WBMSAT News Bits 04/18/2014

Ukraine’s Yuzhnoye Design Office continues to produce engines and other rocket components for customers in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Europe and elsewhere with no interruptions stemming from the crisis in Ukraine’s relations with Moscow. [Space News – 04/18/2014]

Lockheed Martin engineers in Denver install the Solar Ultraviolet Imager (SUVI)
on the GOES-R Sun Pointing Platform. – Phys Org

New satellite sensor will analyze and predict severe space weather. [Phys Org – 04/18/2014]

India’s Department of Space consulting with telecom department (DoT) on planned overhaul of 17-year old satellite communications policy to allow auctioning of satellite bandwidth. [India Times – 04/18/2014]

Inmarsat will offer airlines free tracking using its satellite communications. [SKIFT – 04/18/2014]

Leading military and industry experts to meet in Rio de Janeiro in August at MilSatCom Latin America Conference. [PR Web – 04/18/2014]

Qualcomm assigned patent for forward link data rate control and rate indication for satellite-enabled communications systems. [TMC News – 04/18/2014]

Power system failure detected on Amazonas 4A likely to reduce transponder capacity- since the problem cannot be fixed, Orbital Sciences will lose millions in incentive payments. [Washington Business Journal – 04/17/2014]

Falcon 9 launch – Space Travel file photo

SpaceX cargo mission launches to International Space Station. [Space Travel – 04/17/2014]

Satellite terminals widely used in transportation, military, and industrial plants contain backdoors, hardcoded credentials, weak encryption algorithms, and other design flaws. [Information Week – 04/17/2014]

German satellite and Internet company Stellar tells GCHQ and NSA “Call me!” – wants answers why it may have been hacked by them. [DW – 04/17/2014]

Atmospheric satellite – Artist’s concept at Angelpub – Wealth Daily

Atmospheric satellites can alleviate most of problems affecting polar and geosynchronous satellites, and do things like provide low-cost, wide-area-effective internet access to people and places that would never have had it before. [Wealth Daily – 04/17/2014]

Africa’s demand for bandwidth is doubling every year, outpacing the laying of terrestrial fiber links and encouraging satellite operators to launch more satellites. [Yahoo News – 04/17/2014]

Lockheed Martin completely renovates its flagship A2100 satellite bus as it moves forward to reengage the commercial satellite market. [Via Satellite – 04/17/2014]

Russian Aerospace Corp. president suspected of office abuse in instructing subsidiary to grant loans to two companies involved in commercial space project Sea Launch. [Space News – 04/17/2014]

exactEarth and SRT release new technology called ABSEA to enable global tracking for small commercial and leisure vessels. [Via Satellite – 04/17/2014]

GlobaFone to offer Iridium GO! personal Wi-Fi hotspot that allows users to connect up to five devices to the Iridium satellite network and use a smart phone to make calls and send data. [Officer.com – 04/17/2014]

Advantech Wireless CEO expects Gallium Nitride (GaN) to be the technology of choice over Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) and Klystrons in the future. [Via Satellite – 04/17/2014]

Measat 3b satellite transported to Kourou, French Guiana for a dual launch with the SSL-built Optus 10 by an Arianespace Ariane 5 launcher. [Via Satellite – 04/16/2014]

SpaceX signs 20-year agreement with NASA for use of Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center, the site of numerous Apollo and space shuttle missions. [Via Satellite – 04/16/2014]

Satellite photo of California wildfires in 2013 May 2, 2013 by UK DMC2. Photo: DMCii

Even with current and planned proliferation of Earth Observation satellites, DMC International Imaging CEO advises governments and industry not to get comfortable with the level of coverage just yet. [Via Satellite – 04/16/2014]

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the air force to adopt an integrated air and space defence capability, in what was called a response to the increasing military use of space by the United States and others. [Space News – 04/16/2014]

Pentagon seeks information on potential launch service providers for ORS-5 satellite. [Space News – 04/16/2014]

IceSat 2 – Credit: NASA artist’s concept – Space News

Science instrument for NACA’s ICESat-2 will be delivered at least nine months late and continues to face development challenges. [Space News – 04/16/2014]

DigitalGlobe and MDA will offer combined optical and synthetic aperture radar satellite solution to their global defense and intelligence customers. [Via Satellite – 04/16/2014]

SSL is selected to provide two communications satellites to SKY Perfect JSAT of Japan, with a fleet currently including 16 satellites. [MarketWatch – 04/16/2014]

Arabsat CEO calls for the satellite industry to up the pace of progress, saying the industry is moving too slow. [Via Satellite – 04/16/2014]

The German Aerospace Center and the Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology sign memorandum of understanding strengthening their cooperation in the crucial research area of optical satellite-Earth communication. [DLR – 04/16/2014]

SES Broadband Services (SBBS) and Gilat expand consumer Ka-band services to Germany and Italy over SES’s ASTRA 2E satellite. [Satellite Spotlight – 04/16/2014]

Harvey Gulf International Marine chooses KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network to support onboard applications including crew Internet access, business email, and voice. [MarineLink – 04/16/2014]

DeLorme announces inReach Explorer, the world’s first satellite communicator with built-in navigation. [Yahoo Finance – 04/16/2014]

Shaw Communications will make changes to its operating units as part of its bid to improve efficiency and enhance growth, laying off as many as 400 but making up to 100 new hires. [mediacaster – 04/16/2014]

Global military satellite market expected to experience growth of 3.74% during 2014 – 2024 in new report published by Strategic Defence Intelligence. [Yahoo Finance – 04/15/2014]

Frost and Sullivan report based on a Hughes Network Systems solution posits that satellite backhaul is the best way for 3G/LTE cellular providers to extend their networks in hard-to-reach areas where terrestrial facilities are limited or cost-prohibitive. [Financial News – 04/15/2014]

Second of three new NASA TDRS-L spacecraft arrives at launch pad at Cape Canaveral ready for launch. [Scientific Computing – 04/15/2014]

U.S. intelligence community recommends granting U.S. satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe’s request for permission to sell high resolution images to non-government customers. [Space News – 04/15/2014]

Reaction Engines’ Skylon – Credit: Reaction Engines artist’s concept – Space News

Two companies take radically different approaches to launcher reusability – Britain’s Reaction Engines and SpaceX of the U.S. [Space News – 04/15/2014]

Acquired by Broadband Satellite Services last year, Satcom Global and the AND group are being unveiled as the unified global brand Satcom Global offering wider portfolio of services. [SatNews – 04/15/2014]

Mario Zucchelli, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica – Photo courtesy of ESA – SatNews

SES and Milano Teleport have signed a capacity and ground satellite infrastructure deal to provide connectivity to Mario Zucchelli, the Italian research station in Antarctica. [SatNews – 04/15/2014]

Iveriasat to broadcast to Europe and Middle East via Azerspace 1 satellite. [Via Satellite – 04/15/2014]

A model of the Solara 50, Titan Aerospace’s commercial “atmospheric satellite” – arstechnica

Google buys “atmospheric satellite” builder Titan Aerospace, previously identified as a Facebook acquisition. [ars technica – 04/14/2014]

According to recent revelations, Britain’s GCHQ Intelligence agency has been able to hack into German communications and satellite firms. [Acumin – 04/14/2014]

With an impending gap in meteorological satellite coverage looming over the United States, NOAA is being pushed to make greater use of commercial data sources. [Via Satellite – 04/14/2014]

Artist’s concept image of ISEE-3 (ICE) spacecraft. Image Credit: NASA

Launched in 1978 to study solar wind, ISEE-3 returns to make its closest approach to Earth in August 2014 before it heads back out to interplanetary space. [NASA – 04/14/2014]

Turkmenistan plans to launch communications satellite in November 2014. [TMC News – 04/14/2014]

Key companies providing in-flight WiFi include Gogo Inc. of the U.S., Row44 of the U.S., LiveTV, owned by Thales of France, Panasonic Avionics of Japan, and SITA unit OnAir based in Geneva – article includes the satellite providers they work with. [Reuters – 04/14/2014]

RigNet and CPN introduce new packages SCADA solution for oilfield service companies. [The Wall Street Journal – 04/14/2014]

Huawei and Comtech EF Data announce integrated satellite solution platform using Comtech EF Data’s advanced VSAT and Huawei’s routers, communications, and monitoring systems. [WhaTech – 04/12/2014]

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