WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits for June 1, 2012

The Early Space Age – an article published in Fortune Magazine in 1959.
[Fortune Magazine – 06/03/2012]

India’s Navy creates post of assistant chief of naval staff charged with harnessing space-based capabilities.
[The Times of India – 06/03/2012]

Billionaire John Malone’s push to take over Sirius XM Radio creates potential for clash with Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin.
[San Francisco Chronicle – 06/03/2012]

Intelsat 19 fails to deploy one of its two solar arrays.
[Space News – 06/02/2012]

SpaceX’s Dragon splashes down in Pacific after successful re-supply trip to International Space Station.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Dish submits reply comments to FCC on proposed wireless rules.
[EXEC Digital – 06/02/2012]

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company announces successful completion of trials of U.S. DoD compatible Ka-band-capable terminals over the Y1A satellite.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Telesat is awarded contract by Shared Services Canada to facilitate provisioning of X-ban d satellite communications and associated services around the world to SSC partner and client departments.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Inmarsat Government launches new website reflecting image and identity of the business unit that provides global, secure, end-to-end solutions to U.S. government customers.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Capacity on five Eutelsat satellites has been booked for coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012 championship in Poland and the Ukraine.
[Sacramento Bee – 06/01/2012]

Ukrainian Zenit-2SL rocket launches U.S. communications satellite, Intelsat 19, from sea-based launch pad in the Pacific Ocean.
[News Track India – 06/01/2012]

Lockheed Martin is awarded $68 million contract from U.S. Air Force to provide mission readiness, launch, early orbit checkout, and on-orbit operations engineering support for first two GPS-3 satellites.
[Satellite Today – 06/01/2012]

Artemis telecommunications satellite continues to provide services to its users following completion of its official mission, providing communications between ATV shuttle to ISS and the ATV control center,  after almost 11 years in orbit.
[Phys Org – 06/01/2012]

ViaSat pushes to include Loral, parent company of Space Systems Loral (SS/L), into it’s patent lawsuit against SSL, saying the parent company “guides SS/L’s every move.”
[Space News – 06/01/2012]

TCS’ OS-IRIS managed satellite services offering is added to FCSA contract program.
[Market Watch – 05/31/2012]

SpaceX announces first commercial contract for its heavy-lift rocket, still in development, from Intelsat for a future Intelsat satellite launch.
[ABC News – 05/31/2012]

U.S. Air Force and Boeing come to terms on replacing a cost-plus contract for next-generation satellite communications terminals with a fixed-price contract.
[Aviation Week – 05/31/2012]

Liberty Media asks federal regulators to allow it to take over control of Sirius XM Radio.
[Investors.com – 05/31/2012]

NSR’s webinar “The Case for Hosted Payloads” presentation and session recording available for download at NSR website.
[NSR – The Case for Hosted Payloads – 05/30/2012]

CPI International will acquire Codan Satcom.
[Sacramento Bee – 05/30/2012]

Iridium Pilot selected by IMOCA 60′ as satellite communications platform for International Europa and Vendee Globe sailboat race.
[Market Watch – 05/30/2012]

MerlinCryption introduces powerful M2M cryptosystem to overcome security challenges for satellite companiesx and space operators.
[Seattle PI – 05/30/2012]

Kazakhstan reportedly blocks upcoming Russian satellite launches from Baikonur due to dispute over drop zone for rocket debris, but there may be more to this story . . .
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

GVF VSAT certification training program transitioning to new online learning system using new lesson player software developed by SatProf.
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

South Korea to launch world’s first satellite for monitoring climate change over Korean Peninsula in 2018.
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

Chinese Long March 3B rocket successfully delivers Chinese communications satellite to space.
[Spaceflight Now – 05/27/2012]

Affordable satellite bandwidth could change rural access, benefitting, for example, farms and safari lodges.
[BIZ Community – 05/25/2012]

Right behind SpaceX in the commercial race to space are Orbital Sciences, Alliant Techsystems, Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corp., and Blue Origin.
[R&D Magazine – 05/24/2012]

U.S. Navy will deploy 4G LTE on board combat ships to augment existing satellite systems and enhance non-essential communications for sailors.
[IntoMobile – 05/24/2012]

SpaceX makes history as the first company to send a commercial supply ship toward the International Space Station as the Falcon 9 rocket successfully carries the Dragon capsule into orbit.
[R&D Magazine – 05/22/2012]

Space Systems/Loral delivers powerful multi-mission SES-5 satellite to Baikonur Space Center.
[Market Watch – 05/21/2012]

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