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Justiz in Deutschland?

Monday, February 28th, 2011

C’mon, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the guy’s innocent.

A statement from John Demjaniuk, via the Kyiv Post


Statement of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk in Germany
Feb 22 at 19:23 | John Demjanjuk
Editor’s Note: The following is a statement released by Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk, who is undergoing trial in Germany, where he is charged with World War Il crimes. See this Associated Press story and this Reuters story for more details.

As a child, Stalin condemned me to die through Holodomor, the forced famine. As a Soviet Ukrainian POW of the Germans, they tried to kill me through starvation and slave labor. The USA and Israel fraudulently accused me of being Ivan the Terrible. As a result, I spent 8.5 years in prison and 5 years in the death cell. Though innocent, on each of those 1,800 days in a death cell, I feared I was going to die due to the reckless fraud and political motives of corrupt prosecutors and judges who were not seeking justice.

Now, nearing the end of my life, Germany, the nation which murdered with merciless cruelty millions of innocent people, attempts to extinguish my dignity, my soul, my spirit, and indeed my life with a political show trial seeking to blame me, a Ukrainian peasant, for the crimes committed by Germans in World War III. They chose me for prosecution – a foreign POW in the brutal hands of Germany – rather than any of the truly guilty Germans and Ethnic Germans. Germany’s weapons of torture in this trial include, suppression of exculpatory evidence, falsification of history, introduction of so-called legal principles which never existed in Germany previously, conspiring with fraudulent prosecutors of the USA and Israel, and a reckless refusal of each argument, motion and exculpatory piece of evidence my defense has submitted which should have already resulted in my acquittal and freedom.

Fearing the truth, the German Court and Prosecutors continue to turn a blind eye to justice by refusing the following:

To request from Russia and Ukraine, File 1627, the 1400 page Soviet MGB/KGB investigative file on my case.

   1. To request from Russia and Ukraine, File 15457, the investigative file of Ignat Danilchenko, specifically to include the report of interview conducted with him about me at the request of the US authorities in 1983/1984.
   2. To request a qualified expert to examine the high quality photos available of the signature on the 1393 Trawniki document which has been falsely attributed to me.
   3. To accept as historical fact that the Nazis tortured Ukrainian POWs like me with starvation so that 3.5 million were murdered.
   4. To accept as historical fact, based upon overwhelming evidence from multiple countries and dozens of witnesses that POW Trawnikis were coerced under a real threat of death and were executed for attempting desertion.
   5. To accept as historical fact, based upon the entire record of the US and Israel proceedings, that I have previously been indicted and tried for the crimes now alleged here which resulted in my acquittal and release from Israel.

I have survived the brutality of Stalin and Nazi Germany and the wrongful conviction and death sentence of the Israelis and Americans. I have lived through unimaginable horrors from Stalin and death by starvation, to Nazi Germany and death by starvation and cannibalism as a POW, to Israel and death by hanging. This trial is now nothing more than the execution of these three unjust and horrific death sentences. There remains no other way for me to show the world what a mockery of justice this trial represents. Unless the Court accepts the historical facts, uses it’s authority to obtain the critical defense evidence not yet before the court and shows the world that it fully accepts its duty to seek justice rather than just conduct a political show trial, I will within 2 weeks begin a hunger strike.

John Demjanjuk

The following are comments by his son, John Demjanjuk Jr.:

“If the Germans are interested in justice, they will simply ask the Russians and the US to turn over all the evidence including Soviet Investigative file 1627 on my father and the missing Danilchenko reports. They have the access to evidence and we do not. This case has been fraught with government cover-up and prosecutorial misconduct and fraud over the years. So far, this trial has been just another chapter of the same injustice. Testimonies and official Nazi war records prove Soviet POWs faced starvation by the millions or were coerced to serve or face execution for desertion. It is abhorrent for Germany to now make its former prisoners and victims responsible for the crimes committed by Germans who in many cases were acquitted or never tried by Germany. This is not about justice being better late than never. Rather, it is Germany’s continued utter failure to accept responsibility for destroying the millions of people it captured.”

John Demjanjuk Jr.



WBMSAT News Bits February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25th, 2011

ATTENDING SATELLITE 2011?  Send me an email if you’d like to meet.  Bill

Discovery chases International Space Station after lifting off on its final mission.
[R&D Magazine – 02/25/2011]

Astrium ATV-2 executes perfect automatic docking maneuver with International Space Station and is on target to accomplish ISS supply and orbit-raising mission.
[SatNews – 02/25/2011]

Libya blocks satellite phone signals.
[UK International Business Times – 02/25/2011]

Russia and Israel set up joint group to focus on development of communications satellites.
[TMCnet – 02/25/2011]

Worldwide communication networks growing exponentially on consumer demand and commercial requirements, relying on infrastructure including satellite communications.
[PR Newswire – 02/25/2011]

New Paradise Datacom 80W X-band high power amplifier delivers 56W of WGS linear power in small package with Gallium Nitride transistor technology.
[SatNews – 02/25/2011]

Canadian company Advantech Wireless receives significan orders for new 900 Watt and 1600 Watt Ku-band outdoor solid state amplifier systems.
[SatNews – 02/25/2011]

Miteq introduces ultra compact HPA designed for airborne operation in 6-18 GHz range with 100W out at flange.
[SatNews – 02/25/2010]

Dish Network chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen professes no current plans for wireless spectrum it has been trying to amass for past few months, though it has value as investment and strategic play.
[Multichannel News – 02/24/2011]

Hughes Communications to increase its satellite coverage in India.
[India Times / Economic Times – 02/24/2011]

NASA’s Glory satellite launch delayed for at least a week as crews still troubleshoot problem that caused launch to be scrubbed at last minute.
[Santa Maria Times – 02/24/2011]

Russian Glonass-K navigation satellite launch delayed.
[SatNews – 02/24/2011]

New Army Wideband Satellite Communications Operations Center at Wahiawa Annex of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii dedicated.
[Star Advertiser – 02/24/2011]

Dish Network’s fourth quarter earnings rise 41% in spite of losing subscribers for third straight quarter.
[Wall Street Journal – 02/24/2011]

4G LTE won’t destroy GPS; will LightSquared?  (No – both GPS and LTE have to work).
[PC Magazine – 02/24/2011]

Lou Altman, CEO of BWCS, specialist consultancy focused on TMT sector and GlobaFone, to Speak at Train Communications Systems 2011.
[Benzinga – 02/24/2011]

Vizada launches Pharostar, a proprietary VSAT fixed satellite communications service added to its maritime broadband portfolio.
[SatNews – 02/24/2011]

Inmarsat to launch new Dynamic Telemetry Service via FleetBroadband later this year.
[SatNews – 02/24/2011]

Yahsat partners with Boeing and Astrium to provide secure airborne satellite communications capability.
[Zawya – 02/23/2011]

New Mexico’s bet on space tourism hits snag; governor wants to privatize Spaceport America, saying taxpayers have payed their fair share.
[NY Times – 02/23/2011]

Hapag-Lloyd is first to deploy Stratos’ new FBBPlus Managed Broadband service.
[PR Newswire – 02/23/2011]

KTs signs alliance agreement with SpeedCast to deliver global maritime network services via SpeedCast’s global Ku-band network.
[SatNews – 02/23/2011]

Inmarsat subsidiary Segovia wins NATO’s Communications Information Services Consultant Support Services indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract for professional and technical services to International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.
[SatNews – 02/23/2011]

RRsat providing 3D delivery of Fashion TV programming on three satellites.
[Street Insider – 02/23/2011]

DirecTV swings to fourth-quarter profit on subscriber growth based on takeaways from cable rivals.
[Wall Street Journal – 02/23/2011]

Abu Dhabi to launch first satellite next month.
[Khaleej Times – 02/23/2011]

Newcom International’s Office Without Borders package provides turnkey mobile office for Oil & Gas sector.
[TechZone – 02/23/2011]

Satellite Spotlight award presented to iDirect’s SatManage network management.
[Satellite Spotlight – 02/23/2011]

Lightsquared closes $586 million in additional debt financing from USB and JP Morgan, bringing debt financing over last 7 months to more than $2 billion.
[Wireless Week – 02/22/2011]

Air Force concerned about Lightsquared interference – general suggests company’s licenses should be pulled.
[DSL Reports – 02/22/2011]

Boeing to begin selling commercial satellite capacity.
[Wall Street Journal – 02/22/2011]

Astrium wins contract to provide AirPatrol airborne satcom terminals to Canadian Department of National Defence.
[Defense World – 02/22/2011]

Yahsat signs contract with Astrium to manage operations, training, and maintenance for ground systems of UAE Armed Forces’ new military satellite communications system.
[AME Info – 02/22/2011]

DVB Steering Board approves DVB-3DTV specification which will be sent to European Telecommunications Standards Institute for formal standardization.
[SatNews – 02/22/2011]

USAF successfully demonstrates over-the-air, low-data-rate communication between orbiting Milstar satellite and the family of Advanced Beyond line-of-sight Terminals.
[SatNews – 02/22/2011]

Space Florida and Bigelow Aerospace agree to work together to pursue and identify foreign and domestic companies that could use Bigelow’s expandable, orbital space complexes.
[SatNews – 02/22/2011]

Swedish students’ rocket takes off on 11 minute flight to 80.6 km altitude with four experiments from students all over Europe.
[SatNews – 02/22/2011]

R&M Energy selects Stratos Global for BGAN-based SCADA network.
[PR Newswire – 02/22/2011]

Yahsat’s first satellite Y1A, built by Astrium and Thales Alenia Space, is shipped from Astrium facilities in Toulouse, France to Kourou, French Guiana launch site.
[SatNews – 02/21/2011]

European Commission urges member states to remove obstacles to introduction of satellite broadband as a matter of "urgency."
[eweek Europe – 02/21/2011]

White House requests $47m to convert politically grounded climate satellite into observatory to monitor space weather and warn of solar storms.
[SpaceFlight Now – 02/21/2011]

First four Globalstar Second Generation satellite have been successfully position, marking start of service for this new constellation.
[SatNews – 02/21/2011]

GeoDecisions picks Orbcomm for global satellite and cellular data communications for its Web-based portal GeoILS.
[Trading Markets – 02/21/2011]

Research and Markets adds report "Satellite Communications – an Essential Wholesale Infrastructure" to their offering.
[Business Wire – 02/21/2011]

NSR Webinar March 31 – The Earth Observation Market:  Good Business or Public Service?
[NSR webinar details]

STS-133 Launch Day

Thursday, February 24th, 2011


Photo by S. Clark/



 Launch looks like a "go" for today, at 21:50 GMT. Watch it live on, NASA TV and coverage on HDnet begins at 4:30.

До свидания, Mio Bambino!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011


Dosvedanya Mio Bombino: Musical best wishes to astronauts Paolo & Aleksandr for ATV docking from Daniel Scuka on Vimeo.

Nice mashup by the ESA.

 Seattle, USA-based band Pink Martini have sent in a fantastic video greeting for the entire ISS crew and especially ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, from Italy, and Russian cosmonaut Aleksandr Kaleri as they get ready for today’s ATV Johannes Kepler docking. Lead singer China Forbes sends the group’s best wishes and she’s dedicated one of their favourite tracks, Dosvedanya Mio Bombino – a song about Russia and Italy – to the two astros in space. We’ve mashed up her greeting with some recent ISS and ATV footage, which we hope you’ll enjoy. Thanks, China, and thanks to everyone at Pink Martini for your support and encouragement! Music, Lyrics Copyright (C) Pink Martini – used with permission.

Dock This

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Via the ESA, a video timeline showing 45 years of docking in space…



WBMSAT News Bits February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18th, 2011

SatNews Publishers announces release of free online Satellite Industry Database, a digital tool designed for professionals that instantly and easily provides critical satellite company information.
[SatNews – 02/18/2011]

UK Satellite and Cable Broadcasters’ Group fights proposal by House of Lords Communications Committee to restrict advertisements on pay and free-to-air channels to seven ad-minutes per hour.
[Hollywood Reporter – 02/18/2011]

Eutelsat revenue growth across all businesses up 13.3% in first half of 2011, with group share of net income up 25%.
[PR Newswire – 02/18/2011]

SES to launch SES-4 and SES-5 satellites this year, to meet needs of the largest European Direct-to-Home (DTH) providers and fuel growth in Africa and the Middle East.
[Peace FM Online – 02/18/2011]

European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli gets photo of Arianespace 5 launch of ATV Johannes Kepler from International Space Station.
[SatNews – 02/18/2011]

Global Xpress deal a "win-win" for Inmarsat and iDirect.
[NSR – 02/18/2011]

Division of Ottawa company Calian Technologies signs US$15 million contract to provide antennas and rf systems to VT iDirect.
[Winnipeg Free Press – 02/18/2011]




Strongest solar flare in four years disrupts ground communications.
[ – Denver – 02/18/2011]

Echostar to take control of numerous Hughes satellite farms around the country as part of acquisition.
[Broadcast Engineering – 02/17/2011]

TerreStar Networks withdraws bankruptcy restructuring plan which would have given ownership to Echostar and other creditors.
[Denver Post – 02/17/2011]

Orbital awarded contract for SES-8 satellite by SES WORLD SKIES.
[Trading Markets – 02/17/2011]

Panasonic Avionics signs Letter of Intent with Scandinavian Airlines to deliver full broadband connectivity and mobile phone service on SAS’ domestic, pan-European, and intercontinental flights.
[SatNews – 02/17/2011]

Yahsat’s first satellite arrives successfully at launch site.
[zawya – 02/17/2011]

KVH unveils world’s smallest, most affordable maritime VSAT antenna, measuring just 14.5", providing download speeds as fast as 2Mbps on KVH’s proven mini-VSAT broadband network.
[SatNews – 02/17/2011]

SES Astra and Eutelsat both win long-term capacity deals in Italy and Germany, continuing to ramp up their capacity market rivalry.
[Satellite Today – 02/17/2011]

TeleCommunications Systems announces exclusive arrangement with Cisco to commercialize IT communication services on the World’s first space router.
[Marketwire – 02/17/2011]

EchoStar and Hughes combination expected to deliver substantial value to shareholders.
[Satellite Spotlight – 02/16/2011]

Ariane 5 launches second European Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) for servicing of the International Space Station, carrying aloft its heaviest payload ever (19,700 kg).
[SatNews – 02/16/2011]

Intelsat plans landmark African satellite launch, with New Dawn, the region’s first private sector communications satellite, to be launched from French Guiana March 29.
[Broadcasting Cable – 02/16/2011]

TeleCommunications Systems SwiftLink Tactical Transportable Tropo Solution receives 2010 Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year Award from TMC.
[SatNews – 02/16/2011]

Tennis enthusiasts across European Russia, Siberia, and Ukraine enjoyed coverage of Australian Open 2011 from leading Russian satellite broadcaster NTV-PLUS and Global Crossing.
[SatNews – 02/16/2011]

50 years ago NASA launched Explorer 9, a balloon satellite (satelloon), as U.S. raced to catch up to Soviet Union in space race.
[The Atlantic – 02/16/2011]

Globecomm Systems completes satellite uplink hub for Televisa at its Mexico City Broadcast Center.
[SatNews – 02/16/2011]

Boeing hands over first LightSquared satellite, SkyTerra 1, for service after post-launch testing is completed.
[Space Daily – 02/15/2011]

U.S. Air Force and Lockheed in talks over AEHF satellite, and financial fallout from engine failure preventing the satellite from reaching intended orbit.
Reuters – 02/15/2011]

NewCom international telemedicine project connects Haiti hospital with top doctors in U.S.
[MMD Newswire – 02/15/2011]

Blue Sky Network, which developed technology to pass packet-based data over Iridium satellites for tracking aircraft, finds other uses for its satellite technology.
[xconomy – 02/15/2011]

RRsat carries over 50 religious broadcast channels worldwide.
[PR Newswire – 02/15/2011]

Sky-Stream selects iDirect TDMA to power Apple TV platform in Dubai.
[Satellite Today – 02/15/2011]

Echostar to buy Hughes Communications for about $1.32B.
[Bloomberg – 02/14/2011]

$78 billion in additional Pentagon cuts:  diminishing demand for commercial SATCOM?  Maybe not.
[NSR – 02/14/2011]

Avanti Communications shares expected to soar as company is transformed by operations based on the new HYLAS 1 satellite, and its follow-on satellites to be launched.
[Sharecast – 02/14/2011]

New report by Global Industry Analysts projects world satellite transponders demand to exceed 7,150 36-MHz transponder equivalents by 2015.
[Benzinga – 02/14/2011]

Glonass-K replacement set for launch February 24.
[Satellite Today – 02/14/2011]

XipLink to provide bandwidth optimization technology to Middle Eastern Internet service provider Icces for Saudi Arabia-based network.
[Satellite Today – 02/15/2011]

Wireless advances could put end to new cell towers – small cubic antenna systems acting as outdoor femtocells could be backhauled by fiber or satellite.
[R&D Magazine – 02/11/2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services

Robonaut’s Crush?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011



NASA JSC’s Robonaut-2 is mostly all business. JAXA’s HRP-4C is chatty and more communicative. Tweets, too.

Well, Robonaut-2’s been Tweeting already, so that’s not new. But can he sing? Not like this…


Space Kisses

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011


NASA’s Stardust-NExT: Valentine’s Night Comet Flyby

How did they do that? Math, kids. It’s all in the math.

Satcom Poker

Monday, February 14th, 2011



Sure, it was a good day at the office for Apollo Management LP in the deal announced today, where EchoStar is buying Hughes Communications…

Apollo’s SkyTerra affiliate first bought into Hughes back in 2004, when then-owner DirecTV — frustrated in efforts to sell Hughes outright — agreed to strike a 50-50 joint venture with Apollo to run the business.

As part of that deal, Hughes was valued at $360 million and Apollo plunked down just $50 million in cash for the stake in Hughes. Then in 2006, Apollo bought out DirecTV for $100 million.

Today, at the price EchoStar agreed to pay of $60.70 a share, or $1.35 billion excluding debt, Apollo stands to make roughly $753 million, based on its 57.4% disclosed stake in Hughes as of the end of 2009.

Pretty crafty deal, as Hughes does very well with using satellite capacity to make money. They’ve designed and manufactured their own modems, and they’ve even launched their own spacecraft in the all-Ka-band Spaceway 3. EchoStar has excess capacity, thanks in part to digital compression over the years — and they probably leased too much capacity from SES over the last 8 years or so.

With AMC-5 at 79° West not being replaced (running-on-empty AMC-2 is in the slot now), and AMC-1 being replaced by  SES-3, which will not have a 26° CCW offset on the Ku-band side. What does that mean? All the Ku-band traffic on 79° West and 103° West is "in play" and may need to move. Hughes is in a good position to grab some business. Where’s that traffic going?

I’m thinking EchoStar stands to gain some long-term contracts for their FSS birds. Add to that the solid experience Hughes has had with Ka-band over the last couple of years, and you’ve got a good business-enhancing transaction here.

By the way, SES-3 will have cross-strapping between payloads, which nobody gives a hoot about in North America.

Make satcom services American again. We love you, Charlie!

WBMSAT News Bits February 11, 2011

Friday, February 11th, 2011

NASA testing survivability of smart phones in space, hoping to determine their capabilities, even of piloting spaceships.
[Fox News – 02/11/2011]

Arianespace to launch 18 Globalstar Next-Gen satellites by September.
[Satellite Today – 02/11/2011]




KVH’s mini-VSAT broadband helps fishing companies run more efficiently.
[Satellite Spotlight – 02/11/2011]

Marlink, provider of maritime satellite communications, gets new three-year contract from Norwegian based operator of offshore and subsea vessels, DOF ASA.
[Trading Markets – 02/11/2011]

Globecomm Systems enters into strategic teaming agreement within Fujitsu Frontech North America to provide wide range of advanced technology digital media solutions for commercial and government markets.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Harris to supply four Saudi studios with entire HD broadcast portfolio.
[Satellite Today – 02/11/2011]

Star Asia wins multi-year satellite uplink contract in the Philippines.
[Satellite Today – 02/11/2011]

Speculation that AT&T could buy Dish Network Corp drives Dish shares up 6%.
[Reuters – 02/10/2010]

Telenor ASA board approves investing in a new expansion satellite, to be named THOR 7, to be launched toward end of 2013.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]




O3b and Etisalat enter partnership to enable Etisalat’s operating companies to benefit from O3b’s services.
[Satellite Today – 02/10/2011]

Orbit-raising activities for the AEHF-1 satellite continue according to plan with satellite expected to reach geosynchronous orbit by late summer 2011.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Stratos Global providing integrated media solutions including Inmarsat BGAN, enabling many of world’s largest news organizations to broadcast ongoing coverage of political developments in Egypt.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

DirecTV will be first distributor of 3D network 3net, joint venture of Sony, Discovery Communications, and Imax.
[Hollywood Reporter – 02/10/2011]

SES WORLD SKIES signs agreement with Supernet Limited of Pakistan for high powered Ku-band transponder capacity on NSS-6.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Globe Wireless announces the E.R. Schiuffahrt of Hamburg, Germany will install the iFusion solution on nearly 90 vessels.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

U.S. Navy exercises contract option worth $339.6 million for Lockheed Martin to build MUOS satellite.
[TMCnet – 02/10/2011]

Russia to launch a new Glonass-K navigation satellite from Plesetsk space center on February 24.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Boeing receives $900,000 study contract from the MILSATCOM Systems Directorate of the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center to explore ways to modify commercial satellites to meet MILSATCOM needs.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Inmarsat wins Digital Studio ‘Satellite Services/Provider of the Year’ award.
[Zawya – 02/10/2011]

Dish TV India to use four 54 MHz Ku-band transponders on AsiaSat 5 to enhance its HD and SD DTH offerings in India.
[SatNews – 02/10/2010]

ATCi tailors Simulsat multibeam design for Middle East market.
[AMEinfo – 02/10/2011]

NASA selects 20 small satellites to fly as auxiliary payloads aboard rockets planned to launch in 2011 and 2012.
[SatNews – 02/10/2011]

Bridging the Digital Divide in Europe with the Hylas satellite – toning down broadband expectations due to limits imposed by high latency of satellite communications.
[eWeek Europe – 02/10/2011]

SkyVision rolls out new satellite VPN services in Nigeria.
[Satellite Today – 02/10/2011]

TerreStar Networks receives 2010 Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year award.
[PR Newswire – 02/09/2011]

ND Satcom receives order for first 40 of a total of 200 XWARP stations from South African data center operator Business Connexion (BCX).
[SatNews – 02/09/2011]

Devas, partnering with Antrix, plans to commercially launch spot-beam technology platform in first quarter 2011 to provide mobile satellite services in India.
[Voice & Data – 02/09/2011]


FCC Commissioners vote to require television and radio stations, cable systems, and satellite TV providers to participate in a test that will broadcast an alert message directly from the President.
[Washington Post – 02/08/2011]

U.S. and French defense leaders sign cooperation agreement designed to help track space debris and avoid collisions of satellites.
[AFP – 02/08/2011]

Eutelsat to exhibit new broadcast and internet resources for users in North Africa and the Middle East at CABSAT in Dubai.
[Satellite Spotlight – 02/08/2011]

Australian Labor government confirms it secretly hosted U.S. military teams supporting operations of new ballistic missile defence satellites.
[The Age – 02/08/2011]

Iran unveils satellite prototypes, and plans for manned space missions.
[Satellite Today – 02/08/2011]

Comtech Telecommunications receives orders worth $1.4 million for SATCOM high-power amplifiers to be used in systems supporting commercial airborne satellite services.
[New York citybizlist – 02/08/2011]

Satellite service provider TigrisNet increases commitment to HYLAS 2 satellite with further 5 year $12.2 million contract for capacity.
[RTT News – 02/08/2011]

MTN Government Services earns ISO 9001:2008 certification.
[PR Newswire – 02/08/2011]

RRsat Global Communications signs with DISH Network for grant of license and delivery of a number of Israeli channels to be included in DISH Network’s new "ISRAELI SELECT" package.
[PR Newswire – 02/08/2011]

Comtech Telecommunications subsidiary Xicom receives $1 million order from U.S. Navy for high power amplifiers.
[Satellite Spotlight – 02/08/2011]

U.S. Electrodynamics of Brewster, WA achieves Department of Defense highest level security requirements for satellite services.
[GlobeNewsWire – 02/08/2011]

U.S. has secret tools capable of forcing internet on dictators.
[WIRED – 02/07/2011]

Last decade has been roller coaster ride in Latin American FSS market with numbers peaks and valleys in both supply and demand.
[NSR – 02/07/2011]

Integral Systems’ Raptor X-band ultra small aperture terminal receives Wideband Global SATCOM certification.
[The Street – 02/07/2011]

NASA’s twin STEREO solar observatories, on diametrically opposite sides of Sun for few seconds, stream back first 360 degree coverage of our solar system’s star.
[The Australian – 02/07/2011]

Educating Guatemala’s children via Internet key focus of NewCom address at Guateconnects summit.
[ – 02/07/2011]

FAA to equip satellite air traffic control technology on JetBlue A320s.
[Satellite Today – 02/07/2011]

U.S. Military launches secret satellite to test new methods of collecting intelligence from space.
[ – 02/06/2011]

New U.S. strategy aims to enlist other countries to help safeguard national space assets against both hostile threats and orbital space debris.
[msnbc – 02/04/2011]

RRSAT provides playout and distribution services to Ananey Communications for localized MTV Israel.
[Street Insider – 02/04/2011]

NSR report analyzes satellite capacity, VSAT and MSS opportunities in the Oil & Gas markets.
[NSR Report – February 2011]

VSAT success depends on up-to-date market perceptions as providers offer more services and number of competitors shrinks.
[Via Satellite Extra – February 2011]

WBMSAT PS satellite communications systems services