WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 11/30/2012

ESA and the European Union’s executive commission may be on collision course over space policy authority.
[Space News – 11/30/2012]

Astrium is commissioned to build two new research satellites for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

ESA and Germany disagree on test site for Ariane 5 ME upper stage.
[Space News – 11/30/2012]

Satmex 8 arrives at Baikonur Space Center where it will by launched by ILS aboard Proton Breeze M rocket.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

Orbital Science replaces SpaceX on Stratolaunch project.
[Space News – 11/30/2012]

U.S. Air Force expects throughput to double on the newest WGS satellites.
[Space News – 11/30/2012]

U.S. Strategic Command accepts firs Mobile User Objective System satellite for initial operational use.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

Telesat welcomes recently released Report of the Aerospace Review mandated by Minister Paradis addressing many of the critical issues facing Canada’s space industry.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

Syrians turn to satellites as the country’s Internet connections are shut down, although instances of jamming are making even that challenging.
[Computer World – 11/30/2012]

Globecomm is awarded option year two of five year contract from U.S. Government agency for $6.8 million to provide satellite and network services.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

Beam Communications Pty Limited enters into strategic product development initiative with Iridium Communications to build new end customer solution product.
[SatNews – 11/30/2012]

South Korea’s KSLV-1 carrier rocket scheduled for Thursday afternoon launch. [Ria Novosti – 11/29/2012]

Liftoff for Pleiades 1B payload aboard fourth Arianespace Soyuz mission of the year is a go for Friday evening.
[SatNews – 11/29/2012]

Much of more than $1 billion in commercial satellite capacity purchased annually by U.S. government sits idle because the agency responsible for allocating the bandwidth does not know when the capacity is not being used.
[Space News – 11/29/2012]

Defense bill amendment would extend U..S. commercial launch companies’ liability shield and allow NASA to keep using Russia to support International Space Station, provided minimum funding guarantee for NASA’s heavy-lift rocket also passes.
[Space News – 11/29/2012]

Encompass Digital Media acquires TIBA Satellite Services S.A.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 11/29/2012]

SES gets long-term capacity agreement on SES 4 with Level 3 Communications to deliver advanced corporate communications services to businesses across Brazil. [SatNews – 11/29/2012]

Comprehensive space weather forecasting system could cost $2 billion.
[Next Gov – 11/28/2012]

GOES-R replacement weather satellite program passes Mission Critical Design Review. [SatNews – 11/28/2012]

Japan selects SkyPerfect JSat-led consortium to build and launch two X-band military satellites.
[space News – 11/28/2012]

SupremeSAT-1, Sri Lanka’s first satellite, launched by China.
[gant daily – 11/28/2012]

Sea Launch will provide backup launch services for AsiaSat.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 11/28/2012]

Chinese launch places European-built Chinese-owned telecommunications satellite in orbit.
[Spaceflight Now – 11/27/2012]

SES signs deal with ESA to support innovation in satellite broadband communication.
[eqjuities.com – 11/27/2012]

SES to provide broadband services for Parliamentary election=s in Burkina Faso. [Satellite Evolution Group – 11/27/2012]

Astrium Services gets order to fit six UK Royal Navy mine countermeasure vessels with military X-band satellite communications capability.
[SatNews – 11/27/2012]

Hughes Network Systems announces new high-speed Internet service plans offering speeds up to 15Mbps for U.S. government agencies.
[SatNews – 11/27/2012]

NewCom launches iDirect based satellite distance education network serving 26 schools in Northern Colombia’s Paramillo Region.
[SatNews – 11/27/2012]

GeoEye partners with Japan Space Imaging Corporation to provide major Japanese ministry with access to comprehensive high-resolution satellite imagery of all of Japan.
[SatNews – 11/27/2012]

Range Global Services becomes distribution partner for VSAT provider X2nSat.
[The Maritime Executive – 11/27/2012]

ESA and EUMETSAT sign agreement on Meteosat Third Generation weather satellite system.|
[SatNews – 11/26/2012]

GVF Ka Roundtable Assembly in London December 5th and 6th to bring leading satellite industry technology and service providers together to discuss the impact of Ka-band in the broadband satellite market.
[GVF Ka Roundtable Assembly]
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