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WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/29/2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Final launch of space shuttle Endeavor is called off due to heater failure as six-man crew is walking toward the pad – NASA hopes to try again Monday.
[msnbc – 04/29/2011]

Azerbaijan is to sign a loan with French bank BNP Paribas in May to finance its first national telecommunications satellite Azerspace.
[ABC.AZ – 04/29/2011]

Arianespace to launch ABS-2 satellite for Asia Broadcast Satellite in 2013.
[Brahmand Defence & Aerospace News – 04/29/2011]

World’s largest product tanker owner, Maersk, fields KVH CommBox for network management on 120 vessels.
[GlobeNewswire -04/29/2011]

Two more communications providers, SI Wireless and Cellular South, join companies signing bilateral roaming agreements with LightSquared to expand planned nationwide 4G-LTE network.
[SatNews – 04/29/2011]

Pactel International is awarded multiyear contract to manage SamoaTel’s International Telephony business.
[SatNews – 04/29/2011]

Tracking Central Pty Ltd to  acquire exclusive licensing rights in Australia and New Zealand for GTX Corp’s GPS Smart Shoe product designed for seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.
[SatNews – 04/29/2011]

Global Space and Satellite Forum accepting registrants for the Use of Space Science and Technology for Disaster Management and Emergency Response workshop May 11 in Abu Dhabi.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

First meeting of Hosted Payload Alliance brings together representatives of industry and government to share creative solutions to challenging budgets for satellite systems.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

Eutelsat satellites booked for total of 13,000 MHz hours, equivalent to 15 transponders over 24 hours, for coverage of the royal wedding in London.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

COM DEV International is awarded Authorization to Proceed contract to provide equipment for a new commercial satellite.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

Texas-based Proactive Communications Inc. is awarded one of first fixed satellite services contracts from Texas Department of Information Resources, to provide rapid support in disasters and serve other needs.
[Satellite Spotlight- 04/28/2011]

Department of Veterans Affairs gets 13 systems from F4W Inc. which provide internet and VoIP connectivity for emergency situations, and include satellite broadband for when cellular is not available.
[PR Newswire – 04/28/2011]

EMS Technologies initiates new satellite communications study for The Commonwealth of Australia.
[Business Wire – 04/28/2011]

The second in series of 12 GPS IIF satellites arrives at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

STM and ViaSat successfully demonstrate waveform interoperability between the STM SatLink 2000 modem and the ViaSat DoD-standard Joint Internet Protocol Modem.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

Skyware Global announces opening of new office in Washington DC area.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

Russia and Sweden agree to improve cooperation in the space industry, including launching Swedish satellites using Russian carrier rockets.
[SatNews – 04/28/2011]

KVH’s new TracPhone V3, at just 14.5″ (37cm) the world’s smallest Ku-band maritime VSAT terminal, receives FCC license.
[GlobeNewswire – 04/27/2011]

Rumors have owners of Telesat fighting over the price for which the Canadian satellite communications company might be sold.
[Ottawa Citizen – 04/27/2011]

Team including scientists at Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories and the Air Force Research Laboratory work to improve capabilities for detecting and monitoring threats to U.S. space operations (space junk).
[PhysOrg – 04/27/2011]

Chinese space officials confirm plans to build a 60-ton space station by 2020 and build a space freighter for hauling supplies to the station.
[SatNews – 04/27/2011]

DirecTV takes measure of its subscribers’ preferences with regard to possible launch of Netflix-like video streaming service, following the acquisition of Blockbuster by Dish Network.
[The Hollywood Reporter – 04/27/2011]

Malaysia’s no. 1 rated HD channel, ONE HD, joins MEASAT’s video neighborhood.
[SatNews – 04/27/2011]

Topcon Precision Agriculture announces that its HiPer series of satellite receivers has been expanded to include a specialty receiver for the worldwide agriculture market.
[Precision Pays – 04/27/2011]

Spanish operator Digital+ launches 3D demo channel on SES ASTRA’s ASTRA.
[SatNews – 04/27/2011]

Integral Systems is selected as Mewxsat-3’s turnkey ground segment subcontractor.
[Satellite Today – 04/27/2011]

Track24 launches first global tracking and messaging systems for individuals and small businesses using Iridium satellite network and Track24’s mapping software.
[SatNews – 04/27/2011]

AMI to support Thrane Aviator SwiftBroadband service in the United States.
[Satellite Today – 04/27/2011]

NASA’s nanosatellite NanoSail-D is slowly descending after successfully orbiting the Earth’s upper atmosphere for 95 days after deploying its 100-square-foot sail on January 20th.
[SatNews – 04/27/2011]

SES announces new investment in new Luxembourg satellite control facilities and business center.
[Satellite Spotlight – 04/26/2011]Russian Space Forces re-establish contact with military satellite, Geo-IK-2, which went missing in February.
[SatNews – 04/26/2011]Intelsat’s new African satellite, New Dawn, is safely in orbit following Good Friday launch from French Guiana.
[Engineering News – 04/26/2011] ATK is awarded contract to provide upgraded more powerful second stage motor for Orbital Science Corporation’s Taurus II commercial launch vehicle.
[SatNews – 04/26/2011]ORBCOMM announces its two-way satellite data communications services are now authorized in Equador.
[Benzinga – 04/26/2011]Kazakhstan ready to consider Russia’s proposal of converting Baikonur Space Center into a joint-stock company, with Russia as major shareholder, according to RIA Novosti.
[SatNews – 04/26/2011]MTN Satellite Communications and ERZIA announce completion of Santander Teleport in Spain.
[PR Newswire – 04/26/2011]Satcom Direct becomes distribution partner for Inmarsat’s global phone services, offering them directly to government, military, and corporate aviation customers and resellers.
[PR Web – 04/26/2011]SES WORLD SKIES announces three new capacity deals with Global Crossing to meet growing connectivity demand across Latin America.
[Business Wire – 04/26/2011]Inmarsat and SkyWave develop new low data rate tracking, monitoring and message service promising up to 37x data capability of current global M2M services, for Q3 2011 launch.
[NSR – 04/26/2011]NARSS puts EgyptSat-2 launch on indefinite hiatus.
[Satellite Today – 04/25/2011]Arianespace launches two satellites – Yahsat 1A and Intelsat’s New Dawn, from French Guiana.
[redOrbit – 04/24/2011]Thuraya to sponsor the Istanbul University Solar Race Team in the World Solar Challenge across the continent of Australia, also providing Thuraya IP and Thuraya XT as their full communication solutions.
[SatNews – 04/24/2011]

SpaceX wins $75M NASA contract to complete Dragon spacecraft and modify it for human transport with launch escape system.
[Military Aerospace – 04/20/2011

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services

Yo?! Yah!

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Can you imagine what the satellite owners were going through when this launch was aborted on the pad?!? Watch…

24 hours later, no problem. Phew…

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/22/2011

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Ariane 5 second attempt to launch Yahsat 1A and New Dawn satellites is successful.
[NASA Spaceflight – 04/22/2011]

Thaicom 5 suffers technical glitch blacking out video service for about three hours.
[The Nation  – 04/22/2011]

Egypt announces indefinite postponement of the launch of research satellite EgyptSat 2 scheduled for 2013.
[SatNews – 04/22/2011]

Can Dish network leverage Blockbuster’s vast library of movies and licensing rights to stream them over the Web to unseat Netflix?
[Washington Post – 04/22/2011]

Hispasat Group and Pittsburgh International Telecommunications launch “New Winds” DTH platform on Amazonas-2 satellite.
[EIN Presswire – 04/22/2011]

ITC Global, international satcom provider to mining, energy, and maritime industries, to acquire satellite operations of Broadpoint LLC.
[PR Newswire – 04/21/2011]

Thales Alenia Space signs 54.5 million euros contract with the European Space Agency to supply new version of EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System).
[SatNews – 04/21/2011]

Avanti Communications welcomes Polish service provider Polnetkom to its HYLAS 1 system.
[SatNews – 04/21/2011]

SIS LIVE launches Tr-uPod multi-band, fully-automated tripod antenna system in 0.75, 1.0,1.2, and 1.5m sizes, capable of operating in X-, Ku-, Ka-, and DBS-bands, with 1.5m also available in C-band.
[SatNews – 04/21/2011]

SI Wireless and LightSquared enter bilateral roaming agreement which will provide SI Wireless with nationwide 4G-LTE footprint as well as satellite coverage in rural areas.
[PR Newswire – 04/21/2011]

Indian rocket successfully reaches space with three satellites including Resourcesat-2.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

Eutelsat announces contract between its subsidiary Skylogic and Avonline to sell broadband services using  KA SAT in the UK.
[sourcewire – 04/20/2011]

SES ASTRA signs agreement with Romanian Internet provider E-Sourcing Khow-How & Serv. Inc. for marketing of its satellite-based broadband service ASTRA2Connect in Romania.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

U.S.A.F. Wideband Global SATCOM system’s dual-band and crossbanding capabilities critical in ongoing earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Japan.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

IsatPhone Pro now available from Stratos Global with data service and Stratos’ recently released AmosConnect 8.2 communications application.
[PR Newswire – 04/20/2011]

German teleport & satellite service provider CETel acquires SeaMobile Europe.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

RapidEye satellite imaging products to be distributed throughout Africa by Geoconsult International.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

LightSquared signs bilateral roaming agreement with Cellular South, whose rural subscribers with no terrestrial coverage will get satellite coverage.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

World Teleport Association publishes “How to Deliver High Quality of Service 24x7x365” report exploring best practices of teleport operators.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

RUAG Space of Sweden gets order from Thales Alenia Space for 81 Payload Interface Units for the Iridium NEXT satellites.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

Globalstar completes equity investment in TrafficCast International.
[SatNews – 04/20/2011]

Korea’s 1st communications satellite, Cheollian, starts commercial operations.
[The Chosunilbo – 04/19/2011]

U.S. Space is awarded U.S. Air Force contract to study feasible acquisition alternatives to satisfy MILSATCOM needs.
[PR Newswire – 04/19/2011]

Eumetsat moves Meteosat-6 to graveyard orbit after more than 17 years of service.
[SatNews – 04/19/2011]

Hughes Communications India named 2011 Best VSAT Operator in India at Telecom Operator Awards ceremony.
[PR Newswire – 04/19/2011]

Satellite broadband providers Dish Network, Echostar Technologies, ViaSat/Wildblue and Hughes Networks want piece of FCC broadband fund.
[Multichannel – 04/19/2011]

Spot recalls satellite communicator due to loss of emergency communications capability.
[eNews Park Forest – 04/19/2011]

Spacenet acquires nationwide broadband network solutions provider Cicat Networks.
[Washington Technology – 04/18/2011]

Avanti Communications wins $7.6M refund from Space Exploration Technologies Corporation in New York court.
[Sharecast – 04/18/2011]

Thales Alenia Space awards Lockheed Martin payload application software development contract for Iridium NEXT satellites.
[PR Newswire – 04/18/2011]

African communications company Vodacom awards Hughes Network Systems contract to provide HN and HX broadband satellite solutions to expand its network.
[PR Newswire – 04/18/2011]

Terrestar seeks court approval to hold auction for all its assets.
[Reuters – 04/18/2011]

KVH receives order worth more than $3.7M from an international customer for the TLS tactical navigation system.
[Satellite Spotlight – 04/18/2011]

May 24 NSR webinar interview with Eutelsat to evaluate the global HTS sector and discuss KA-SAT and its role in the European telecom market.
[gotomeeting – May 24 webinar registration]

AEHF-1 crosses half-way mark to geosynchronous orbit in orbit-raising procedure planned following its failure to reach orbit during launch in August 2010.
[SatNews – 04/17/2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services

3-2-1, Leopard?!?!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Holy Wild Kingdom, Batman!! A wandering leopard could have risked the launch of PSLV C-16 the other day…

A prowling leopard in Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Shar at Sriharikota in SPSR Nellore district created a flutter among scientists in the space port on Thursday. According to information, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel guarding the Shar noticed the leopard late on Wednesday night near the second launching pad from where PSLV C-16 is slated for launch in the third or fourth week of April.

Wildlife officials of Sullurpeta swung into action after the CISF alerted them and beat drums and burst crackers to drive away the animal into the forest till the early hours of Thursday. The district forest officer, wildlife management, Mr Ch. Pardhananda Prasad, said that they became aware of the presence of a leopard in the Shar forest during January. Referring to the pugmarks they had spotted then, he said that the animal was about five years old. Speaking to this newspaper on Thursday, Mr Prasad struck down apprehensions about its movements, causing any obstruction to the proposed launching. “Shar is situated in the midst of 18,200 hectares of forest area which is a totally restricted zone. The leopard does not have to search for its prey since there is a sizeable population of deer and wild boars in the forest, among other animals.”

He ruled out rumours of trapping the animal, pointing to wildlife rules. He said that such a situation will arise only when animals turn into man-eaters. Mr Prasad said that they were ensuring that the animal was driven away from habitations in Shar with the help of their staff.

In the launch business, you’ve got to make sure you have every angle covered. Including leopards.

Nice job on the successful launch, by the way. Maybe we should introduce Florida Panthers to all the wild boars around The Cape.

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/15/2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Global satellite machine-to-Machine (M2M) service revenues to reach $1.7B by 2017 according to new Gobal Industry Analysts report.
[San Francisco Chronicle – 04/15/2011]

U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency wants to lease a single commercial satellite for 15 years for $440M, meeting 78% of U.S. Central Command’s requirements in Afghanistan and Iraq while dramatically cutting costs.
[Next Gov – 04/15/2011]

Cheetah “Morale Satellite” system provides free phone calls home and fast Internet connectivity for soldiers in Afghanistan.
[DIVIDS – 04/15/2011]

Comtech receives $1.2M satellite ground station equipment order from a large integrator for a military requirement in a Latin American country.
[Your Industry News – 04/15/2011]

Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kan) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb) in an open letter ask fellow senators to call on FCC to stop LightSquared from deploying its nationwide LTE network until it proves service does not interfere with GPS services.
[Fierce Wireless – 04/15/2011]

Space Data Association announces full operational capability of its Space Data Center, established by commercial satellite operators to improve the safety and efficiency of space operations.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carries National Reconnaissance Office’s L-34 secret satellite payload aloft from Vandenberg.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

Arianespace to launch ASTRA 2E satellite for SES ASTRA in 2013.
[Brahmand – 04/14/2011]

New way to cool military satellite payloads to be tested by Northrop Grumman Corporation with an experiment on the International Space Station.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

Newtec extends invitation to all to join their 2011 Business Seminar “How to Keep Satellite Services Profitable” in Miami May 11 and 12, with first day capped by leisurely cruise and dinner.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

ITT successfully concludes Critical Design Review for imaging payload for the Worldview-3 Earth observation satellite being built for DigitalGlobe.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

Iridium excecutive states that the biggest opportunity ever for placing hosted payloads aboard telecommunications satellite system (the 66-satellite next generation Iridium system) may be lost because of slow-moving government bureaucracies.
[Space News – 04/14/2011]

Gilat’s SkyEdge II Broadband Satellite Network selected by Telecom Namibia to provide hundreds of locations throughout Namibia with VOIP and Internet services.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

New satellite to be launched from Kodiak Alaska, TACSAT-4, will carry UHF payload in highly elliptical orbit that will allow soldiers to communicate from deep canyons rather than out in the open, saving lives, though only available 6-7 hours a day.
[National Defense – 04/14/2011]

Advantech Wireless signs contract with Hoje Telecom of Brazil to provide VSAT upgrade hub, RF equipment, and more than 1,000 remote terminals.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services, in conjunction with Globalstar Avrasya of Turkey, provisioned to cover all of European sub-continent as well as northern Africa, Middle East, and most of Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic ocean maritime region.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

U.S. Air Force awards Integral Systems $6.99M contract for Rapid Attack Identification, Detection, and Reporting System to provide near real-time detection, characterization, geolocation, and electromagnetic Interference reporting for critical satellite communication systems.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

Dynetics and Pratt & Whitney join Rocket City Space Pioneers team competing for Google $30M Lunar X Prize to be awarded to first team to build and launch to the moon a privately funded spacecraft capable of completing a series of exploration and transmission tasks.
[SatNews – 04/14/2011]

MDA signs contract worth more than $40M to provide technology support for satellite communications and information service for a confidential customer.
[Windsor Star – 04/14/2011]

92,708 total registered attendees for 2011 NAB show in Las Vegas, with 25,691 international attendees and 1,314 news media, beating 2010 final attendance of 88,044.
[SatNews – 04/13/2011]

German aerospace contractor approved for taking lead role in designing European data relay satellite to promptly relay images of Earth from orbiting spacecraft back to ground stations.
[Spaceflight Now – 04/13/2011]

Top Azerbaijani official says country will launch communications satellite in 2012.
[RFE/RL – 04/13/2012]

Russia plans to test a next-generation spacecraft, build a new cosmodrome and even consider a manned mission to Mars after 2035.
[R&D Magazine – 04/13/2011]

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology announces launch of eighth satellite of the Beidou-2 global navigation system aboard a Long March 3A rocket on April 10, 2011.
[Examiner – 04/13/2011]

RRSAT grows global broadcast network to over 590 channels featuring SD, HD, and 3D formats and increased number of playout centers in Israel and U.S.
[PR Newswire – 04/13/2011]

Arqiva will launch dedicated DVB-S2 MPEG-4 shared platform at Los Angeles teleport, affording broadcasters and mobile providers access to 100% of U.S. cable headends via SES WORLD SKIES’ AMC-10 satellite.
[TMCnet – 04/13/2011]

Raytheon leads team bidding on U.S. Air Force Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) Integrated Support Contract (LISC).
[Defense – Aerospace – 04/13/2011]

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approves merger of XM Canada and Sirius Canada.
[Satellite Today – 04/13/2011]

Intelsat’s New Dawn African satellite rescheduled for April 22 launch.
[Engineering News – 04/12/2011]

SES ASTRA Platform Services opens new playout centre near Munich, significantly expanding capabilities to provide broadcasters and production houses around the world with state-of-the-art playout and platform services.
[SatNews – 04/12/2011]

Harris to deliver shipboard satellite communications terminals to Canadian Navy.
[Satellite Spotlight – 04/12/2011]

SES WORLD SKIES announces AMC-3 C-band capacity deal with Weigel Broadcasting to deliver new digital ME TV channel to broadcast stations and viewers across U.S.
[Business Wire – 04/12/2011]

GMPCS unveils IsatTruck vehicular satellite phone package.
[PR Web – 04/12/2011]

TeleCommunications Systems selected as participant in FCSA contract allowing government agencies to procure services from commercial satellite services providers.
[Market Wire – 04/12/2011]

NSR press release – Revenues for Broadband Satellite Satellite Services to Exceed S$9 Billion by 2020.
[NSR – 04/12/2011]

GlobeCast selects Eurobird 9A to launch HD distribution platform.
[Indian Television – 04/12/2011]

Level 3 buys Global Crossing in effort to create a networking giant.
[Business Insider – 04/11/2011]

Maiden voyage of Ocean Star Pacific, first ship of the first national cruise line based in Mexico, to offer MTM satellite communications VSAT, crew calling, and Internet services.
[PR Newswire – 04/11/2011]

Qatar plans early 2013 launch of its high-powered communications satellite Es’Hail, being built under joint investment with Eutelsat.
[Gulf Times – 04/11/2011]

TerreStar GENUS satellite-enabled cellular smartphone provides expanded voice and data roaming coverage for mobile users.
[SatNews – 04/10/2011]

Iran’s claims about satellite service raise difficult question for ITU – “Can regulators refuse to accept word of sovereign nation about its own assets even if they are convinced it is lying?”
[Spacenews – 04/08/2011]

NSR Report “Broadband Satellite Markets” – VSAT networking and broadband access continue gains; a turning point for IP trunking.
[NSR – May 2011]

NSR Report “Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets” – 109 payloads were carried by 74 launch missions worldwide over the past 12 months, down from 2009 by 6.5%.
[NSR – May 2011]

Raytheon seeks new applications for System designed to communicate with deeply submerged swiftly moving submarines using satellites and underwater communications systems tied to buoys, since Navy has yet to come to decision on deployment.
[National Defense Magazine – May 2011]

NSR upcoming – HTS and KA-SAT: “Changing the European Telecom Landscape” – An Interview with Eutelsat.
[gotomeeting – May 24, 2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services

Tripping at NAB

Friday, April 15th, 2011

“By coupling our core Broadband Bonding technology with Network Calculus modeling we are able to effectively use statistics to smash the barrier of unpredictable behavior associated with cellular service to guarantee a certain level of quality necessary for transmitting HD video with extremely low latency,” said Mushroom Networks’ founder and Chief Science Officer, Dr. Rene Cruz, in a statement.

Dude, I’ll have some of what he had.

That’s what B&C reported on Mushroom Networks and their Teleporter product, introduced at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas. Their other products, with name like PortaBella and Porcini, do have a unique branding scheme. Apparently, somebody in their creative department sold them on it and I find it refreshing. This is what you need to get noticed (Engadget liked it enough to write about it, so that’s a plus).

Figures: they’re based in Southern California.

Edusat Fail?

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

According to the Times of India, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India issued a report on distance learning and how it’s not working out as well as expected (see Edusat post from 2008).

The report said that as per norms fixed by the director of technical education, five programmes of one hour’s duration each were to be telecast a week. This was to educate students through the Satcom network at all government engineering colleges and polytechnics, infrastructural facilities such as LCD projectors and Satcom network were created by Bisag in 2001.

The report said scrutiny of records revealed that while 155 lectures were delivered through Satcom for government engineering college students, no lectures were delivered for polytechnic students during 2005-10. The shortfall in programmes ranged between 82 and 98 per cent during 2005-10 in degree colleges and 100 per cent in polytechnics. Thus, the infrastructure created remained underutilized and deprived diploma students from the intended benefits of distance learning, the CAG report stated.

For more, check out the Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Application and Geo-informatics.

Free Coffee at NAB 2011

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

That’s right: free coffee. Courtesy of the NAB Show‘s official satellite broadcaster, On Call Communications.

“This is the first time we’ve used IP satellite as part of the official show coverage,” according to Michelle Kelly, NAB’s Senior Vice President of Convention Marketing. “In the past, broadcast outlets had to set up their own uplinks. On Call’s IP satellite is cutting-edge technology that will expand the coverage of the show to a much wider audience and we couldn’t be happier.”

“We are thrilled to be asked to play such an important role in this year’s NAB,” responded On Call’s CEO Jim Gilbert. “Our QuickSPOT™ Dual IP/DVB Satellite News Gathering System is the perfect platform for the show. It’s kind of like a Swiss army knife for broadcasters. It not only provides high quality standard or high definition video, but can also webcast, transfer files, and provide IFB, voice, internet access and e-mail all on one easy to use platform. It offers the convenience and functionality of IP with a twist of DVB thrown in to allow the signal to be sent to lots of broadcasters simultaneously.”

On Call will introduce its newest satellite news gathering system at the show, dubbed The QuickSPOT™ Solution. “We’ve enhanced the Classic QuickSPOT™ IP SNG System by giving the studio direct control over the encoders, audio and video switches and HD cameras, using an intuitive web based graphical user interface,” said Gilbert. “That not only makes its operation even easier, it makes single person live reporting from the field achievable, reducing crew and cost for networks and affiliates.”

On Call Communications will exhibit at NAB 2011 April 11-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibit booth features an insert studio and a live uplink. Attendees are welcome to visit the booth #OE910 to watch the IP/DVB system in action as it transmits from the show. Visitors may also try out the new intuitive IP studio control and view demonstrations of On Call’s studio controlled HD cameras. Upon request, On Call will also make the live uplink available to broadcasters either from the booth or from nearly any location on the floor.

Downlink everyday:

Satellite:   Intelsat Horizons 2 Ku-band @ 74° West, Transponder 20K
Modulation:   DVBS QPSK
FEC:   3/4
Downlink:     14495 Mhz (1445Mhz L-band) Vertical
Symbol Rate:   3.37384 Msps
System Bit Rate:   4.663 Mbps
Video Format:   NTSC
Encoding:   MPEG-4 HD
Aspect Ratio:   16 x 9
Audio Configuration:   Stereo

And let’s not forget the NAB YouTube channel. More NAB resources from TV Technology and the NAB Show Daily.

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 04/08/2011

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Iran attempting to retrieve Mesbah-1 satellite from Italy – satellite was to have been launched by Russia in 2005, but Russia denies having received satellite.
[Payvand Iran – 04/08/2011]

KVH creates Brazilian subsidiary in ongoing effort to offer sales, service, and support in key commercial maritime regions.
[SatNews – 04/08/2011]

Intelsat gets series of new contracts with media customers using Intelsat’s video satellite neighborhoods.
[SatNews – 04/08/2011]

Innovations related to space technologies developed today define crucial role of space in first step toward an integrated European Space Policy under Lisbon Treaty.
[Space Daily – 04/07/2011]

Dish Network may be preparing for competition with Netflix, with a winning bid of $228M at auction for bankrupt Blockbuster.
[Wall Street Journal – 04/07/2011]

Harris merges Schlumberger, CapRock, and Core180 acquisitions into a single unit.
[Satellite Today – 04/07/2011]

U.S. Space launches mobile communications business targeting government agencies.
[PR Newswire – 04/07/2011]

Row 44 partners with Hughes and Intelsat to expand Ku-band in-flight coverage of international in-flight broadband platform.
[Satellite Today – 04/07/2011]

U.S.A.F. forwards contract modification directing SBIRS contractor team to implement revised ground delivery strategy to receive data from both DSP satellites and SBIRS satellite.
[SatNews – 04/07/2011]

Ocean Systems Engineering Corporation wins $12M task order from U.S. Marines for engineering and scientific support for networking and satellite communications.
[SIGNALSCAPE – 04/07/2011]

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates contracts with Boeing to provide advance technology solutions for the 702HP satellites.
[SatNews – 04/07/2011]

Vizada is among first Inmarsat Distribution Partners to roll out new IsatPhone Pro email and data transfer capability to its entire network of service provider partners.
[SatNews – 04/07/2011]

GMPCS Personal Communications offers Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro data service and email.
[Benzinga – 04/07/2011]

Bosnia’s Mreza Plus TV now distributed by AMOS satellite fleet.
[SatNews – 04/07/2011]

RRsat’s new MCPC platform on Hispasat 1E to bring digital HD, 3D, and SD satellite video to tens of millions of viewers in Latin America.
[SatNews – 04/07/2011]

Space X unveils plans to launch the world’s most powerful rocket since man went to the moon.
[R&D Magazine – 04/06/2011]

Mitsubishi announces completion of construction of the ST-2 communications satellite ordered by Singapore Telecommunications and Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom.
[4-traders – 04/06/2011]

Twice last week space junk approached International Space Station too closely for comfort, and experts predict more close calls over next several years.
[Fox News – 04/06/2011]

U.S. Army’s WIN-T program accelerates efforts in the at-the-halt and fixed satellite communications programs.
[Defense Systems – 04/06/2011]

Recently signed multi-year network partnership agreement with Open Range Communications may be key to filling out LightSquared’s nationwide network.
[Urgent Communications – 04/06/2011]

Integral Systems wins $8.6M contract modification to its Command and Control System-Consolidated with U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center.
[Satellite Today – 04/06/2011]

Eutelsat signs another deal, with French Internet service provider Sat2Way, as it looks to fill Ka-Sat before operations begin.
[Satellite Today – 04/06/2011]

Hughes Europe to spotlight advanced satellite technology and services at Antibes Yacht Show in Antibes, France, from April 7 – 10.
[SatNews – 04/06/2011]

OnAir’s combined GSM and inflight internet services using SwiftBroadband prove to have sufficient capacity for passengers’ needs after 1 year of service.
[SatNews – 04/06/2011]

ViaSat and JetBlue finalize plans for Ka-band in-flight broadband service.
[Satellite Today – 04/05/2011]

TriaGnoSys launches GSMConneX, an end-to-end solution providing GSM services to aircraft passengers.
[SatNews – 04/05/2011]

Q-KON SA provides mobile satellite service for users in South Africa requiring high-speed Internet access in remote locations.
[PRLog – 04/05/2011]

Russian spacecraft named for Yuri Gargarin reaches orbit on way to International Space Station.
[SatNews – 04/05/2011]

International Launch Services gets Mitsubishi’s contract for launch of Turksat 4A and Turksat 4B on ILS Proton.
[SatNews – 04/05/2011]

Gilat partners with Ethiopian wireless business solution specialist Global Tracking to provide comprehensive fleet tracking services in Ethiopia.
[Satellite Today – 04/05/2011]

SkyVision establishes enterprise hub in Democratic Republic of the Congo.
[Satellite Today – 04/05/2011]

Communications crosslink between STSS satellites built by Grumman extends real-time “stereo tracking” of space objects.
[ComSpaceWatch – 04/04/2011]

Dual-purpose Indian satellite GSAT-8, with Ku-band and navigation payloads, arrives in French Guiana.
[SatNews – 04/04/2011]

Rafael Advance Defense Systems developing micro-satellite concept employing low-earth-orbit high resolution imaging satellites suitable for airborne launch.
[SatNews – 04/04/2011]

Iridium announces operational launch of Global Service Program to support all users of Iridium OpenPort broadband maritime satellite communication service.
[Traders Huddle – 04/04/2011]

New consortium headed by Astrium to demo telemedicine network for Africa under award by the European Space Agency.
[SatNews – 04/04/2011]

Surrey Satellite Technology expands on-line e-commerce product offering to include space-qualified satellite platforms.
[SatNews – 04/04/2011]

KVH extends availability of recently introduced simple, fast rate plans for mini-VSAT maritime broadband to all new miniVSAT broadband subscribers.
[Globe Newswire – 04/04/2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services


Friday, April 8th, 2011

How quickly analysts respond to big stories in industries they “follow” or otherwise expert in their inner workings. Many examples exist, but this one really got me…

David Berliner, an adviser at BDO Consulting, told Kary that the deal may be all about gaining customers for Dish Network’s satellite service. He cited a similar situation — the $95 million acquisition of electronics chain The Wiz by Cablevision in 1998. Cablevision “got access to Wiz customers to sell Cablevision services,” said Berliner.

Customers at Nobody Beats The Wiz? There’s no real loyalty in retail consumer electronics.

The issue in this acquisition comes down to streaming rights. Blockbuster had a chance to buy Netflix 10 years ago for $50 million. You’ll recall Sling Media is now part of the DISH Network family and this deal gives them streaming rights to video content practically overnight.

Comcast: prepare for battle. Your on-demand service is now getting hit from all sides. Fiber, satellite, Internet, P2P, etc.

Back to Blockbuster. Was it really Netflix that killed it? Yeah, I think so. Check out this infographic from last month in SocialTimes