WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 12/07/2012

Golden Spike Co., launched by team of former NASA executives, to sell trips to the moon for two for $1.5 billion.
[R&D Magazine – 12/07/2012]

Europe’s Global Monitoring for Environment and Security satellite system gets re-inserted  into the European Union’s multiannual financial framework, but faces a 35% cut to its seven-year budget.
[Space News – 12/07/2012]

Europe decides to offer Galileo’s Public Regulated Service signal to non-European allies that sign security agreements.
[Space News – 12/07/2012]

Thales Alenia Space Italy signs contract with Astrium GmbH of Germany to provide systems for Europe’s BepiColombo Mercury orbiter.
[Space News – 12/07/2012]

Infrared sensor manufacturer Sofradir to purchase infrared divisions of its two parent companies, Thales and Sagem.
[Space News – 12/07/2012]

ScanEx Research and Development Center signs distribution agreement with Astrium GEO Information Services for selling data from Pleiades-1B and TerraSAR-X satellites.
[SatNews – 12/07/2012]

Boeing orders batteries from Saft of Paris for first batch of Boeing 702SP all-electric satellites.
[Space News – 12/07/2012]

U.S. Pacific Command moves ships into place to monitor possible North Korean rocket launch, professed by the North Koreans to be a satellite launch, but viewed by U.S. as demonstrating capability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.
[SatNews – 12/06/2012]

Thales Alenia Space gets Russian Yamal 402 satellite ready for December 8 launch.
SatNews – 12/06/2012]

South Africa discussing design of new satellite to replace  Sumbandila, incorporating lessons learned from Sumbandia’s failure after two years due to severe radiation.
[SatNews – 12/06/2012]

Hong Kong based SpeedCast acquires Australian Satellite Communications.
[ARN – 12/06/2012]

Haivision gets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification for the management system governing the design, development, manufacturing, support, and lifecycle of its products
[SatNews – 12/06/2012]

ViaSat successfully implements Integrated Waveform Network Control Station for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, to effeicently mange its UHF SATCOM assets.
[SatNews – 12/06/2012]

As North American DTH growth stagnates, DirecTV focuses on Latin American while Dish Network looks to leverage its recent wireless spectrum acquisitions.
[SatNews – 12/06/2012]

NASA/NOAA satellite captures the night-lights across the USA. [SatNews – 12/06/2012]

The third Galileo satellite transmits its first test navigation signals back to Earth.
[Satellite Today – 12/05/2012]

U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center awards SpaceX two Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle class missions.
[SatNews – 12/05/2012]

Globalstar satellite affected by momentum wheel failure in early 2011 is returned to service following software fix.
[Market Watch – 12/05/2012]

Xiplink signs reseller deal with Globecomm; initial deployment will provide optimized Internet access for crew welfare on maritime vessels.
[Satellite Today – 12/05/2012]

Eutelsat 70B successfully boosted into orbit by Sea Launch.
[betanews – 12/04/2012]

GPS receiver built by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited successfully achieves a GPS position fix at 23,300 km altitude – the first position fix above the GPS constellation on a civilian satellite.
[SatNews – 12/03/2012]

Globecomm reaches milestone, providing connectivity services to 3,500 ships globally.
[SatNews – 12/03/2012]

Gulfsat Madagascar signs long-term capacity deal with O3b to deliver high-speed satellite broadband across Madagascar.
Financial Post – 12/03/2012]

KVH implements technical changes resulting in 60 percent increase in satellite capacity of its mini-VSAT network in Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa (EMEA).
[SatNews – 12/03/2012]

Full electric propulsion satellite target of SES and ESA partnership.
[Business Wire – 11/30/2012]

Virus hijacks data on newest Japanese rockets from Japan’s space agency.
[the New York Times – 11/30/2012]

Video – O3b nears launch, infrastructure built, customers coming.
[O3b video]

ISR conference next April to feature key military and industry speakers.
[SMI Online]

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