to improve VSAT communications in North America. [Satellite Today – 03/29/2013]

April 2013 issue of Satellite Executive Briefing magazine available. [Satellite Markets – April 2013]

Could a satellite company decongest American Wi-Fi and save itself in the process?  Globalstar’s “terrestrial Low Power Service” (TLPS) plans. [Quartz – 03/05/2013]

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