Yves Rossy: Fusion Man

"I feel fantastically happy." 

That’s what Yves Rossy said after his flight. We remember Jet ManSpiegel Online writes he set a new personal flight record:

…he jumped out of a plane above the Swiss town of Bex and took flight using a jetpack he created.

The five-minute flight was the first public demonstration of Rossy’s one-of-a-kind device, which took him five years to create.

The inventor brings years of more conventional experience to his death-defying feats. He is a former Swiss military pilot and has been a co-pilot and captain for Switzerland’s two national airlines, Swissair and Swiss.

Dressed in a white flight suit, wearing a white helmet and strapped to his black device, Rossy was dropped from an airplane 2,348 meters above the Earth. He first unfolded the rigid, eight-foot wings strapped to his back, then fired up four tiny jet engines originally intended to power model aircraft.

A helicopter flew nearby to document his five minutes of glory, and an airplane followed to measure his speed. Rossy reached speeds of 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour).

"The flight was excellent," Rossy told reporters gathered at the airfield where he touched down. Rossy wears a heavy, heat-resistant flying suit, similar to those worn by race car drivers and firefighters, to protect himself from the jet engines’ exhaust.

The report from the Today Show:


Here’s a cool video edit: