The Satellite Game



Access Intelligence still has a pretty good game going, with hundreds paying money to attend their show in Washington. It opens today.

Some "highlights" to ponder…

A1 Microwave Ltd (Booth #157) announces the A1 Microwave PB1109WN, a satcoms receive filter used to reject the transmitter signal in X-band satcom terminals. This tunerless, mechanically robust design occupies only 157 mm of waveguide length and it provides 90 dB rejection over the transmitter band 7.9-8.4GHz. Insertion loss in the receive band 7.25-7.75 GHz is only 0.5 dB. It is ideal for use in small or portable systems where size is at a premium. 

Actox Corporation (Booth #176) has just released several of the smallest and the lightest Block Up Converters in the industry for Ku-Band, C-Band and X-Band. The units feature auto-ranging power 18-70VDC, 80-240VAC; double L.O., advanced M&C interface as well as sophisticated LED indicators.

A-Alpha Waveguide Company (Booth #720), announces they are now stocking aluminum waveguide flange stock in sizes from WR22 to WR137 and double ridged sizes WRD180, 475, 580, 650, and 750. This 6063 extruded aluminum material precludes the need to broche corners in the windows of aluminum bar stock to manufacture flanges.

Ameripack Inc. (Booth #191) introduces the Road Warrior Transit Case Family. The Road Warriors are the best Air & Water Tight Transit Cases designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. that provide the most protection in any environment.

Commtact-Mobile SAT (Booth #144) announced the new Mobile Satellite Terminal (MOST: undefined, undefined, undefined%). The system is designed for a high bandwidth two-way communication between moving platforms (aircraft, ground vehicles, etc.) and geo-stationary satellites in Ku/Ka bands. The MOST system has excellent cost-performance characteristics, utilizing a high efficiency shaped reflector Antenna, a state of the art low profile design, creating an ODU (Out-Door-Unit) of only 28cm height.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Booth #308) announces that its subsidiary Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation recently filed patents for two key components of its next-generation Blue Force Tracking-High Capacity (BFT-HC) network. The first patent filing covers the Advanced Software Defined Radio (ASDR: undefined, undefined, undefined%) transceiver, or BFT-HC transceiver. The ASDR represents a significant leap forward in mobile transceiver technology and is designed to meet or exceed all performance requirements identified for the BFT program’s next-generation satellite-based communications network. The second patent filing covers next-generation earth station technology for the BFT-HC network referred to as Adaptive Multi-User Detection (AMD: 3.02, n.a., n.a.%). This next-generation AMD equipment employs advanced signal processing techniques hosted on state-of-the-art hardware, which allows near real-time processing of overlapping signals transmitted by numerous mobile terminals.

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation (Booth #368) announces LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI: undefined, undefined, undefined%) certified switching systems. These LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI: undefined, undefined, undefined%) certified switching systems offer a broad range of functionality to meet a wide variety of applications needs in design verification, combining state-of-the-art measurements in a small package at a cost-effective price.

EchoStar Satellite Services (Booth #597) announced an agreement with Vredes, Inc., to provide satellite services for emergency management and other remote location broadcast demands. With access to EchoStar’s satellites and state-of-the-art digital broadcast centers, Vredes will provide fully redundant transponder and hub services to support MotoSAT and its EtherSAT(TM: 65.23, 0, 0%) Service, which offers government and enterprise customers redundant, on-demand broadband internet, voice and video services, especially during national disasters or when working in remote locations.

EMS Technologies Defense and Space Systems (Booth #121 ) is introducing to the aero connectivity market Ku-band broadband antenna systems that support satellite direct TV programming, internet, email, VPN, VOIP, instant messages, video conferencing and various entertainment applications such as video-on-demand, live TV, online gaming and multimedia applications. The system offers true, full-featured broadband services aboard any size aircraft, from wide or narrow-body commercial aircraft to small VIP business jets.

Global Satellite USA (Booth # 1608) has partnered with worldwide crisis response company Global Rescue to provide their clients with the highest level of medical and security information and emergency evacuations from around the globe. This partnership will allow Global Satellite’s clients to rely on effective communications solutions in an emergency and ensure that someone will be able to provide them with emergency services, including worldwide field rescue and evacuation from distant and isolated regions to the members’ hospital of choice or safe location.

iDirect (Booth #517) has launched the iConnex e850mp Board that can be carried and deployed by a single soldier and support advanced military applications. The iConnex e850mp Board provides advanced portability and flexibility to support the rigorous demands of military and government satcom applications. The e850mp, easily carried and deployed by a single soldier, provides a highly capable solution for voice, video and data connectivity on the battlefield.

Iridium Satellite LLC (Booth #437 ) is announcing several new products at SATELLITE 2009: the 9522B, a second-generation L-Band Transceiver (LBT: undefined, undefined, undefined%); the 9555, a new satellite phone; and OpenPort(TM: 65.23, 0, 0%), the world’s first and only global voice and data device engineered for the maritime market. The 9522B is designed to be embedded into a range of mobile satellite terminals, packaged with an external power supply, antenna and other components. The compact, lightweight LBT unit with built-in SIM card reader supports all Iridium-based services, including voice telephony, circuit-switched data, short-burst data (SBD: undefined, undefined, undefined%) and short message service (SMS: 13.22, 0, 0%). The 9522B is ideal for use in equipment on aircraft, ships and other transport vehicles and devices around the globe.

I can hardly contain my excitement.