WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 06/08/2012

Intelsat announces new high performance satellite platform, EpicNG, with a complementary overlay that will be fully integrated with Intelsat’s existing fleet.
[Market Watch – 06/07/2012]

Orbital Sciences Pegasus rocket carrying NASA’s NuStar satellite arrives at Kwajalein Atoll launch site.
[Reuters – 06/07/2012]

Inmarsat announces 30,000 FleetBroadband terminals now in service.
[Market Watch – 06/07/2012]

KVH appoints Athens-based KB Impuls Hellas as new commercial marine distributor in Greece for TracPhone, TracVision, and mini-VSAT products.
[Market Watch – 06/07/2012]

Astrium opens GeoStore portal as gateway to its unique stock of satellite imagery.
[SatNews – 06/07/2012]

KVH wins $35.6 million Sudi Arabian contract for TACNAV TLS and TACNAV Light navigation systems, installation, and training, to modernize the country’s military vehicles.
[SatNews – 06/07/2012]

First Space Based Infrared System satellite launched May 7, 2012 demonstrating outstanding performance exceeding specifications during in-orbit testing. [SatNews – 06/06/2012]

Two next generation satellites being built by Space Systems/Loral for Australia’s NBN will double the speed of the National Broadband Network for people living in rural Australia.
[SMARTHOUSE – 06/06/2012]

Harris Corporation successfully completes Critical Design Review and is approved to begin implementation of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s GOES-R Ground Segment.
[Market Watch – 06/06/2012]

Boeing leading team including Raytheon and Harris, seeking Air Force GPS Control Segment Sustainment contract.
[SatNews – 06/06/2012]

Major shipping company Reederei Werner Bockstiegel upgrades to Iridium Pilot and se@COMM broadband data package.
[Market Watch – 06/06/2012]

Nigeria’s survivability, and education of its youth, seen as highly dependent upon proper implementation of satellite communications throughout the country.
[Vanguard – 06/06/2012]

French Open and London 2012 Olympic Games to be broadcast in 3D via ASTRA satellite system.
[SatNews – 06/06/2012]

Gilat offering free webinar on how to ensure communications to deepwater oil & gas platforms.
[SatNews – 06/06/2012]

Adjusting focus in HTS mobility – FSS operators looking at mobility market, as Intelsat launches EPIC and other operators take different approach.
[NSR – 06/06/2012]

Launches of three European Space Agency Earth observation Swarm satellites delayed due to technical issues at three separate launch sites.
[Satellite TRoday – 06/05/2012]

Cellphones killed Iridium once, but in its second coming the satellite phone maker and fleet operator is looking to cell phones to secure its future.
[Reuters – 06/05/2012

Space Systems/Loral is evaluating delayed South solar array deployment on recently launched Intelsat satellite, and reviews other satellites based on the same platform. [Space Ref – 06/05/2012]

With satellite fleet launch to begin in less than a year, O3b launches backhaul services for wireless carriers.
[Cable360Net – 06/05/2012]

Blocking Arabian satellite channels new form of censorship.
[AL-Monitor – 06/05/2012]

Indian armed forces to get first-ever dedicated military satellite, scheduled launch next month.
[Online International News Network – 06/05/2012]

Beam Communications announces new Inmarsat-based satellite piracy solution for secure communication on board a vessel.
[VIRTUAL-STRATEGY – 06/05/2012]

KVH app0oints MVS Group as service provider for mini-VSAT product.
[Market Watch – 06/05/2012]

Republic of Congo tests femtocell and satellite network.
[Wall Street Journal – 06/05/2012]

Selling low to win high-end customers – Harris CapRock signs five-year 34-ship contract with Royal Caribbean Cruises, marking increasing competition for MTM in cruise ship business.
[NSR – 06/05/2012]

Sierra Nevada Corporation initiates Dream Chaser Space System’s flight test program with successful captive carry of full scale Dream Chaser Flight Vehicle, designed for carrying supplies and crew to the International Space Station.
[SatNews – 06/04/2012]

NBN of Australia faces spectrum constraints, inaccurate address data, and complaints about towers while rolling out wireless and satellite broadband.
[ZDNet – 06/04/2012]

Hubble-type telescopes donated to NASA by National Reconnaissance Office may find new life investigating dark matter in the universe.
[New York Times – 06/04/2012]

Tesacom will offer KVH mini-VSAT broadband service in South America.
[Market Watch – 06/04/2012]

NSR report “Wireless Backhaul Via Satellite, 6th Edition” quantifies market opportunity for Land-based Towers and Mobility Platforms and outlines key programs and technology developments that will impact market long term.
[NSR – July 2012]

NOTABLE:  HOSTED PAYLOADS Air Force may spend up to 1 billion over next decade on hosted payloads.
[Washington Post – 04/22/2012] Hosted payload summit to be held in September in Washington DC.
[Hosted Payload Summit}