WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 12/14/2012

Following highly successful GVF Ka Roundtable Assembly in London December 5th and 6th, the satellite industry calls for a further platform to facilitate extended industry and end-user dialogue about high capacity and high throughput satellites.
[SatNews – 12/14/2012]

Competition from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) presents challenges for Earth Observation (EO) satellite operators – new NSR report.
[SatNews – 12/14/2012]

New mobile app Arianespace HD allows users to follow Arianespace launch activities.
[SatNews – 12/14/2012]

ESA to inaugurate the third and last of its 35-meter-diameter deep-space tracking antennas in Argentina, matching those in Australia and Spain.
[Space News – 12/14/2012]

NASA’s Ebb and Flow twin moon observation spacecraft to crash into moon next week after successful 1-year mission.
[R&D MagazIne – 12/13/2012]

Without information from polar-orbiting satellites, NOAA forecasts of Hurricane Sandy’s track could have shown the storm remaining at sea according to new study by European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts.
[SatNews – 12/13/2012]

Raytheon to design small satellites for DARPA’s SeeMe program, to enhance warfighter situational awareness on the battlefield.
[Satellite Today – 12/13/2012]

MDA signs $100 million contract with Israel Aerospace Industries to supply communications payload solution for Amos-6 satellite.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 12/13/2012]

NSR report answers key questions concerning the satellite UltraHD market.
[SatNews – 12/13/2012]

TCS ranked 380 among 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 12/13/2012]

Astrotech Corporation wins contract for commercial payload processing services at Vandenberg Air Force Base from NASA.
[SatNews – 12/13/2012]

Hughes India contracts to connect 27,000 off-s8ite ATMs with secure broadband satellite network for India’s Ministry of Finance.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 12/13/2012]

Satcom Direct launches FlightDeck 360 mobile application enabling customers to view real-time flight data and use Internet connection before and during flight using an iPad.
[SatNews – 12/13/2012]

Intelsat donates satellite capacity to support broadcast of Hurricane Sandy relief concert.
[Satellite Evolution Group – 12/13/2012]

NASA Earth Observation satellite EO-1 photographs Russian volcano eruption.
[UPI – 12/13/2012]

SolarCity, solar energy company backed by SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk, issues IPO and shares jump 47%.
[USA Todayu – 12/13/2012]

Top-secret mini version of space shuttle launched on mystery mission.
[R&D Magazine – 12/12/2012]

U.S. wants new sanctions for North Korea after successful rocket launch.
[CNN – 12/12/2012]

DISH gets FCC approval to repurpose satellite spectrum for mobile use.
[Telegeography – 12/12/2012]

NewSat to install new iDirect Evolution universal satellite hub and upgrade to iDirect’s SatManage 5.2 network management software to expand service offerings and capitalize on upcoming launch of Jabiru-1 high throughput satellite (HTS).
[SatNews – 12/12/2012]

MapBox, a provider of open source solutions for designing and publishing maps via the cloud, selects DigitalGlobe as their commercial Earth imagery provider.
[SatNews – 12/12/2012]

XTAR gains significant segment of growing airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance market over past year under several contracts representing more than 100MHz of bandwidth and valued at more than $8 million.
[SatNews – 12/12/2012]

Gazprom’s Yamal-402 finally reaches correct orbit after course corrections forced by early shutoff of Breeze M engine.
[Satellite Today – 12/11/2012]

NASA suggests use of Velcro could help facilitate in-orbit repair of satellites.
[Nextgov – 12/10/2012]

Six Globalstar satellites scheduled for February 2013 launch are now at Baikonur Cosmodrome.
[SatNews – 12/10/2012]

Turkey announces December 19 launch date for its first National Earth Observation Satellite, Gokturk-2, from Chinese Jiuquan Base.
[Satellite Today – 12/10/2012]

Russian Yamal-402 satellite released early from Briz-M booster into wrong orbit.
[Space Travel – 12/09/2012]

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