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How Satcom Spacecraft Get Built

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

SES and Astrium put together a video of how and why a spacecraft gets built, launched and operated.

Here’s the short version…

And here’s the long version…

Want to see the raw footage? Yeah, that’s here, too…

WBMSAT Satellite Industry News Bits 08/03/2012

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

SpaceX wins $440 million NASA contract to develop successor to the Space Shuttle and transport American astronauts into space.
[SatNews – 08/04/2012]

Globecomm Systems gets multiple infrastructure contracts from a foreign government worth $3.7 million.
[SatNews – 08/04/2012]

Two communications satellites, Hylas 2 and Intelsat 20, successfully launched aboard Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana in 50th straight successful launch.
[Space News – 08/03/2012]

United Launch Alliance scrubs launch of Atlas V from Vandenberg carrying National Reconnaissance Office NROL-36 payload, with new launch no earlier than August 14.
[SatNews – 08/02/2012]

Futron announces publication of fifth-anniversary edition of 2012 Space Competitiveness Index: A Comparative Analysis of How Countries Invest in and Benefit from Space Industry.
SatNews – 08/03/2012]

Hoping the FCC will allow it to use spectrum next to satellite radio services for LTE following its agreement with Sirius XM, it announces plans to acquire NextWave Wireless and its spectrum licenses.
[arstechnica – 08/02/2012]

Indra wins Hispasat contract to develop and implement ground control systems for new Amazonas-3 satellite.
[SatNews – 08/02/2012]

As refugees flee in Mali, they are using BGAN and IsatPhone Pro to keep in touch with loved ones complements of Inmarsat-sponsored emergency communications agency Telecoms Sans Frontieres.
[SatNews – 08/01/2012]

Three initial customers of Intelsat’s Epic line of high-throughput mobile communications, Panasonic Avionics, Harris CapRock, and MTN Satellite Communications, have booked $500 million in capacity over 10 years.
[Space News – 08/01/2012]

Norsat gets final acceptance from NATO’s NCI agency of dual Ku- and X-band portable satellite terminals customized to meet their specifications, following stringent in-field testing.
[Market Watch – 08/01/2012]

TeleCommunication Systems gets $19 million U.S. Army order for SNAP deployable satellite systems equipment and support.
[Market Watch – 08/01/2012]

ATK announces expanded product line of small, agile satellite buses designed for wide range of missions in civil, national security, and commercial applications.
[SatNews – 08/01/2012]

MTN Government Services is awarded contract supporting Department of Defense to provide Re-deployable Secure Operations Center.
[SatNews – 08/01/2012]

Harris receives $10 million order from Government of Canada for multiband manpack radios and satellite terminals.
[SatNews – 08/01/2012]

EUMETSAT Metop-A polar-orbiting satellite completes 30,000th orbit, having travelled more than 1.35 billion kilometres since 2006 launch.
[SatNews – 08/01/2012]

Satellite communications terminals becoming increasingly small and mobile, making it possible for warfighters on the front lines to receive critically needed brigade-level information at the platoon level.
[Military Aerospace – 07/31/2012]

Air Force awards Boeing contract to produce 10th WGS satellite.
[Avionics – 07/31/2012]

ESA begins investigating feasibility of new approach for European access to space, aimed at making Europe’s launch services fully self-sufficient over the long haul.
[SatNews – 07/30/2012]

DigitalGlobe partners with Enough Project to provide imagery and analysis services to monitor eviden=ce of bombings, razed villages, and possible threats to civilians in Sudan in the Satellite Sentinel Project.
[SatNews – 07/30/2012]

COM DEV of Ottowa, Canada, delivers two instruments for the largest, most complex, and most powerful telescope ever built, the James Webb telescope, to be launched in 2018 as Hubble successor.
[SatNews – 07/30/2012]

Telkom of South Africa unveils SpaceStream Home, an IP based communication solution making use of the latest satellite technology.
[SatNews – 07/30/2012]

Under supervision from NASA Ames, inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California build Poly Picosatellite Orbital Deployers for mounting cubesats on variety of launch vehicles and flinging them into orbit at right time.
[SatNews – 07/30/2012]

Boston area firms work on Department of Defense program called Phoenix, built on the bold vision of recycling rather than replacing satellites.
[ – 07/30/2012]

inReach two-way satellite communicator that interfaces wirelessly with Android and Apple smartphones, and provides text messaging over Iridium satellite network, assists aircraft pilots.
[Thomasnet – 07/30/2012]

Inmarsat responds to letter from Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) regarding equipment provided for Iranian maritime vessles.
[SatNews – 07/29/2012]

SPAWAR selects Astrotech Corporation to provide payload processing services for second MUOS satellite.
[SatNews – 07/29/2012]

Russia launches classified military satellite and three civilian satellites.
[UPI – 07/28/2012]

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