WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits for January 15, 2010

London based IPp news team is using a satellite link to report on Haiti disaster, as are most news teams.
[IPf – 01/16/2010]


China orbits a navigation satellite via a Chang Zheng-3C (CZ-3C) launch vehicle from the Xi Chang Satellite Launch Center to open  their 2010 launch campaign.
[NASA Space Flight – 01/16/2010]

Inmarsat and Sky Terra collaborate to ensure that relieve and recovery efforts in Haiti have access to essential satellite communications.
[Earth Times – 01/15/2010]

Google and Skype offer free Haiti calls but United Nations Foundation worker says communications systems in Haiti unusable; only staff with satellite phones were able to communicate with outside world.
[ReadWriteWeb – 01/15/2010]

IT companies in Haiti rush to re-build – Satellite phones are most needed technology.
[Computer World – 01/15/2010]


Quake in Haiti knocks out submarine cable system, leaving it to rely largely on satellite communications and damaged mobile networks for international communications.
[GiGa om – 01/15/2010]

Chinese satellite broadcaster forms acquisition partnership with ITV Studios of the U.K.
[Satellite Today – 01/05/2010]

Globecomm Systems receives $9.1M contract extension from NATO to extend communication services and onsite support for Globecomm’s previously deployed GPS-Base Force Tracking System.
[TMCnet – 01/15/2010]

ITU works on roadmap for implementing 3D TV.
[SatNews – 01/15/2010]

ViaSat receives $4.8M order from the U.S. Department of Defense for Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS-LTV) terminals.
[Satellite Today – 01/14/2010]

Destruction in Haiti causes array of communications difficulties; water is scarce, cellular and satellite capability spotty at best.
[Broadcasting and Cable – 01/14/2010]

Satellite imagery helps rescuers pinpoint where need is the greatest in Haiti.
[cosmiclog.msnbc – 01/14/2010]


Satellite images show destruction in Haiti earthquake.
[Spaceflight Now – 01/14/2010]

Some of first personnel deployed to Haiti included communications specialists from the 1st Special Operations Communications Squadron who included satellite link as part of communications systems set up.
[NextGov.com – 01/14/2010]

Intelsat S.A. announces that within hours of first customer request for assistance after earthquake, Intelsat established two communications networks – one C-band and one Ku-band – to provide critical communications links.
[Enhanced Online News – 01/14/2010]

Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA) is granted a license by the U.S. FAA to operate a commercial, horizontal launch spaceport at Cecil Field, FL.
[Satellite Today – 01/14/2010]

Sanswire Corp official describes how lighter-than-air UAV STS-111 could hover over stricken region carrying payload to operate as a relay for cell and satellite phones and provide internet service to relief agencies.
[CNN – 01/14/2010]

Dangerous asteroid safely bypasses Earth by distance of 80,796 miles.
[Space Daily – 01/14/2010]

Russian modules on the International Space Station will realize uninterrupted communications with the ground by 2013.
[Space Travel – 01/14/2010]

Russian spacewalkers start up new docking port on roof in International Space Station lab.
[space.com – 01/14/2010]

China’s Lunar Probe Project features early guiding satellite, Change-2, whose camera resolution can reach 1 meter as it closes in on the moon.
[SpaceMart – 01/14/2010]

Gilat SkyEdge II VST receives latest DVB-RCS compliance certification; first vendor to receive version 1.3 certification which includes DVB-S2 in forward link and Quality of Service for voice, video, and data.
[CNN Money – 01/14/2010]

MEASAT announces commencement of service across Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East on AFRICASAT-2, in inclined orbit.
[SatNews – 01/14/2010]

Hybrid cellular companies could enhance AT&T with satellite service this year, as Terrestar gets FCC clearance to integrate its 20 MHz "S" band spectrum with cellular networks.
[Beta News – 01/14/2010]

SkyTrac selected by United Arab Emirates based Aquiline International Corporation to supply SATCOM/flights following solutions for its fleet of ANTONOV-24, ANTONOV-26, and ILUSHIN-76 aircraft.
[SatNews – 01/14/2010]

atrexx, a satellite service provider based in Germany, is offering African end-users access to satellite communications via iDirect iNFINITI service after their iDirect5 iNFINITI service on Intelsat-14 was discontinued.
[SatNews – 01/14/2010]

TS2 Satellite Technologies introduces new broadband services on Eutelsat EB4 and W6 satellites to soldiers in Afghanistan.
[SatNews – 01/14/2010]

Euroconsult announces that growth in the satellite pay-TV market remained strong in 2009 is spite of the economic downturn.
[SatNews – 01/14/2010]

Inmarsat announces that its mobile satellite communications services are being deployed to support emergency relief efforts in Haiti.
[TMCnews – 01/13/2010]

Globecomm Systems installs 3G core switch to expand its managed wireless business to offer affordable, 3G hosted mobile services to under-serviced areas worldwide.
[SatNews – 01/13/2010]

NewCom teams with Hispamar to deploy one-hop in-satellite hub services to Latin American on Hispamar’s Amazonas 2 satellite with on-board intelligent processor.
[PR Web – 01/13/2010]

Space Systems/Loral announces that the GOES-10 satellite, originally planned for a 5-year mission tracking storms, hurricanes, and cyclones, has been retired after 12 years.
[SatNews – 01/13/2010]

SES Astra 5B, to be launched in 2013, will host a second SES hosted navigation payload for Europe’s Egnos service; the first will be on the SES Sirius 5 satellite to launch in 2011.
[Space News – 01/13/2010]

Data Technology Solutions launches low-cost, integrated satellite broadband offering for the maritime market built on iDirect’s Evolution DVB-S2 platform using 24 inch Ku-band antenna.
[SatNews – 01/13/2010]

U.S. defense official questions China’s space intentions.
[Space Daily – 01/13/2010]

Russia activates 1 of 3 new Glonass navigation satellites.
[GPS Daily – 01/13/2010]

India’s first manned space flight planned for 2013, with two Indian astronauts riding into space aboard a Russian spaceship.
[Space Travel – 01/13/2010]


Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) reserves site in Amur Province for 7 years for construction of Vostochny spaceport to begin in 2011.
[Space Travel – 01/13/2010]

Southwest Airlines bringing WiFi hot spots to its 737 aircraft powered by Hughes Communications satellite broadband and Row 44 equipment.
[Barron’s – 01/13/2010]

Unusual space object resembling something man-made, perhaps a rocket booster, will fly by earth at distance of at least 80,000 miles.
[Space Daily – 01/13/2010]

Landsat 5, 26 years old, cheats death once again as a radio declared dead 23 years ago is revived to take over for a radio lost last December; a replacement satellite is at least 3 years away.
[Spaceflight Now – 01/13/2010]

Team predicts TESS satellite could locate hundreds of Earth-size planets.
[Physorg – 01/12/2010]

SIRIUS Canada reaches 1 million subscriber mark.
[SatNews – 01/11/2010]

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. delivers iNetVu Mobile antenna systems to New Zealand for government agency emergency communications.
[Market Wire – 01/12/2010]

Surrey Satellite Technology scientists are awarded part of contract to build new global satellite navigation system.
[get Surrey – 01/12/2010]

ISRO of India plans special third launch pad at its Satish Dhawan Space Center capable of accommodating the proposed Re-useable Launch Vehicle an all future programs of ISRO including manned space flight.
[Space Travel – 01/11/2010]

Russia explores nuclear-propelled spacecraft to maintain a competitive edge in the global space race.
[Space Travel – 01/11/2010]

India is developing anti-satellite spacecraft employing laser guidance system for kill vehicle.
[Space.com – 01/11/2010]

China to build and launch a communications satellite for Bolivia.
[Space Daily – 01/11/2009]


KVH names Harris Electric of Seattle its 2009 Commercial Fishing Dealer of the Year. for exceptional performance in bringing mini-VSAT satellite service to commercial fishing vessels in the Northwest.
[PR Newswire – 01/11/2010]

Spacenet selected to provide managed network services by satellite to over 7,000 Regis Corporations locations.
[Business Wire – 01/11/2010]

Dish Network, EchoStar, and NagraStar secure another anti-piracy victory as Florida federal court issues a $51M dollar judgment against Robert Ward for posting software on the internet allowing individuals to illegally receive Dish programming.
[CED Magazine – 01/11/2010]

DirecTV, Samsung, DreamWorks, and Technicolor teaming to deliver 3D HD movies by satellite to DirecTV customers.
[SatNews – 01/11/2010]

V2GO, an international satellite transmission and video production company, unveils its 31-foot uplink mobile truck featuring the FOR-A HVS-300HS compact HD/SD switcher and the MV-410HS HD/SD hiigh-resolution quad multi-viewer.
[SatNews – 01/11/2010]

ISRO reviews sophisticated cryogenic engine planned for use in test launch of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-D3 later this year.
[Space Travel – 01/08/2010]

NSR Industry Briefing – Is Growing Government Capacity Demand Driving Down Commercial Leases?
[NSR Report – Government and Military Satellite Communications, 6th Edition]

While HDTV no enjoys wide acceptance among watchers, with 24 million DTH subscribers moving to premium packages to get HD, the coming move to 3D is unlikely to materialize soon for several reasons.
[NSR Report – Global Direct to Home (DTH) Markets, 2nd Edition]

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