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Big Bang Monday: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Came across a really cool story last week on TCU 360

Reaching for the stars is not a far stretch for astronomy students and graduates involved in the latest Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment project.

The project grants students access to as many as 300 star clusters at once that have never been visible in this capacity and clarity, assistant professor of physics and astronomy Peter Frinchaboy said.

Frinchaboy said he worked for the past two-and-a-half years to get the university access to APOGEE, which is a part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III project. The total scope of the APOGEE project includes over 300 scientists from around the world and collaboration with other universities and research institutes, he said.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey is quite an effort — and the potential it holds for astronomers’ studies is astounding.

The SDSS telescope’s image viewing tool is pretty cool, too.

Take, for example, Messier 51 — The Whirlpool Galaxy