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WBMSAT News Bits 02/06/2015

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

A diagram shows the coverage areas of each of OneWeb’s planned satellites. – OneWeb – VOX

SpaceX, working with Google, and OneWeb, teamed with Virgin Galactic, race to build satellite internet.
[VOX – 02/05/2015]

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WBMSAT News Bits 06/06/2014

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

New report at provides forecasts and analysis of the nanosatellite and microsatellite market 2014 – 2019.
[University Chronicle – 06/06/2014]

Senate defense bill urges expansion of launch competition.
[Space News – 06/06/2014]

Eutelsat CEO says “The proliferation of national telecommunications satellites in Africa, Asia and Latin America is a waste of resources that will introduce unhealthy pressure on the global satellite industry.”
[Space News – 06/06/2014]

Source: Eutelsat – Spacenews Graphic

Eutelsat points finger at Ethiopia as incidents of jamming triple in 2013.
[Space News – 06/06/2014]

Canadian satellite component builder Com Dev sees shrinking U.S. losses – is searching for a U.S. acquisition target.
[Space News – 06/06/2014]

Managing EDRS. Credit: ESA artist’s concept – Space News

Airbus seeks new terms on data-relay contract with ESA.
[Space News – 06/06/2014]

Will Google be the new big “G” in the satellite industry? – NSR cautiously optimistic.
[NSR – 06/06/2014]

Asia to dominate satellite backhaul market with 27% of global revenue per NSR report.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 06/05/2014]

Measat 3B launch rescheduled from June 6 to September 2014.
[Via Satellite – 06/05/2014]

The search for the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been moved to another area of the Indian Ocean dubbed “the 7th arc” following new analysis of satellite communications data.
[USA Today – 06/05/2014]

Arianespace scheduled to launch four more satellites for the O3b constellation on July 10, 2014.
[SatNews – 06/05/2014]

China bids to build Bolivia’s second satellite, an exploration satellite.
[Global Post – 06/05/2014]

EuropaSat/Hellas-sat 3 satellite – Credit: Thales Alenia Space – Space News

Arabsat, Inmarsat order dual-purpose satellite from Thales Alenia – Ku-band satellite TV payload for Arabsat, and S-band mobile payload for Inmarsat.
[Space News – 06/05/2014]

Mexico to auction two orbital slots.
[telecompaper – 06/05/2014]

ESA chief says ties with Roscosmos remain strong.
[Space News – 06/05/20104]

New T2C2 Lite suitcase-sized satcom terminal adds Ka and X bands to L-band capability, boosting performance to megabits per second and allowing soldiers to use advanced applications.
[Defense Systems – 06/05/20104]

Photograph by: Justin Tallis/AfP/Getty Images, Postmedia News –

British Airways to be first airline to offer in-flight internet in Europe.
[ – 06/05/2014]

Inmarsat to launch pan-European in-flight broadband, with British Airways in talks to become launch partner.
[The Wall Street Journal – 06/05/2014]

Global fixed satellite service market forecast for 5.4% CAGR growth between 2012 – 2016 by new market research report on
[LIVE-PR – 06/04/2014]

Mobile Internet usage to increase at twice the global rate in 5 years in sub-Saharan Africa.
[Satellite Markets & Research – 06/04/2014]

OTT and multiscreen TV drive spending on broadcast and streaming video equipment.
[Satellite Markets & Research – 06/04/2014]

Intelsat hopes its Boeing-built Epic satellites, each with up to 3 times the capacity of a WGS satellite, and changes in defense acquisition approach, will supply the U.S. military with enormous on-call bandwidth.
[Breaking Defense – 06/04/2014]

KazSat-3 reaches its orbital position.
[TMC News – 06/04/2014]

SpaceX aims to increase rocket production to two per month by year-end 2014.
[Space News – 06/04/2014]

Raytheon wins when U.S. Air Force switches contractors with $298 million award for FAB-T satellite terminals.
[Defense Systems – 06/04/2014]

Airbus Defence and Space BYOD solution enables a vessel’s crew to use their own devices on board for voice and data communication, seamlessly with Pharostar VSAT, FleetBroadband or Iridium OpenPort.
[SatNews – 06/04/2014]

New high-speed satellite broadband service from Broadband Everywhere, using Astra Connect, will help bridge Scotand’s digital divide.
[University Chronicle – 06/04/2014]

Marlink to roll out its customised Ku-band VSAT service, Sealink, on 27 Stena line ferries operating in Scandinavia, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.
[Digital Ship – 06/04/2014]

Northrop Grumman introduces high power GaN amplifiers for Ka-band satellite communication terminals.
[Satellite Spotlight – 06/04/2014]

API Technologies unveils new line of radiation-hardened products.
[Via Satellite – 06/04/2014]

‘Analysis of the US Government and Military Commercial Satellite Market’ report – new satellite initiatives for Ku- and Ka-band technology in the Middle East drive adoption.
[LIVE-PR – 06/03/2014]

As announced by Russian Deputy Prime Minister in May, 2014, IGS GPS tracking stations co-sponsored by U.S. interests have stopped making their data available to scientists and others.
[Space News – 06/03/2014]

ABS ramps up for more launches after it’s sixth satellite launch in February 2014 expanded its coverage to 80% of the world’s population.
[SatNews – 06/03/0214]

Avanti Communications gets significant sale of service using Artemis capacity and considers further use of U.S. bond market to finance new satellite build.
[4-traders – 06/03/2014]

C-COM Ka-band flyaway antenna gets type approval from Eutelsat. [Market Wired – 06/03./2014]

Comtech Telecommunications is awarded $1 million order for infrastructure equipment to support satellite mobile backhaul network in Africa.
[Yahoo Finance – 06/03/20154]

TriQuint’s high performance GaN Ka-band solutions showcased at IEEE IMS/MTT.
[Satellite Spotlight – 06/03/2014]

Spanish infrastructure firm Abertis has sells its 5.01% stake in Eutelsat Communications.
[Broadband TV News – 06/03/2014]

Chinese satellite service companies are planning to form an alliance to expand their share of an increasingly competitive global market.
[TMC News – 06/02/2014]

Greg Wyler goes from O3b to Google to head up 180 satellite project.
[CED Magazine – 06/02/2014]

Globalsat Group and MultiSAT Mexico form a strategic alliance for the continental provision of satellite services and the development of advanced solutions.
[Market Watch – 06/02/2014]

RSCC’s Express AT2 satellite enters service, and Express AM6 is delivered to its launch base.
[Via Satellite – 06/02/2014]

Intersputnik negotiating joint ventures for unused orbital slots.
[Space News – 06/02/2014]

KVH plans to offer affordable delivery of AWT’s Global Weather Data to subscribing vessels Over the mini-VSAT Broadband(SM) Network.
[Wall Street Journal – 06/02/2014

ViaSat prepares to launch new M2M satellite services worldwide.
[Via Satellite – 06/02/2014]

Integrasys image – SatNews

Monitoring High Throughput Satellites presents a challenge – Integrasys addresses it with an upgrade of its ControlSat Carrier Monitoring System.
[SatMagazine – June 2014]

The June issue of Satellite Executive Briefing Magazine includes ‘Asia-Pacific Satellite Lead in All Indicatiors’ by Virgil Labrador, ‘Technical Tutorial on Ground Communications Segment’ by Bruce Elber, ‘Back and Forth on Antennas and Terminals’ by Lou Zacharilla and ‘The Oil and Gas Bandwidth Optimization Imperative’ by Martin Jarrold.
[Satellite Executive Briefing magazine – June 2014]

Free NSR webinar June 16 – ‘Wireless backhaul via satellite: the battleground between FSS and HTS.’
[NSR – June 2014]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 01/13/2014

Monday, January 13th, 2014


Cygnus berthing with ISS – NASA Photo – Space News

Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Cygnus space capsule berths with International Space Station on re-supply mission. [Space News – 01/13/2013]

China’s space policy is open to the world, according to the new chief of China’s space industry. [Space Mart – 01/13/2013]

Iran is preparing to orbit three new home-made satellites in the future, according to Vice-President for Executive Affairs Mohammad Shariatmadari. [Space News – 01/13/2013]

Boeing completes first of two 702HP geomobile satellites, Centenario. for government of Mexico. [Space Daily – 01/10/2014]

Sky Perfect JSat selects SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket to launch JCSat-14 communications satellite in 2015. [Space News – 01/10/2013]

KVH surpasses 100-vessel mark in 10-year contract to supply next-generation satellite communications to U.S. Coast Guard cutter fleet, with 29.2 terabytes of data and over 835,000 VOIP minutes provided thus far. [SatNews – 01/10/2014]

SpaceShipTwo – Space News

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceshipTwo reaches highest altitude to date in rocket-powered test flight over Mojave desert. [Space News – 01/10/2013]

Falcon 9 v1.1 appears to have met U.S. Air Force’s requirements to bid for national security launches and challenge the market incumbent, United Launch Alliance. [Space News – 01/09/2013]

Nextgov file photo

Obama administration extends International Space Station support another four years. [Nextgov – 01/09/2013]

STPSat3 – Ball Photo – Space News

U.S. Air Force takes control of STPSat-3. [Space News – 01/09/2013]

Launch of Orbital Science’s Antares mission following one-day delay raises awareness of space weather-induced flight risks. [Via Satellite – 01/09/2014]

Sea Launch Launch – Space News

Energia chooses Sea Launch to launch the AngolaSat telecommunications satellite and the Energia 100 broadband satelli8te in 2016 in a dual-satellite mission. [Space News – 01/09/2013]

Lockheed Martin gets $3.9 million contract to track orbital debris. [Via Satellite – 01/09/2014]

Comtech gets $4.4 million contract from Brazilian military to upgrade its satellite network. [Yahoo Finance – 01/09/2014]

Macdonald Dettwiler & Associates gets $4 million deal for European communications satellite subsystem. [4-traders – 01/09/2014]

Hughes teams with Aruba Networks to provide retail Wi-Fi service. [Via Satellite – 01/09/2014]

Cobham Satcom and Comtech EF Data partner to provide collaborative maritime solutions. [Via Satellite – 01/09/2014]

X Class Solar Flare – NBC News

Huge solar flare causes Orbital Science’s Antares team to scrub ISS resupply mission. [NBC News – 01/08/2013]

Zinwell Corp is developing a new satellite digital outdoor unit (D-ODU) using MaxLinear’s channel stacking system on chip (SoC). [Via Satellite – 01/09/2014]

Use of satellite imagery is strongly related to economic growth – Asia good example as one of the most dynamic regional EO markets over the past five years. [NSR – 01/08/2014]

GATR Technologies wins $440 million contract with U.S. Army for inflatable satellite communications antennas. [BusinessWire – 01/08/2014]

Dish withdraws $2.2 billion bid to buy bankrupt LightSquared, as trial got underway over whether Dish’s Charles Ergen had unlawfully bought LightSquared’s debt in effort to take over the company. [Reuters – 01/08/2013]

ESA’s Gaia spacecraft reaches operational orbit. [Via Satellite – 01/08/2014]

Global Eagle plans expansion of in-flight connectivity across South Asia. [Via Satellite – 01/08/2014]

Spacecom to broadcast African CHAN football championships via Amos 5 satellite. [Via SAtellite – 01/08/2014]

Entropic announces first fully-integrated set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip for satellite receivers and IP clients. [Via Satellite – 01/08/2014]

Thaicom 6 launch – SpaceX – Via Satellite

SpaceX successfully completes second GEO communications satellite launch, delivering Thaicom 6 into orbit. [[Via Satellite – 01/07/2014]

Mars One plans two, or possibly three, communications satellites for the Red Planet. [Via Satellite – 01/07/2014]

Arian 5 on pad at ZL-3 node – Via Satellite

Arianespace postpones launch of Ariane 5 ECA mission, citing need to change-out unspecified equipment on the VA217 Ariane 5 ECA launcher. [Via Satellite – 01/07/2014]

Sea Launch photo – Via Satellite

Sea Launch Zenit 2S rocket completes inspection, preps for April launch. [Via Satellite – 01/07/2014]

Computer Security firm analysis states that VSAT terminals may pose a soft target for hackers, finding more than 10,000 terminals of 3 million investigated to be using default passwords or having open ports. [Computer World – 01/07/2014]

SES and EUTELSAT complete sale of Solaris Mobile to Echostar. [Market Watch – 01/07/2014]

Broadcom announces new Outdoor Unit (ODU) satellite chipset that enables wider range of services to more subscribers without additional dish installations. [Market Watch – 01/07/2014]

West African mining company uses satellite/cellular terminals to track mine vehicles where no other means of communications are available. [Directions Magazine – 01/07/2014]

ISRO launch – Via Satellite screen shot

ISRO completes successful GSLV D5 launch of GSAT 14 satellite. [Via Satellite – 01/06/2014]

Thales Alenia Space awarded Astrium contract for Ariane 5 Midlife Evolution (ME). [Via Satellite – 01/06/2014]

Pleiades satellite.(Image from

France-UAE satellite deal shaky after U.S. spy tech discovered onboard. [RT – 01/06/2014]

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits – 02/01/2013

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Intelsat 27 plunges into Pacific as Zenit-3SL Sea Launch rocket fails 50 seconds after launch, possibly veering off course due to heavy waves. [Space Travel – 02/01/2013]

DigitalGlobe enters GeoEye into United Arab Emirates competition by proposing to sell the nearly completed GeoEye-2 satellite to the UAE. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

Space programs face cuts in 2014-2020 European Union budget. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

NASA successfully launches a Terrier-Improved Orion suborbital rocket from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. [Space Travel – 02/01/2013]

Iran’s claims to have launched a Pioneer Explorer Satellite with a monkey aboard, and to have safely recovered the monkey, called into question as photos appear to show two different monkeys. [Space News – 02/01/2013]

Inmarsat, with partners AnsuR Technologies and SingTel, showcase portfolio of voice and data solutions at Asia Pacific  Aid and International Development Forum in Thailand. [SatNews – 02/01/2013]

Yahsat partners with turIT Uganda to begin operating its Yahclick satellite broadband service in Uganda. [Satellite Today – 01/31/2013]

Eutelsat announces it will deliver the fastest satellite-based consumer broadband speeds in the United Kingdom with a new range of Tooway packages with unlimited data download usage day and night, at competitive prices. [Satellite Today – 01/31/2013]

PolarSat receives multiple orders from General Administration of Civil Aviation of China for equipment supply and technical services for additional VSATPlus II satellite communications equipment. [SatNews – 01/31/2013]

NASA program will use spare parts from a retired wind-measurement satellite to build a new hosted observatory that will be launched to the International Space Station in 2014. [Space News – 01/30/2013]

South Korea successfully launches its first satellite, an Earth observation satellite launched aboard the Korea Space Launch Vehicle-1 (KSLV-1). [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

Globalstar confirms February 5 launch for its fourth launch of six second generation satellites. [Satellite Evolution Group – 01/30/2013]

European Space Agency selects Astrium to develop the Ariane 5 ME and Ariane 6 launchers. [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

Inmarsat introduces Remote Terminal Manager, which provides management and control over unmanned M2M terminals in the field. [Satellite Today – 01/30/2013]

New NASA TDRS-K satellite is first of three to launch between now and 2014 to upgrade the TDRS satellite network for tracking spacecraft and satellites orbiting Earth. [ – 01/29/2013]

Boeing completes software qualification and systems integration tests on U.S. Air Force Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminal (FAB-T) program which will provide protected wideband satellite communications for command and control of U.S. nuclear forces. [Satellite Spotlight – 01/29/2013]

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to launch Israel’s Amos 6 communications satellite in 205. [Spaceflight Now – 01/29/2013]

Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems Interoperability Working Group meets in France, welcoming for the first time Russian and Indian representatives. [Satellite Today – 01/29/2013]

Global military satellite market is dominated by Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. [Companies and Markets – 01/29/2013]

Hughes satellite broadband internet and voice supports Habitat for Humanity in Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts. [msn MONEY – 01/29/2013]

Swedish based satellite broadband supplier Ancylus enters strategic partnership with Net1 to offer Scandinavian and Nordic maritime market a cost effective Hybrid broadband solution. [WBMSAT – 01/29/2013]

Skywave’s IsatData Pro satellite network and ILS Technology’s deviceWISE M2M platform are teamed to enable Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Industrial Automation industries to implement SCADA applications in less time at lower cost. [Satellite Spotlight – 01/29/2013]

Gilat announces its subsidiary Wavestream has exclusive contract to provide Ka-band tranceivers to Honeywell to provide in-flight connectivity to Inmarsat Global Xpress network. [MarketWatch – 01/29/2013]

Singapore’s MediaCorp selects Pay-OTT platform provider Tvinci to power its new cross device service, Toggle, available as a subscription or pay per view service offering both linear and video on-demand. [Satellite Today – 01/29/2013]

NATO’s protected satellite communications capability to be upgraded by Thales to enhance performance and reduce operational costs. [UPI – 01/28/2013]

Effects of Worst Satellite Breakups in History Still Felt Today. [ – 01/28/2013]

ViaSat signs contracts that increase Ku-band satellite capacity of Global Mobility Satellite Network by more than 60 percent. [4-traders – 01/28/2013]

Hughes is contracted by government of Punjab to provide India’s largest ever satellite-based education network, for over 2900 schools. [msn MONEY – 01/28/2013]

Japan plans to offer 4K satellite video broadcasts starting in July 2014; also, NHK expects to bring 8K on line by 2016 (8K is understood to be at the limit of what the human eye can process). [Satellite Today – 01/28/2013]

Belarusbank to service Chinese loan for Belarusian satellite communication project. [Belarusian Telegraph Agency – 01/28/2013]

Rusat, a Russian satellite service provider for enterprise, ISPs, and government agencies, launches new satellite broadband service using Newtec’s latest VSAT hub and end-user terminal technology. [Satellite Today – 01/28/2013]

Japan successfully launches two intelligence satellites, amid concerns over North Korean plans for additional long-range rocket tests and nuclear tests. [Satellite Today – 01/27/2013]

Satellites reveal North Korean nuclear test preparations. [Nextgov – 01/25/2013]

NSR free webinar March 13 to discuss government and military satcom demand. [NSR – March 13 Webinar]

NSR report, Energy Markets Via Satellite, 3rd Edition, coming in March. [NSR – Energy Markets Report]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits for June 1, 2012

Monday, June 4th, 2012

The Early Space Age – an article published in Fortune Magazine in 1959.
[Fortune Magazine – 06/03/2012]

India’s Navy creates post of assistant chief of naval staff charged with harnessing space-based capabilities.
[The Times of India – 06/03/2012]

Billionaire John Malone’s push to take over Sirius XM Radio creates potential for clash with Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin.
[San Francisco Chronicle – 06/03/2012]

Intelsat 19 fails to deploy one of its two solar arrays.
[Space News – 06/02/2012]

SpaceX’s Dragon splashes down in Pacific after successful re-supply trip to International Space Station.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Dish submits reply comments to FCC on proposed wireless rules.
[EXEC Digital – 06/02/2012]

Al Yah Satellite Communications Company announces successful completion of trials of U.S. DoD compatible Ka-band-capable terminals over the Y1A satellite.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Telesat is awarded contract by Shared Services Canada to facilitate provisioning of X-ban d satellite communications and associated services around the world to SSC partner and client departments.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Inmarsat Government launches new website reflecting image and identity of the business unit that provides global, secure, end-to-end solutions to U.S. government customers.
[SatNews – 06/02/2012]

Capacity on five Eutelsat satellites has been booked for coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012 championship in Poland and the Ukraine.
[Sacramento Bee – 06/01/2012]

Ukrainian Zenit-2SL rocket launches U.S. communications satellite, Intelsat 19, from sea-based launch pad in the Pacific Ocean.
[News Track India – 06/01/2012]

Lockheed Martin is awarded $68 million contract from U.S. Air Force to provide mission readiness, launch, early orbit checkout, and on-orbit operations engineering support for first two GPS-3 satellites.
[Satellite Today – 06/01/2012]

Artemis telecommunications satellite continues to provide services to its users following completion of its official mission, providing communications between ATV shuttle to ISS and the ATV control center,  after almost 11 years in orbit.
[Phys Org – 06/01/2012]

ViaSat pushes to include Loral, parent company of Space Systems Loral (SS/L), into it’s patent lawsuit against SSL, saying the parent company “guides SS/L’s every move.”
[Space News – 06/01/2012]

TCS’ OS-IRIS managed satellite services offering is added to FCSA contract program.
[Market Watch – 05/31/2012]

SpaceX announces first commercial contract for its heavy-lift rocket, still in development, from Intelsat for a future Intelsat satellite launch.
[ABC News – 05/31/2012]

U.S. Air Force and Boeing come to terms on replacing a cost-plus contract for next-generation satellite communications terminals with a fixed-price contract.
[Aviation Week – 05/31/2012]

Liberty Media asks federal regulators to allow it to take over control of Sirius XM Radio.
[ – 05/31/2012]

NSR’s webinar “The Case for Hosted Payloads” presentation and session recording available for download at NSR website.
[NSR – The Case for Hosted Payloads – 05/30/2012]

CPI International will acquire Codan Satcom.
[Sacramento Bee – 05/30/2012]

Iridium Pilot selected by IMOCA 60′ as satellite communications platform for International Europa and Vendee Globe sailboat race.
[Market Watch – 05/30/2012]

MerlinCryption introduces powerful M2M cryptosystem to overcome security challenges for satellite companiesx and space operators.
[Seattle PI – 05/30/2012]

Kazakhstan reportedly blocks upcoming Russian satellite launches from Baikonur due to dispute over drop zone for rocket debris, but there may be more to this story . . .
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

GVF VSAT certification training program transitioning to new online learning system using new lesson player software developed by SatProf.
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

South Korea to launch world’s first satellite for monitoring climate change over Korean Peninsula in 2018.
[SatNews – 05/29/2012]

Chinese Long March 3B rocket successfully delivers Chinese communications satellite to space.
[Spaceflight Now – 05/27/2012]

Affordable satellite bandwidth could change rural access, benefitting, for example, farms and safari lodges.
[BIZ Community – 05/25/2012]

Right behind SpaceX in the commercial race to space are Orbital Sciences, Alliant Techsystems, Boeing, Sierra Nevada Corp., and Blue Origin.
[R&D Magazine – 05/24/2012]

U.S. Navy will deploy 4G LTE on board combat ships to augment existing satellite systems and enhance non-essential communications for sailors.
[IntoMobile – 05/24/2012]

SpaceX makes history as the first company to send a commercial supply ship toward the International Space Station as the Falcon 9 rocket successfully carries the Dragon capsule into orbit.
[R&D Magazine – 05/22/2012]

Space Systems/Loral delivers powerful multi-mission SES-5 satellite to Baikonur Space Center.
[Market Watch – 05/21/2012]

WBMSAT satellite communications consulting services