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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 10/11/2013

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Global VSAT and terrestrial connectivity provider Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) is sponsoring the annual NetHope Global Member Summit, October 14-18, 2013 in St. Charles, Illinois.
[WatchList News – 10/12/2013]

Space Daily file image

Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system will include more than 30 satellites and a ground control operation system by 2020 in order to serve global clients according to mid and long-term okab approved by China’s State Council.
[GPS Daily – 10/11/2013]

Space Daily file image

Russia may build its own space station with International Space Station (ISS) units after 2020 if the ISS partners choose not to extend the project and there is political will to do so.
[Space Daily – 10/11/2013]

Iran launch pad – SatNews

Iranian aerospace official says the country plans to launch three indigenously designed and manufactured satellites into orbit by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2014).
[SatNews – 10/11/2013]

The SENER engineering and technology group has finished installing the deployable sunshield for the GAIA satellite in preparation for the final tests prior to its launch, slated for late November.
[Your Communication News – 10/11/2013]

Startup imagery provider Skybox Imaging executives view the company’s first satellite boxed up for its journey to the Yasny launch site in Russia, where it is scheduled to lift off Nov. 21 on a Russian Dnepr rocket.
[Space News – 10/11/2013]

Russia replaces space agency Roscosmos chief in bid to reform and turn around the program following series of high-profile setbacks.
[Space Daily – 10/10/2013]

SATCON, The Satellite Communication Conference & Expo, runs from November 13-14, 2013, New York, NY; the keynote is “Leadership Dialogue: Present Priorities, Future Vision.”
[SatNews – 10/10/2013]

The international space station’s robotic arm grapples the Cygnus spacecraft. – Space News, Credit: NASA TV

Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Cygnus capsule set to burn up in atmosphere October 23 following its first supply mission to ISS; NASA to decide upon review of report from Orbital Sciences whether to give go-ahead for 8 additional supply missions for Orbital Sciences.
[Space News – 10/10/2013]

Newtec webinar addresses threat to VSAT service providers presented by the introduction of the first Ka-Band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) a few years ago. [SatNews – 10/10/2013]

Laser Light™ intends to deploy and operate what it believes to be the world’s 1st commercial satellite communications constellation based entirely on optical wave technology.
[SatNews – 10/10/2013]

DARPA’s Phoenix experimental satellite servicing and salvaging project. – Space News; Credit: DARPA artist’s concept

Novawurks Inc. wins contract worth up to $40 million from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for another round of work on experimental satellite servicing and salvaging project known as Phoenix.
[Space News – 10/10/2013]

Harris Corporation is one of 12 companies selected for $4 billion U.S. Army Communications and Transmission Systems IDIQ contract
[Satellite Spotlight – 10/10/2013]

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. receives a letter of award for equipment and services from Entel S.A., the largest telecom operator and satellite network operator in Bolivia.
[Financial News – 10/10/2013]

YahClick continues to boost connectivity across Kenya helping businesses flourish, offering business users free modem, free YahClick dish and reduced installation charges.
[Sacramento Bee – 10/10/2013]

Turksat satellite – World Bulletin

Turkey’s third satellite, Turksat 5A, to be commissioned in 2016, following launches of 4A and 4B.
[World Bulletin – 10/10/2013]

The U.S. Air Force has gives the Harris Corporation a $65 million contract modification for worldwide satellite data and communications support for the Air Force’s Satellite Control Network and Global Positioning System antenna sites.
[UPI – 10/10/2013]

Gilat Satcom to unveil new services tailored to help SMEs, larger enterprises and Governments in West Africa improve their broadband connectivity and reduce costs at the Niger HTA telecoms conference.
[Satellite Spotlight l- 10/10/2013]

Singapore Technologies Engineering secures approximately $333 million worth of contracts including satcom in Q3 2013 and its Agilis compact Ka-band VSAT transceivers are certified for use with the latest generation of Inmarsat Global Xpress High Throughput Satellites.
[Via Satellite – 10/10/2013]

Harris Broadcast creates global sales organization with four customer-facing regions.
[Via Satellite – 10/09/2013]

Joint venture in Brazilian pay-TV market planned by Vivendi subsidiary GVT and EchoStar Technologies makes sense for both companies,but not expected to challenge market dominance of two main players – DirecTV (Sky) and Americ Movil.
[Via Satellite – 10/09/2013]

Swiss Space Systems and Spaceport Colorado sign Memorandum Of Understanding formalizing a collaborative relationship and advancing the spaceport’s long-term development and licensing plans.
[Via Satellite – 10/09/2013]

Mobile communications improve disaster relief – Haiti disaster highlighted the importance of satellite backup networks, which are not dependent on terrestrial cell towers to broadcast signals.
[USA Today – 10/09/2013]

The U.S. Army has given CACI International Inc. two prime contracts worth a combined total of $237 million to support encrypted and open communications for deployed troops and command centers.
[UPI – 10/09/20132]

Acquisition plans of Comtech Telecommunications stymied by fuzzy U.S. Defense Department spending.
[Space News – 10/09/2013]


Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and suporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi march through Cairo’s Maadi Neighborhood on September 6, 2013 – Yahoo News; (AFP Photo/Gianluigi Guercia)


Jihadist group claims responsibility for an attack on a Cairo satellite communications dish it said was an “infidel mouthpiece” of Egypt’s military- installed authorities.
[Yahoo News – 10/08/20132]

A string of attacks killed nine members of Egypt’s security and military forces and hit the country’s main satellite communications station Monday.
[The Vancouver Sun – 10/08/2013]

Accepting satellite control authority of Wideband Global SATCOM-5 at Schriever AFB Oct. 7, the 3rd Space Operations Squadron added increased capability to the constellation.
[Shriever AFB News – 10/08/2013]

ArabSat to invest $700 million in HellasSat expansion, planning to launch three new 6th generation satellites.
[Financial Mirror – 10/08/2013]

Inmarsat triggers option to purchase fourth Inmarsat-5 satellite from Boeing to be delivered in mid-2016.
[Marine Line – 10/07/2013]

Inmarsat Government says its new L-band tactical satellite solution has been tested and acquired by the U.S. government, enhancing military communications capabilities.
[UPI – 10/07/2013]

The movie “Gravity” – Space News

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors, and Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, both convinced that space object tracking system programmatic risks have been eliminated, both submit fixed-cost bids for U.S. Air Force’s next generation system.
[Space News – 10/09/2013]

Hughes Communications India Ltd wins orders worth Rs 150 crore in the first half of this fiscal year for providing satellite-based solutions to banks and other institutions in India.
[The Times of India – 10/07/2013]

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting A.S. (TSBc) selects iDirect’s new Velocity® product line as the ground infrastructure solution for its new THOR 7 high throughput satellite (HTS).
[SatNews – 10/07/2013]

SES 8 arrives in Florida ready for next launch of Falcon 9 rocket no earlier than November 1, 2013.
[Spaceflight Now – 10/05/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 10/04/2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

As of 4 October 2013 Eutelsat has ceased operating and SES is operating on frequencies at 28.5 degrees East following arbitration in September and preliminary injunction by regional civil court of Bonn.
[Yahoo Finance – 10/04/2013]

SES 8 – Space News

SES authorizes shipment of SES-8 to Cape Canaveral for planned launch by SpaceX on Falcon 9 despite insurer’s concern that Falcon 9 did not meet all objectives in September 29 test flight, failing second ignition of upper-stage engine.
[Space News – 10/04/2013]

Company A, 53RD Signal Battalion at Fort Detrick hosts international partners to discuss memorandum of understanding between the partners related to global satellite communications.
[ – 10/04/2013]

The U.S. and Japan Pledge Closer Cooperation on Space Surveillance.
[Space News – 10/04/2013]

The Kazakh government is on track to leverage its contract with Astrium of Europe into an ability to build and operate optical Earth observation satellites, according to the company managing the work.
[Space News – 10/04/2013]

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) on Oct. 4 said it had signed an agreement with Teledyne Brown Engineering of the United States to place the first commercial Earth observation payload on the international space station (ISS) in late 2015.
[Space News – 10/04/2013]

The company created to sell commercial launch services aboard Ukrainian rockets operated from a Brazilian equatorial spaceport is seeking to persuade skeptics that it is finally nearing launch readiness.
{Space News – 10/04/2013]

SES announces successful launch of ASTRA 2E satellite aboard an ILS Proton Breeze M booster.
[Satellite Spotlight – 10/03/2013]

The fifth Wideband Global SATCOM satellite which was launched in May has completed on-orbit testing and is being operated by the U.S. Air Force, increasing coverage for warfighters.
[AEROSPACE Manufacturing and Design – 10/03/2013]

Intelsat feels impact of U.S. budget crisis, warning investors that usual end-of-fiscal-year spike in U.S. Defense Department spending on satellite =bandwidth will be absent this year.
[Space News – 10/03/2013]

Swiss company finalizes plans with Canada to launch space junk cleanup satellite on Swiss space plane in 2018.
[Yahoo News – 10/03/2013]

O3b returns second group of four satellites to manufacturer in Italy for testing following cancellation of late-September launch due to signal power anomaly on the first four satellites.
[Space News – 10/03/2013]

MAVEN – Space News

Launch preparations are back on for the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) orbiter despite the U.S. government shutdown that has idled all but 500 or so of NASA’s 18,000 civil servants.
[Space News – 10/03/2013]

Russian government pushes ahead with massive investment in a new cosmodrome in the Russian Far East as part of strategy to reduce dependence on Baikonur in Kazakhstan and stimulate investment in Far East.
[Space News – 10/03/2013]

Interference Reduction Group executive says interference battle has “long way to go.”
[Via Satellite – 10/03/2013]

Lockheed Martin powers on GOES-R system module for the first time.
[Via Satellite – 10/03/2013]

Optus signs new contract with Western Australia government to deliver satellite services through its Aurora Digital Viewer Access Satellite Television platform.
[IT Wire – 10/03/2013]

Small-satellite manufacturer Andrews Space sells third satellite to unidentified customer as addition to earlier two-satellite order, with all three to be delivered in 2014.
[Space News – 10/03/2013]

UltiSat will provide several nongovernmental organizations with global managed satellite network solutions.
[Via Satellite – 10/03/2013]

KVH wins two prestigious National Marine Electronics Association product awards.
[Hispanic Business – 10/03/2013]

Arianespace launch buildup – SatNews

Arianespace’s next dual-payload heavy lift mission scheduled for mid-December begins assembly at spaceport in French Guiana, for payloads from SES and HISPASAT. [SatNews – 10/03/2013]

Asset-tracking provider Orbcomm Inc. said it has acquired Comtech Mobile Data Corp.’s Satellite-Enabled Notification System.
[Transport Topics – 10/02/2013]

Pullmantur Cruises, a Royal Caribbean International brand, renews and extends long-term contract with MTN Communications for enhanced onboard suite of connectivity options and expansion of broadband satellite services.
[SatNews – 10/02/2013]

Comtech EF Data completes interoperability testing with selection of Cobham SATCOM Maritime VSAT stabilized antenna systems and the ROSS Open Antenna Management protocol to enhance maritime connectivity.
[Yahoo Finance – 10/02/2013]

Raytheon Co. wins $33.4 million contract with U.S. Air Force to modernize satellite communication systems for nuclear missile launch control sites.
[Executive Biz – 10/02/2013]

ThinKom’s ultra-low profile ThinSAT 300 antenna and iDirect’s OpenAMIP protocol are now interoperable.
[Via Satellite – 10/02/2013]

Government shutdown affects Landsat program – Landsat 7 and 8 will continue to collect data which will be archived by U.S. Geological Survey, but will not be processed into data scientists and businesses are used to working with.
[Nextgov – 10/01/2013]

NSR report projects satellite-based Earth Observation market to reach $6 billion by 2022, driven by commercial vertical markets.
[Financial Content – 10/01/2013]

EchoStar and GVT will form joint venture in Brazilian pay TV market.
[Via Satellite – 10/01/2013]

October issue of Satellite Executive Briefing includes “Satellite Industry Remains Stable . . For now” by Elisabeth Tweedie; “Case Study: Remote Monitoring of Leased Equipment;” “A Ripening ‘Satellite Nation’” by Lou Zacharilla, and “ICT and the Hydrocarbons MarketPlace” by Marin Jarrold.
[Satellite Markets – October 2013]

GATR gets $440 million contract as U.S. Army awards $4.7 billion in year-end communications contracts.
[Nextgov – 09/30/2013]

Harris Corporation delivers system to prepare NOAA satellite operators for next-generation GOES-R satellites.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/30/2013]

Eutelsat and SEBS Net connect Montenegro’s police HQ and border controls with OneAccess satellite router solution.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/30/2013]

Concordia team in “Satellite 101″ competition – Concordia

Members of Space Concordia’s ConSat-2 pit their skills against those of nine other teams in the second Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.
[Concordia – 09/30/2013]

Researchers will spend the next two years gathering meteorological data from Svalbard in the north to Nittedal in the south to update currently available statistical information about how much satellite signals are adversely affected by meteorological conditions.
[ – 09/30/2013]

Linx Technologies announces launch of its GM Series Global Navigation Satellite System receiver module capable of simultaneously acquiring and tracking several satellite constellations.
[R&D Magazine – 09/30/2013]

Ukrainian President Yanukovych approves national space program for 2013-2017 that includes the launch of three satellites.
[intercfax – Ukraine – 09/30/2013]

NSR report analyzes key elements for satellite-based SCADA/M2M platforms in terms of shifting markets, cost considerations, application targets and end user requirements. [SatNews – 09/30/2013]

Cassiope, a Canadian satellite, was launched on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 on Sunday to study the effect of solar storms on radio communications, satellite navigation and other ground-based technologies.
[CBC – 09/29/2013]

FSS experts warn of industry struggle in new Morgan Stanley report, predicting the sector has “entered a ‘no-growth’ cycle, and that returns will likely decline over the next few years.”
[Via Satellite – 09/27/2013]

Singapore Airlines takes to the skies with its first eight new Boeing 777-300ERs equipped with Panasonic Avionics Corporation’s true broadband Wi-Fi, mobile phone service and inflight entertainment.
[Via Satellite – 09/27/2013]

Commercial satellite launch – Defenseone

Commercial SATCOM is critical to the military’s future; it already meets 80 percent of DOD’s SATCOM needs.
[Defense One – 09/25/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/20/2013

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

SES 8 launch on SpaceX Falcon 9 suffering delays – Space News
Launch providers say the market is in state of chronic oversupply – satellite operators see another side of the coin, as they experience launch delays and struggle to secure launches.
[Space News – 09/20/2013]

Eutelsat’s ‘smart LNB’, a new-generation electronic feed connected to an antenna with an embedded transmitter for a new broadcasting ecosystem, wins EUsatcom innovation award.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/20/2013]

ViaSat 1 broadband satellite – Via Satellite

Boeing demonstrates potential for military to access more communications pathways at lower cost, transmitting a government-developed, frequency-hopping signal through a commercial satellite.
[Via Satellite – 09/19/2013]

All 11 UHF, S, C and Ku-band transponders of India’s first exclusive defence satellite GSAT-7 have been turned on and are operating normally.
[India TV News – 09/19/2013]

European Space Agency delivers its SuperSites Exploitation Platform designed to enable the analysis and interpretation of large volumes of satellite data in order to better understand the processes causing geohazards.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/19/2013]

SES and CETel sign multi-transponder capacity deal to provide service to meet escalating demand in the Middle East.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/19/2013]

Orbital Sciences Antares Rocket – R&D Magazine

Orbital Sciences launches its first ever supply ship to ISS, becoming second private company to do so.
[R&D Magazine – 09/18/2013]

MIlitary satellite – Defense One

The PLA of China and the Pentagon are both testing and improving Anti-Satellite capabilities.
[Defense One – 09/18/2013]

The third Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) protected military communications satellite for the U.S. and its allies is successfully launched from Cape Canaveral.
[Space Fellowship – 09/18/2013]

OHB contracts Astrium to build German radar reconnaissance satellite to be launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9.
[Space News – 09/08/2013]

Bentley Walker extends its service coverage towards Libya using Newtec’s Ka-band VSAT broadband platform.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/18/2013] publishes “The Global Military Satellites Market 2012-2022 – Country Analysis: Market Profile” offering detailed analysis of the global Military Satellites Market over the next ten years.
[News Channel 5 – 09/18/2013]

NASA photo – R&D Magazine

MIT researchers are investigating how space weather may affect components of geostationary satellites.
[R&D Magazine – 09/18/2013]

Global VSAT Forum’s VSAT certification program is expanded to West Africa with partners NetHope and iDirect.
[Green Technology World – 09/17/2013]

Algerian hopes a new contract signed by Newtec and the Algerian Telediffusion d’Algerie will boost communications infrastructure for the North African country.
[IT News Africa – 09/17/2013]

Iridium announces the first turnkey hosted payload solution, Iridium PRIME, to host third-party payloads on stand-alone satellites leveraging the connectivity afforded by the Iridium NET satellite network.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/17/2013]

KVH signs expanded capacity agreement with SES to meet rising demand for maritime communications.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/17/2013]

Capacity on two Eutelsat satellites mobilised by Media Broadcast for coverage of German Federal Elections.
[PR Newswire – 09/17/2013]

Latin America will be fastest growing region in the world in terms of subscriber and revenue growth in the DTH market in the next 3-5 years according to NSR report.
[NSR – 09/174/2013]

Gilat announces release of Wavestream Ka-band Matchbox mini block upconverter.
[Wall Street Journal – 09/17/2013]

Arbitral Tribunal decides that Intersystem Coordination Agreement (ICA) signed by SES and Eutelsat in 1999 does not bar SES from using disputed Ku-band spectrum where Eutelsat does not hold the “regulatory” right to operate in these bands – SES agrees that Eutelsat would use those bands where it holds “regulatory” right.
[SatNews – 09/16/2013]

Inmarsat and Onixsat Telecom partner to provide BGAN M2M service to Brazilian banking sector.
[Via Satellite – 09/16/2013]

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 09/06/2013

Saturday, September 7th, 2013
Published at Space News

Falcon 9

Musk says SpaceX is being “extremely Paranoid” as it readies for demonstration flight of an upgraded Falcon 9 rocket in California this month.
[Space News – 09/06/2013]

CubeSats’ communication range may be significantly extended with inflatable antennae.
[R&D Magazine – 09/06/2013]

ViaSat files another patent suit against Space Systems/Loral.
[socaltech – 09/06/2013]

Brazil will attempt to escape the prying eyes of the NSA with a new satellite and fiber optic cables.
[Reuters – 09/05/2013]

French government creates joint government-industry grouping called Cospace to avoid repeat of policy disputes between French industry and CNES in 2012.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Pressure mounts on Orbital Sciences; it may be needed for an additional cargo run to the International Space Station as soon as December because SpaceX will likely not be ready to fly.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Houston Texas announces that it is pushing forward with plans to build the nation’s latest spaceport.
[Space News – 09/05/2013]

Eutelsat and Samsung partner on world first Ultra HD satellite broadcast direct to Ultra HD TVs.
[The Wall Street Journal – 09/05/2013]

Iridium, Thales Alenia Space, and Harris to announce new hosted payload business initiative at World Satellite Business Week.
[4-traders – 09/05/2013]

European Satellite Day 2013 spotlights key benefits of satellite services for European citizens.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

DISA selects TeleCommunication Systems to provide managed satellite services.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/05/2013]

Alphasat satellite

Euroconsult report puts growth of MSS terminal base at 10% over past five years, to 2.9 million active MSS terminals worldwide in 2012, and revenue of $1.5 billion in that year.
[Space Daily – 09/05/2013]

French Minister of Higher Education and Research announces that the government is allocating 25 million euros to an upgrade of the Ariane launcher.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

Gottlieb International Group to present “Battle of the Satellite Services” webinar on the future of Global Xpress, EpicNG, O3b and Viasat in maritime, Oil and Gas and Aviation on September 26, 2013.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

B-2 Bomber

B-2 bomber to get communications upgrade to use Very Low Frequency signals bounced off the atmosphere to replace Ultra High Frequency system using expiring DISA satellites, while waiting for new satellite systems.

[U.S. Air Force – 09/05/2013]

O3b and Kymeta sign agreement to develop flat panel satellite antenna for ultra-fast and affordable broadband services around the world.
[Fort Mill Times – 09/05/2013]

Comtech EF Data introduces new CDM-625A advanced satellite modem.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

Mano Cruises to further increase scope of communications for guests and crew using existing partner MTN.
[SatNews – 09/05/2013]

Thuraya is set to launch a new edition of its satellite adaptor for the iPhone. [Lync Migration Resource Center – 09/05/2013]

TrustComm expands its portfolio to include mobile satellite services in partnership with Inmarsat, Thuraya, Boeing, and Cobham.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/05/2013]

Eutelsat selects SAT Corporation to upgrade satID system.
[Via Satellite – 09/05/2013]

Doosan selects ORBCOMM to deliver end-to-end telematics solution for Doosan and their customers and dealers for global deployment.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 09/05/2013]

Global VSAT Forum to run a contest on its booth at IBC 2013 in the form of an interactive exercise in broadcast uplink (SNG) skills.
[SatNews – 09/05/2013]

NASA moon satellite to be launched this week will test laser communication back to Earth expected to provide record-breaking 600 megabits-per-second downloads.
[Technology Review – 09/04/2013]

Al Jazeera says it can categorically state that Egyptian authorities are deliberately jamming its satellite signals and forcing it to change frequencies so viewers can tune in.
[Space News – 09/04/2013]

Anatel awards O3b Networks rights to operate in Brazil.
[Via Satellite – 09/04/2013]

Inmarsat and Telespazio join to develop offerings for energy and M2M.
[Via Satellite – 09/04/2013]

C-Com Satellite Systems forms partnership with Vislink to promote, market, sell and support C-Com iNetVu products.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/04/2013]

Iridium Transceiver Antenna System can communicate outside traditional cellular networks to provide fleet and asset management services worldwide.
[Thomasnet – 09/04/2013]

New NSR report foresees strong satellite operator revenue growth, but the potential for oversupply looms over the industry.
[Yahoo Finance – 09/03/2013]

India’s GSAT-7 satellite is successfully positioned in geosynchronous orbit.
[NetIndian – 09/03/2013]

USGS Landsat 8 Photo

USGS interactive photos show Yosemite National Park before and after the Rim fire devastation.
[USGS 09/03/2013]

Team works to build ferro-liquid ion thruster for nanosatellites.
R&D Magazine – 09/03/2013]

SSL-built multi-mission satellite, EUTELSAT 25B/Es’hail 1, is successfully performing post-launch maneuvers.
[Your Communication News – 09/03/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems wins $58.3 million contract to supply managed satellite services to the U.S. Marine Corps.
[Satellite Spotlight – 09/03/2013]

Harris completes advanced weather-data simulators, part of $740 million program to help build the country’s next-generation weather-satellite network.
[Orlando Sentinel – 09/03/2013]

SatLink is selected by i24 News to distribute international news channels.
[Via Satellite – 09/03/2013]

Russia orbits Israeli communications satellite AMOS-4, the largest and most sophisticated commercial satellite built in Israel to date.
[Space Fellowship – 09/01/2013]

Satellite Executive September 2013 issue includes: “The Danger of Overcapacity” – Jan Grondrup-Vivanco, “4K TV Technology Push or Demand Pull?” – Elisabeth Tweedie, “What’s Behind a Satellite Dish?” – Robert Bell, and Verticals and Horizontals: Satellite’s Expanding Marketplace” – Martin Jarrold.
[Satellite Markets – September 2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/30/2013

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The first four Galileo navigation satellites are unlikely to be launched this year because of delays in their preparation.
[Space News – 08/30/2013]

Ariane 5 launches from Kourou, French Guiana with Qatar’s 25B/Es’hail-1 and India’s GSAT-7 satellites aboard.
[NASA Spaceflight – 08/29/2013]

TSF connects 12 Syrian hospitals to internet via high speed satellite connectivity and sets up two ICT centres to help refugee children continue their education. [Satellite Evolution Group – 08/29/2013]

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency awards grant to Azercosmos Open Joint Stock Company to investigate feasibility of second satellite for Azerbaijan.
[SIP Trun king – 08/29/2013]

C-COM announces global strategic partnership with Vislink.
[The Wall Street Journal. – 08/29/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems gets $58.3 million contract to supply managed satellite services to U.S. Marine Corps.
[Yahoo Finance – 08/29/2013]

iDirect to host a Technology Day on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 in Moscow, Russia, for satellite operators and service providers across the Russian satellite market.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/29/2013]

Airtel and Softbank to develop low-cost 3G for regions of Africa with difficult terrain, using a communications satellite as a transmitter.
[The Times of India – 08/29/2013]

Euroconsult to present awards for Global Operator of the Year, Regional Operator of the Year, Strategic M&A Transaction of the Year,. and Newcomer Satellite Operator of the Year, at awards ceremony September 11, 2013.
[SatNews – 08/29/2013]

America’s biggest rocket, Delta 4-Heavy rocket, launches top-secret spy satellite NROL-65.
[NBC News – 08/28/2013]

Eumetsat and NOAA formally extend their longstanding cooperative agreement.
[Space News – 08/28/2013]

Globalstar bills its satellite network as the world’s most modern, announcing that all second generation satellites are now in full commercial service.
[Yahoo Finance – 08/28/2013]

NASA’s satellites watch Rim fire creep into Yosemite.
[The Atlantic Cities – 08/28/2013]

NASA tests rocket engine injector fabricated using 3-D printing.
[SatNews – 08/28/2013]

Research and Markets announces addition of “Global Enterprise VSAT Market 2012 – 2016″ to its offerings; increasing adoption of hybrid routers with terrestrial and satellite capabilities among trends discussed.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/28/2013]

Euroconsult report “Mobile Satellite Communications Markets Survey: Prospects to 2022″ released – MSS continues to make headway.
[SatNews – 08/28/2013]

Broadcasters and satellite operators urge the FCC to take action to minimize interference from proposed in-flight broadband services.
[Bloomberg – 08/28/2013]

Russia considers a ban on supplying the U.S. with powerful RD-180 rocket engines for military communications satellites as Russia concentrates on building its own new space launch center, Vostochny, in the Far East. – a ban could halt NASA’s space programs.
[Space Travel – 08/28/2013]

China plans first unmanned landing on moon by the end of 2013.
[Space News – 08/28/2013]

NASA continues preparation for SLS engine testing at its Stennis Space Center near Bay St. Louis, Missouri.
[Space Mart – 08/28/2013]

Titan Solara 50 solar drone with 150 ft. wingspan would orbit above 60,000 ft. for up to five years on solar energy alone, and could provide some functions currently offered by satellites.
[EV World – 08/28/2013]

South African Broadcasting Corporation to broadcast free-to-air channels from a Sentech satellite platform.
[The Media Online – 08/28/2013]

Hirschmann Solutions introduces ITAS, the Iridium Transceiver Antenna System, a high-performing antenna paired with the Iridium 9602 modem for asset tracking.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/28/2013]

SpaceX to test reusable booster technology during launch of Canadian space weather satellite later this year.
[Space News – 08/27/2013]

Air Force Global Strike Command plans to buy satellite TV service for 15 missile alert facilities scattered around Wyoming and rural Colorado.
[Nextgov – 08/27/2013]

World’s most dynamic DTH market kicks it up a notch as Reliance Digital and Sun Direct propose to merge, forming India’s second largest DTH platform.
[NSR – 08/27/2013]

Director General of Nigeria’s National Air Space and Research Development Agency says satellite technology contributes N106 billion to the Nigerian economy, saying both government and the private sector must invest.
[All Africa – 08/27/2013]

On Call Communications will embed XipLink wireless WAN optimization software directly into its QuickSPOT broadcast satellite system.
[Via Satellite – 08/27/2013]

SpaceX will receive a loan of $104.5 million from the Export-Import bank for the launch of the Amos 6 communications satellite.
[Via Satellite – 08/26/2013]

Globecomm Systems agrees to be taken private by investment firm Wasserstein & Co. for about $340 million.
[Economic Times – 08/26/2013]

Hughes Network Systems receives Federal Government Distance Learning Association’s Pillar Award.
[Yahoo Finance – 08/26/2013]

Hispasat will again this year support Vuelta 2013 race organizers and reporters with two high-performance mobile satellite transmission units following the race.
[SatNews – 08/26/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/23/2013

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Radio communication with ground station confirms successful launch of South Korea’s new satellite.
[global post – 08/23/2013]

Azerbaijani Communications Minister announces a tender will soon be offered for the launch of the nation’s second communications satellite.
[ABC.AZ – 08/23/2013]

Lenders holding some $1.4 billion in claims against bankrupt LightSquared join lawsuit by Philip Falcone claiming that Charles Ergen and Dish Network are trying to grab LightSquared’s spectrum licenses at a discount.
[Forbes – 08/23/2013]

Venezuela looks to become more relevant player in the satellite industry in Latin America.
[Via Satellite – 08/23/2013]

Brazil to host both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games in the space of three years; making the broadcasting component of these events a success is a key challenge for the satellite industry.
[Via Satellite – 08/23/2013]

Milstar gains new capabilities, adding software providing additional functionality by using existing passive sensors on the system as a Wide Angle Sun Sensor.
[CSMMNG – 08/23/2013]

ESPN, one of the first sports broadcasters to offer 3D, pulling the plug in June after disappointing viewer figures, has no plans to offer Ultra HD.
[Digital Spy – 08/23/2013]

NASA looks for a dedicated small-satellite launcher, with a firm, fixed-price contract aimed at reducing a backlog of more than 50 cubesats the agency has accumulated.
[Space News – 08/22/2013]

Satellite TV subscribers are expected to reach 250 million by 2018, with Asia and Africa hotspots for DTH.
[Via Satellite – 08/22/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems gets incremental $2.8 million for Tactical Transportable TROPO (3T) communications systems to provide beyond-line-of-sight communications without satellite resources.
[SatNews – 08/22/2013]

Cisco’s mobile telemedicine system will soon be available in remote and underserved communities, using Inmarsat’s satellite network. [Hispanic Business – 08/22/2013]

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer spacecraft to emerge from two-year hibernation and resume asteroid hunting mission.
[Via Satellite – 08/22/2013]

Es’hailSat and ARABSAT announce a strategic partnership to promote closer co-operation and strengthen the reach and penetration of the 26 degrees East hot spot neighborhood for TV broadcasting.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

Leading investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. acquires a stake in RigNet. [Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

U.S. Air Force to spend additional $36 to $40 billion into its effort to put military and spy satellites in orbit using commercial rocket services.
[Foreign Policy – 08/21/2013]

U.S. Air Force awards contract option to Space Systems/Loral to continue developing and demonstrating design concepts for next generation Protected Military Satellite Communications.
[Hispanic Business – 08/21/2013]

Communications network manager SageNet of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is acquiring a larger competitor, satellite communications company Spacenet.
[Hispanic Business – 08/21/2013]

Comtech EF Data gets $3.2 million order from Globecomm for equipment to support the upgrade of a major U.S. broadcaster’s existing affiliate exchange network. [Satellite Evolution Group – 08/22/2013]

Ford Motor Co. takes a fresh look at how space-based communication relays might help earthbound vehicles better navigate traffic congestion, and get an SOS out in case of trouble.
[Fleet Owner – 08/21/2013]

U.S. Air Force releases final request for proposals for a contracting vehicle to standardize processes for placing dedicated military capabilities aboard commercial satellites.
[Space News – 08/20/2013]

TDRS-K satellite completes in-orbit testing and is handed over to NASA; Boeing completes performance testing ot TDRS-L satellite and readies it for shipment to Kennedy Space Center later this year.
[Space Ref – 08/20/2013]

Surprise Chinese satellite maneuvers mystify Western experts.
[Space News – 08/20/2013]

Communications regulator Ofcom proposes to license new satellite system for aircraft, ships and trains to provide wi-fi fast enough to stream video content such as Netflix and the BBC’s iPlayer.
[BBC – 08/20/2013]

The Global VSAT Forum and the Satellite Interference Reduction Group will work with the Chinese satellite communications industry to jointly present an Interference Prevention Summit September 4th at China Satellite.
[SatNews – 08/20/2013]

ISRO calls off GSLV-D5 launch due to fuel leak in second stage of rocket engine.
[Z News – 08/19/2013]

NSR expects the trend of increasing mass of satellites to continue, and questions the viability of the next potential European launcher, Ariane-6.
[NSR – 08/19/2013]

Harris announces completion of successful demonstration of a small, deployable LTE solution supported by satellite connectivity.
[Urgent Communications – 08/19/2013]

NSR September Government and Military Satellite Communications report to give readers a unique view on funding for satellite communications, demand by type of capacity and developments to watch, and assist in strategic decision-making in a tense budgetary environment.
[NSR – September 2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/16/2013

Friday, August 16th, 2013

China Satellite Communications signs Memo of Understanding with Global Eagle Entertainment to support in-flight connectivity services in the People’s Republic of China.
[Market Watch – 08/16/2013]

Ukrainian and Turkish TV channels begin broadcasting through Azerbaijan’s first communications satellite.
[ABC.AZ – 08/16/2013]

India Space Research Organisation hopes to raise its stature in the global satellite launch business with a successful launch of FSLV-D5 with an indigenous cryogenic engine August 19.
[business today – 08/16/2013]

FCC streamlines satellite communications rules affecting license applications by earth station operators.
[TVTechnology – 08/15/2013]

NOAA keeps quiet a report that suggests using Chinese weather satellite data to cope with potential gap in American satellite coverage.
[Space News – 08/15/2013]

Yahsat expands presence of its satellite broadband internet service in Angola with new partnership with Global Telesat.
[African Brains – 08/15/2013]

China Mobile Satellite Communications Group achieves growth from 1,000 minutes of airtime in April to over 60,000 minutes in July.
[4 traders – 08/15/2013]

Previously unannounced South American customer for Space Systems/Loral multi-mission communications satellite is Star One of Brazil.
[Sacramento Bee – 08/15/2013]

Satellite TV distribution innovator Robert N. Wold passes away at 87.
[Los Angeles Times – 08/14/2013]

Air Force decides to shut down “Space Fence” program due to budget sequestration, a move that will put major strain on existing surveillance capacity and jeapordize satellite and space industries.
[Satellite Today – 08/14/2013]

Burgeoning military demand for satcom services, weather data and other space products, coupled with draconian budget cuts, may force new direction in military satcom services acquisition.
[National Defense Magazine – 08/14/2013]

Singtel decides not to sell Optus Satellite division; mulls IPO as an alternative.
[Satellite Markets & Research – 08/14/2013]

Brazil moves to end dependence on United States and secure its own satellite and digital networks following accusations of U.S. spying.
[globalpost – 08/14/2013]

Future Commercial Satellite Communications Services meets some of its goals, but challenges remain.
[Defense Systems – 08/14/2013]

International Launch Services review agrees with Russian conclusions that improper installation of three yaw angular rate sensors led to the failure of the July 2, 2013 Proton launch.
[Market Watch – 08/14/2013]

Expansion of aero connectivity market with new satellites planned over ocean routes will dictate multiple-frequency approaches to address narrow-body and wide-body commercial airlines connectivity needs.
[NSR – 08/14/2013]

Lockheed Martin chooses three companies to provide CubeSat integration for its Athena launch services – Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems (Irvine, CA), TriSept (Chantilly VA), and Spaceflight (Tukwila WA).
[Satellite Today – 08/14/2013]

SpaceX’s Grasshopper successfully completes 100m lateral divert test.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/14/2013]

Erickson Air-Crane Helitanker uses Blue Sky Network to provide satellite tracking for aerial firefighting.
[Avionics Intelligence – 08/14/2013]

Comtech receives additional $1.4 million in orders to supply solid-state high-power amplifiers to a military integrator.
[The Wall Street Journal – 08/14/2013]

TeleCommunication Systems to showcase next generation public safety communication solutions at APCO 013.
[Sacramento Bee – 08/14/2013]

Advantech Wireless releases new line of S-band frequency converters.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/14/2013]

Satellite Interference Reduction Group and Newtec launch industry survey to find out what the industry really thinks when it comes to satellite interference and Carrier ID.
[SatNews – 08/13/2013]

Thales Alenia Space to build satellite for Brazilian company Visiona for civil and military use.
[Industry Week – 08/3/2013]

ATK gets contract from Orbital Sciences Corporation to provide first and second stage propulsion for the Air Launch Vehicle Orbital is building for StratoLaunch Systems Corporation.
[Satellite Today – 08/13/2013]

RRsat posts record quarterly revenue increase.
[Satellite Today – 08/13/2013]

Kratos ISI to provide turnkey ground segment solution for Indonesia’s PT Telecom.
[Market Watch – 08/13/2013]

Spidersat to launch African network.
[human ipo – 08/13/2013]

World’s first pop-art satellite to be launched from Kazakhstan on October 29.
[R&D Magazine – 08/12/2013]

ViaSat newsgathering truck using C-COM Systems technology over ViaSat’s Excede network provides successful communications link from California wildfire scene where all others failed.
[Proactive Investors – 08/12/2013]

KVH more than doubles capacity of its mini-VSAT Broadband network in the Asia-Pacific region.
Satellite Today – 08/13/2013]

Australian iiNet forced to withdraw plans for 20GB download on interim NBN service due to lack of sufficient capacity due to successful growth of subscribers.
[ZDNet – 08/11/2013] 

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/09/2013

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Thales Alenia Space claims that for the last 12 years its U.S. suppliers have mislabeled their components as “commercial” or “dual use” when in fact they were subject to defense-export controls known as ITAR.
[Space News – 08/09/2013]

National Research Council report calls for “systematic and deliberate program” to sustain the Landsat program.
[Space News – 08/09/2013]

Lockheed Martin expects to see increased demand for AEHF satellites over the next several years.
[Satellite Today – 08/09/2013]

Research and Markets offers 2013 report on satellite communications providers in the U.S., concluding that providers will invest in new technologies and markets to gain an advantage.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/08/2013]

Summary of findings on root cause of failure of July 2 Proton mission cleared by Russian security and provided to ILS blames improper installation of three yaw angular rate sensors.
[SatNews – 08/08/2013]


Blue Origin proposes that rather than partnering with NASA, the agency let the company take over Launch Complex 39A and turn it into a multiuser complex for its rockets and those of other companies.
[Space News – 08/08/2013]

SpaceX will provide the launch services for Germany’s second-generation radar reconnaissance satellite system.
[SatNews – 08/08/2013]

Comtech subsidiary Comtech PST Corp gets $1l.9 million of orders for high-power amplifiers from a leading provider of aviation electronics and communication systems.
[Fort Mill Times – 08/08/2013]

Boeing’s first all-electric satellite passes critical design review, allowing the new program to move two satellites into assembly, integration and testing.
[Satellite Today – 08/07/2013]

Skystream, a major satellite service provider in the Middle East, looks to Iraq for future growth.
[Satellite Today – 08/08/2013]

The 6th WGS military communications satellite, paid for by Australia, is launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket from Cape Canaveral.
[CBS News – 08/07/2013]

Vietnam’s micro satellite Pico Dragon is shipped to International Space Station to be released into space.
[Space Daily – 08/07/2013]

Israel’s ORBIT Technologies signs $4.2 million contract to supply its IP-based video surveillance system on board a major European aircraft manufacturer’s passenger planes..
[Satellite Today – 08/07/2013]

Dish Network still looking at options to enter the domestic mobile space, hinting that T-Mobile may be next acquisition target.
[RC Wireless – 08/07/2013]

Inmarsat and RigNet partner on energy sector deal.
[MENAFN – 08/07/2013]

RigNet installs iDirect hub in Brazil to focus on energy and maritime applications.
[The Wall Street Journal – 08/07/2013]

ITC Global subsidiary Spidersat Communications to build new high-performance satellite network for Africa.
[Azosensors – 08/07/2013]

Blue Sky Network and Avionics Services partner to offer satellite tracking and fleet management solutions for aviation.
[avionics intelligence – 08/07/2013]

Next-Generation Satellite Communications to acquire 75% stake in mobile video business company from Mobile Media of China.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/07/2013]

Another round of incremental funding for SNAP deployable satellite systems amounting to $3.2 million is received by TeleCommunication Systems.
[Satellite Spotlight – 08/07/2013]

Deployable mesh reflector and boom system made by Northrop Grumman’s Astro Aerospace unit deploys successfully aboard Alphasat satellite.
[Yahoo Finanmce – 08/06/2013]

Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen says Dish-DirecTV merger makes a lot of sense strategically.
[Multichannel News – 08/06/2013]

Level 3 will build North American gateway for O3b’s satellite network.
[Yahoo Finance – 08/06/2013]

GSAT signs new capacity deals with SES on NSS-11 and SES-9 to meet pay-TV boom in the Philippines.
[Herald online – 08/05/2013]

Inmarsat’s Alphasat satellite reaches temporary slot in geostationary orbit, and passes significant milestones.
[Satellite Today – 08/06/2013]

O3b and Glocall to provide ultra-high speed connectivity to Somalia.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/06/2013]

CMA CGM Group, the world’s third largest container shipping group, contracts Marlink to upgrade the majority of its fleet to Marlink’s Ku-band VSAT service Wavecall. [Satellite Evolution Grolup – 08/06/2013]

Satellite, aerospace, and defense industries thrive in Maryland.
[Satellite Today – 08/06/2013]

GlobeCast partners with Arabsat to offer new solutions to broadcasters seeking to distribute programming in North Africa.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/06/20103]

Hughes Network Systems to supply Jupiter high-throughput satellite system to Media Networks, a B2B unit of Telofonica Digital, to power first commercial Ka-band service over Latin America.
[Satellite Today – 08/05/2013]

Satellite service startups with mission to establish on-orbit satellite servicing systems capable of adding ten years to the lifespan of geostationary satellites struggle to get going in the market.
[Space News – 08/05/2013]

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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/02/2013

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Asia Broadcast Satellite confirms new ABS 2A satellite from Boeing will be launched with Satmex 9 in fourth quarter of 2015.
[Satellite Today – 08/01/20103]

European Space Agency finishes testing an innovative laser communication platform that speed up data transfer from orbiting satellites.
[Engineering & Technology Magazine – 08/01/2013]

Astrium is awarded contract to build latest satellite for Telesat.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 08/01/2013]

EUTELSAT Communications scales up in Latin America through acquisition of SATMEX. [Satellite Spotlight – 07/31/2013]

SpaceX is awarded launch reservation contract with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates to support largest space program to date in Canada.
[Satellite Today – 07/31/2013]

BroadbandEverywhere launches new superfast satellite broadband service available anywhere in England and Wales using SES Broadband Services platform.
[Hispanic Business – 07/31/2013]

Cobham signs up to become Satellite & Radio Communications Equipment Partner for Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015.
[ – 07/31/2013]

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince hears Yahsat’s chairman describe the Yahsat project, and how it benefits the United Arab Emirates with employment and economic stimulus.
[The National – 07/31/2013]

FCC grants ViaSat license for Ka-band satellite in-flight connectivity.
[Satellite Today – 07/31/2013]

GOES-R satellite magnetometer boom successfully deployed.
[R&D Magazine – 07/30/2013]

SES completes in-orbit testing of SES 6.
[Satellite Today – 07/30/2013]

Inmarsat strengthens its position as a top MSS satellite communications provider with Alphasat launch; with Inmarsat5s expected in next 2 years will be able to offer seamless global connectivity.
[Satellite spotlight – 07/30/2013]

Space Systems/Loral is selected to provide multi-mission satellite to Eutelsat. [The Wall Street Journal – 07/30/2013]

Successful demonstration shows Inmarsat’s new L-TAC service operating in vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 70 mph.
[Satellite Today – 07/30/2013]

Renewing its GSA contract, the Certified Woman Owned Small Business GIT Satellite Communications ranks in the top 20 percent of GSA sales along with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and other major aerospace contractors.
[SatNews – 07/30/2013]

Panasonic Avionics and China Telecom Satellite sign memorandum of understanding to jointly develop, implement and support in-flight connectivity solutions for the Chinese market.
[Hispanic Business – 07/30/2013]

U.S. Pacific Command studies options for layered communications network that would rely on mix of military satellites, commercial satcom services and aircraft serving as gateways.
[National Defense – 07/29/2013]

Air Force report outlines threats to satellite and aerospace industries from space debris.
[Satellite Today – 07/29/2013]

EUTELSAT 5B arrives in Kourou and begins preparation for August 29 launch.
[Yahoo Finance – 07/29/2013]

India’s ISRO prepares its first defence satellite for launch from Korou, slated for August 30.
[The Hindu – 07/29/2013]

Orbit Communications to supply Embraer with IP-based communication management solution for its aircraft fleet.
[Wireless Developer Network – 07/29/2013]

European Union considers EU Commission proposal to acquire fleet of surveillance drones, spy satellites, and planes to boost European defense industry in wake of NSA spying revelations.
[ – 07/27/2013]

India’s Insat 3-D weather satellite launched from Kourou.
[India West – 074/26/2013]

New Ukrainian pay-TV platform Lybid TV launches on EUTELSAT 36B.
[News9 – 07/26/2013]

 WBMSAT satellite communications consulting services

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 07/26/2013

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Ariane 5 successfully launches Europe’s largest-ever telecommunications satellite, Inmarsat’s I-4A using the Alphasat bus, and a meteorological spacecraft for India.
[Space News – 07/26/2013]

Initial batch of O3b satellite ready for handoff to operator.
[Space News – 07/26/2013]

Panasonic Avionics and China Telecom Satellite Communications to jointly develop and support in-flight connectivity solutions for the Chinese market.
[Market Watch – 07/25/2013]

Embraer selects Orbit Communication Systems to provide IP-based communication management solution for its aircraft.
[Hispanic Business – 07/25/2013]

Eutelsat unveils ‘smart LNB’ for Direct-to-Home connected TV.
[Hispanic Business – 07/25/2013]

Successful partnership between Thuraya, China Mobile Satellite Communications Group, and China Telecommunications Corporation leads to rapidly increasing airtime usage and requirement for additional E1 line.
[40-traders – 07/25/2013]

Global Warranty Group to be exclusive provider of extended service plans to Delta Wave Communications for their mobile satellite equipment.
[PR Web – 07/25/2013]

Intelsat-sponsored GVF training program passes 1000 participant mark.
[Satellite Today – 07/25/2013]

HISPASAT sponsors Ultra High Definition documentary on the Prado Museum.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

Globecomm receives contract from U.S. Government prime contractor for its Auto ExplorerTM products valued at $1.2 million.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

C-COM announces partnership with South Africa’s largest independent telecommunications firm Vox Telecom to provide iNetVu Mobile antennas.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 07/25/2013]

Australia-funded WGS-6 seen as model for future U.S. military satellite constellations.
[Space News – 07/24/2013]

Astrium signs contract with Korean Aerospace Research Institute to jointly design and manufacture the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager II for the future Korean mission GEO Kompsat 2B.
[Satellite Today – 07/24/2013]

Aerojet withholds 25% of payment to United Technologies Corp for purchase of Rocketdyne pending Russian government approval of transfer to Aerojet of UTC/Rocketdyne’s 50% stake in company providing first-stage engine for U.S. Atlas 5 rocket.
[Space News – 07/24/2013]

Telenor renews multiple agreements with Harris CapRock for satellite capacity services from its 1° West orbital location.
[MarineLink – 07/24/2013]

Second MUOS satellite responds to commands after a successful launch.
[Space Daily – 07/23/2013]

Navy considers inviting international partners to join MUOS communications network.
[Defense News – 07/23/2013]

Astrium and Thales Alenia wins contract with United Arab Emirates Ministry of Defense for design, construction and managing next-generation military surveillance satellites.
[Satellite Today – 07/23/2013]

Space Systems/Loral is selected to provide communications satellite to Intelsat. [Wall Street Journal – 07/23/2013]

Singapore plans a push into space technology that will initially focus on satellites, a plan lined with risks given history of domination by Western firms and high entry barriers.
[Fox Business – 07/23/2013]

NASA boosts satellite communications with lasers.
[Engineering On The Edge – 07/23/2013]

Canada plans to solicit proposals to build up to three ground stations for the WGS satellites.
[Space News – 07/23/2013]

STM Group expands operations in Brazil.
[IT Business Net – 07/23/2013]

Sub-Saharan Africa expected to provide tremendous opportunities for DTH platforms over coming years.
[NSR – 07/23/2013]

East Africa’s ZUKU TV fully migrates to SES 5.
[Satellite Today – 07/23/2013]

Legal action by governor of Sicily and protests impede Navy MUOS broadband ground station construction in Sicily.
[NextGov – 07/22/2013]

Telespazio wins contract to deploy one of largest VSAT networks in Europe for Les Mousquetaires group.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

Thuraya and GlobalStar hope to capitalize on increasing demand for satellite cellular service.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

Global Eagle and China Telecom to offer in-flight Wi-Fi in Chinese airspace.
[Satellite Today – 07/22/2013]

National Association of Broadcasters joins Society of Broadcast Engineers to present NAB/SBE Satellite Uplink Operators Training Workshop.
[Radio World – 07/22/2013]

Globalstar’s second-generation satellite technology boosts productivity, efficiency and worker safety in Canada’s Oil and Gas industry.
[Market Watch – 07/22/2013]

Fashion TV selects SatLink Communications to playout, uplink and stream its HD channel onto AsiaSat 5.
[Telecom Lead – 07/22/2013]

NSR’s Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand Study, in its 109th year, to provide in-depth and detailed analysis of fundamental questions facing commercial satellite market.
[NSR Report – August 2013]

NSR’s 7th edition of the Wireless Backhaul via Satellite report analyzes upcoming programs and game changing elements in the market.
[NSR Report – August 2013]

WBMSAT satellite communications consulting services